5 Home Remedies For Dark Skin

Who does not want to have a shimmering and fair skin like Barbie doll or Hanna Montana? Is it that easy to have such skin while sitting home? But have you ever given a thought that why after certain time period our skin color start changing if not taken care.

dark skin

In summer’s skin color may change due to exposure of harmful UV rays. But actually skin start protecting it self by producing more of the pigment melanin which defend the saturation of UV rays into the skin. Besides this it can be due to Hyperpigmentation, skin disorders or sometimes it is due to heredity. In hyperpigmentation the skin starts creating tons of pigment melanin, which turns the skin darker. This effect blows up if it is escorted with dark patches on the skin.

Before opting any remedy you have to judge your skin whether it is oily or dry. Don’t apply any pack on your face. First apply on your arm or other part of body. Notice the result then go further. Our face is very sensitive part of our body, sometimes it can respond in very different way. For the best result you have do them on regular basis and with the right proportion.

Try to apply thin layer of cold raw milk for 10-15 mins before washing face. Milk is the best face purifier for our skin. It eliminates all dirt as well as dead skin from our face. Even use of pure rose water adds glow to your skin. Apply it with cotton twice a day and was your face after 15-20 mins.

raw milk

For dry skin, mix one tea spoon of fresh lemon juice, honey and milk with half a teaspoon of pure almond oil. Apply it for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water. Almond oil get absorb easily into the skin and nurture skin nicely. Paste of fresh mint leaves also help to carry away dark skin.

milk and lemon

If your skin is oily then you can apply pulp of red tomato with 4 drops of fresh lime. Keep it for 20 mins and then wash with regular water. With oily skin you can gently rub skin of used lime or orange on your face. This also act as a face scrubber and removes all dead skin.

tomato pulp

Use of any product which has high concentration of aloe vera also helps to remove dark skin. Aloe vera in fact slow down melanin production, which is the cause of dark spots.You will be amazed to know that repeatedly used vegetables in our kitchen can also help us to lessen dark skin or dark spots. Fenugreek contains a diosgenin, which reduces melanin formation. So you can increase intake of fenugreek to over come dark skin.

aloe vera

Intake of more of water helps to flush toxins out from our body and result in glowing skin. Only face pack or scrubbers wouldn’t be able to give results you are dreaming. Consumption of vegetables, cereals, fruits and pulses must go hand in hand. Like your family members and friends your skin also needs to be pampered from time to time.

drinking water

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.