Home Treatment for Head Lice

Head lice infestations are not enjoyable for parents or children alike. The louse is an insect that moves from human to human through contact with the head or by sharing clothing worn on or around the head. Children are more likely to become infected than adults. If your child becomes infected it is equally important that everyone in the house is treated and not just the infected child.

A female louse lays eggs every day she is alive. The eggs, or nits, are laid close to the scalp and attached to the end of the hair. The insect secretes a glue-like substance to attach the nits to the hair. The nits hatch in about two week’s time. Even if the live insects are killed, if the nits are not removed, a head lice re-infestation will occur about every two to three weeks.

There are several non-toxic and safe treatments for head lice. Mayonnaise is one such treatment. Other items needed for the treatment with mayonnaise include a plastic disposable comb, a face cloth or paper towels and a disposable shower cap. Apply the mayonnaise directly to the hair and work the mayonnaise down into the scalp. Once the hair is well coated in the mayonnaise take and cover the hair with the shower cap. Pull all lose ends of hair up and under the shower cap. Leave the shower cap on for at least two to three hours.

Remove the shower cap and before washing the hair, take the comb and brush through the hair. Make sure that the comb is touching the scalp. Use a face cloth or paper towels to wipe off any nits off of the comb before brushing through the hair again. Once the hair has been combed completely, then wash the hair with shampoo and rinse well. Another comb through can be done to remove nits loosened during shampooing.

The treatment should be repeated daily until it is certain that the head lice have been eliminated. Stopping treatment early is not good because any missed nits or live lice left in the hair will cause the infestation to return.

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