6 Home Remedies For Candida


Infection caused by the yeast candida albicans (often termed as Candida) can pose challenging situations. Sudden proliferation of this specie of fungus often creates miserable conditions mainly in adults. Presence of this yeast in the oral cavity, intestine and genital areas in definite amounts is desirable but its overgrowth is not. Rapid overgrowth of this yeast releases several toxins resulting in various irritable symptoms. Candida infection is mostly observed in adult women during their child bearing age. The percentage of male sufferers is quite low compared to females. Under favorable conditions, candida infection affects infants and children too. We often come across the terms vaginal yeast infection, penile yeast infection, oral thrush or skin candidiasis which are nothing but different manifestations of candida infection.

Best Home Remedies for Candida

Candida infection rarely poses serious health threats; therefore the symptoms can be easily curbed by adopting simple home remedies.

Chew Crushed Garlic

Garlic Garlic is noted for its antibacterial and anti fungal properties. This is due to the presence of the potent chemical, Allicin. Allicin is more reactive in freshly crushed garlic. Chew 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic early in the morning daily. This is an effective home remedy for candida. The symptoms of candida infection will reduce appreciably within a week. You can also insert crushed garlic in the vagina to treat candida infection. Wrap the crushed garlic with a light bandage before inserting in the vagina. Keep it for 20-30 minutes. You may experience a burning sensation, but that will subside within few minutes. The same treatment is applicable for treating candida infection of penis.

Treatment With Yoghurt

Yoghurt Topical application of freshly prepared yoghurt is another useful home remedy for candida. Yoghurt contains a high population of friendly bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus that fight candida restoring the normal microbial balance. It also helps in restoring the normal pH level of the body. Take 1-2 teaspoonfuls of yoghurt and apply directly on the affected areas. Make a tampon with yogurt and insert into your vagina. Leave it for half an hour and wash your vagina thoroughly with clean water.  Yoghurt can also be applied on the affected penis. Eat 3-4 bowls of yoghurt throughout the day to beat the infection. Always use fresh yoghurt as it contains the highest population of acidophilus bacteria.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice Drink 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice to get rid of candida infection. Proanthocyanidins present in fresh and pure cranberry juice flushes out the harmful bacteria from your body, thus reducing the chances of yeast infection. Moreover, it lowers the pH level of the urine making it more acidic creating unfavorable situations for candida overgrowth. It is often difficult to drink fresh cranberry juice due to its sharp acidic taste. You can dilute it with water or add artificial sweeteners. Some prefer mixing cranberry juice with apple or grape juice making it suitable for drinking. Avoid adding sugar. Candida feeds on sugar which may worsen the condition.

Have Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut oil is readily available and therefore it is used as one of the simplest home remedies for candida. Have 1-2 teaspoonfuls of virgin coconut oil regularly to fight candida infection. Coconut oil contains a high percentage of a medium chain fatty acid, caprylic acid that penetrates the cell membranes of the candida yeast and destroys them. You can apply coconut oil on the affected areas to reduce itching and burning sensation. Make sure to use virgin coconut oil instead of the processed one.

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar You can use apple cider vinegar in many ways to get rid of candida. The acidic apple cider vinegar lowers the pH level of the genital areas creating difficult conditions for the fungus to survive . Drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water is a common home remedy for candida.  Just add two teaspoonfuls of this vinegar in a glass of water and have it twice a day. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water and stay in it for thirty minutes. Douching with diluted apple cider vinegar is also very effective in treating this condition.

Apply Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Topical application of cinnamon oil is another simple home remedy for candida infection. The antifungal property of cinnamon oil arrests the overgrowth of candida and kills them permanently. Presence of a high percentage of cinnamaldehyde is responsible for the antifungal nature of this oil. This oil can be safely applied to treat candida infection in the oral cavity, vagina and penis. Pour few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and dab it gently on the affected areas.  You can mix few drops of cinnamon oil in coconut oil for external application.