Home Remedies for Herpes

There is no cure for herpes.  The symptoms can be painful and irritating, but there are some things you can for some relief during an outbreak.  These home remedies can also help reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others.


During an outbreak of herpes an infected person can experience itchy bumps or sores that resemble a rash.  There can be only a couple or many of these sores.  They can itch, ooze and be painful in general.  Do not touch the sores.  Try to avoid sexual activities during an outbreak, which can last up to four weeks or longer, until all symptoms are gone and the sores have completely healed.  Wash your hands as frequently as possible in hot water with soap, and pay special attention to the areas under your finger nails.

wash hands

The sores need to be kept clean and dry.  It is not good to use ointments or creams on the sores, as this can spread the infection and create more sores.  You should shower or bathe daily.  Wear loose fitting and comfortable underwear.  Preferably they should be made from all cotton, not fabrics like polyester or silk.  You can sprinkle cornstarch or unscented baby powder on the sores to help keep them dry.  You should also drink plenty of water to help flush the infection from your system.


Some people find comfort in taking a warm, not hot bath.  You can also add one cup of oatmeal to your bath.  The oatmeal helps relieve the itching and soothe the pain of the open sores.

Place ice packs on the infected areas during a herpes outbreak.  This can help by having a numbing effect, which relieves itching and pain.  You can make your own ice pack by mixing equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol in small reseal able baggies, and place them in the freezer for about eight hours.  Then place a paper towel around the ice pack if you do not want to place it directly on your skin.  You should throw both away after use.  It is not a good idea to reuse the ice packs as it could spread the virus.  Remember to wash your hands thoroughly in hot water afterwards.