2 Treatments for Fever in Children

Treatments for Fever in Children

Treatments for Fever in Children

A fever is a part of the immune system response to infection.  In children, a high temperature does not necessarily mean there is a serious infection.  Even a slight cold may cause a fever of 103 F.  It is also very rare for a fever to cause convulsions in either children or adults.  The following guidelines can help you decide how to treat fever in children.In an infant three month old or less a temperature over 100 F is reason to call the doctor even if the child has no other symptoms.

Children 3 months to two years can have a fever up to 102 F and the only treatment necessary is plenty of fluids and rest.  Only call the doctor if there are other symptoms and the child is very cranky and uncomfortable.

Children 3 months to six months with a fever over 102 F can be given acetaminophen in a dosage prescribed by their doctor.  From six months to two years of age ibuprofen is safe as prescribed by their doctor.  If the fever does not respond to the medication or lasts longer than a day, call the doctor.

Children from two to eighteen with a fever up to 102 F do not require any medication.  A fever over 102 F can be treated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen as per the dosage recommendations.  Call the doctor if the fever does not go down or lasts longer than a day or so.

Never Give Aspirin To Children


No child under age 18 should ever be given any aspirin as there may be a serious side effect called Reyes Syndrome.

Home Treatment Of Fever

Wet Cloth On Forehead

For any fever in children, home treatment consists of encouraging the child to rest as much as possible.  Give the child plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated. This is the time to bring out the chicken soup, ginger ales and juices.  Even frozen juice pops can be used to rehydrate a child.   For children under a year, use a rehydration solution (like Pedialyte) which replaces lost fluids and electrolytes.For an especially high fever, a child can be bathed for 5 to 10 minutes in a lukewarm bath or given a lukewarm sponge bath.  If this causes chills, stop and dry and dress the child.  Never use alcohol for a sponge bath.


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