4 Home Remedies for Fever

4 Home Remedies for Fever

If you have a fever and have ruled out any serious medical condition that would require treatment, you can use some herbal home remedies to enhance your body’s immune response.

A Native American remedy that was adopted by colonists is black haw tea.  Black haw is a shrub or small tree related to the honeysuckle and elder.  Also known as Viburnum, the bark of this shrub has a chemical similar to aspirin called salicin which helps to reduce fever and relieve pain.

Black haw

Use a decoction of black haw by boiling two teaspoons of the dried bark in one cup of water for ten minutes.  Black haw has a very bitter taste, so mix it with honey and lemon to make it more palatable.  You can drink up to three cups of black haw tea per day.  Do not give this tea to children under 18 or pregnant women due to possible side effects.

An herb introduced to America by European colonists went wild and now grows as a weed.  Catnip is not a strong herb.  It makes a pleasant minty-tasting tea that can be given to older children in a weak brew for fever.  It has some antibiotic and tranquilizing effects and may be a good night cap for a restless person.  Use two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water (one teaspoon for children) and steep for 10 to 20 minutes.  Avoid boiling this herb as that will destroy its healing properties.


A common garnish on the dinner plate, parsley has a long history as a medicinal herb.  In Germany, where herbs are used more widely, it has been called “a major medicinal plant”.  The entire plant can be used for fever treatment.  Parsley roots, leaves and seeds all contain a volatile oil.  At one time parsley was used against malarial fever but was not proven as effective as some other medicines.


Make a fever tea using two teaspoons of dried parsley root or leaves in one cup of boiling water.  A stronger brew can be made with one teaspoon of parsley seed.  The adult dosage is up to three cups a day of parsley tea.  Pregnant women and small children should not use medicinal preparations of parsley.

cup of boiling water

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