9 Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a disorder in human body where hair suffers from excessive thinning, disappearing and falling. Major reason for hair loss is heredity coupled with vitamin deficiency, unclean scalp and stress.

hair loss

Try some home remedies as a safe and side effect free treatment for hair loss.

Use The Following Ingredients As Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Mustard Oil And Henna

Take four tablespoon henna leaves and boil in one cup of mustard oil. Filter the solution and store in a bottle. Massage the solution onto bald patches on a regular basis. It’s an effective cure for baldness.


Fenugreek Seeds

Grind some fenugreek seeds and add few drops of water to it. Apply the paste on your scalp. Let it stay for 40 minutes and then wash off. Continue this remedy for one month to see visible results.



Cut an onion into half and rub the inside part onto bald area. Continue till the area becomes red and apply honey. This is a natural remedy for baldness.


Honey And Egg Yolk

Prepare a smooth mixture of egg yolk and honey. Massage the concoction on hairs and scalp. Let it stay for half an hour and wash off.

honey and egg yolk

Curd, Lemon Juice, Gram Raw Powder (Chholia)

Take 5 tablespoon of curd, 2 tablespoon of gram raw powder and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Combine the ingredients to prepare a home-made shampoo. Apply the combination on head and let it stay for one hour. Wash off.

gram raw


Extract juice from few fresh amaranth leaves. Apply the juice to your hair for hair growth and natural softness.


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Average person sheds 50-100 hairs normally. Most of the hair grows back and not always it is an indication of permanent hair loss. Take care of your diet as nutritional deficiency can attribute to hair loss and other major hair problems.

Include plenty of iron and proteins in your diet. Vitamin A helps in promoting the growth of tissues and cells throughout the body including scalp and hair. Deficiency of vitamin A can also cause dandruff. Rich sources of vitamin A are yellow, orange and red fruits and dark leafy vegetables. Liver, eggs, fish oil, fortified milk are also great sources of Vitamin A. drink plenty of water to keep body hydrated.

Avoid caffeine, fat, sugar and all carbonated drinks as these are the culprits in diet and contribute to hair loss.

vitamin a food

Herbs Work Wonder In Hair Loss

Herbs are natural cure to hair loss and can be found easily in any herbal store for few dollars. Aloe Vera gel and Triphala Combine Triphala (herbal powder) with Aloe Vera gel and apply to hairs. Continue the remedy for six months and you will find new hairs growing on your scalp.

You can also massage your scalp with Aloe Vera gel. After the application leave for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. Continue this hair loss remedy for 3 times a week.

aloe vera gel

Anti Hair Loss Tips

Avoid hair dryers.
Do not brush your hair when it is wet.
Avoid using synthetic hair colors.
Practice yoga and meditation to ease tension and stress.

Home remedies are inexpensive and free of side effects, so they are safe to use.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.