Ringworm refers to a fungus infection that affects the scalp, body, feet and the nails. It is also known as Tinea. In ringworm a red ring appears on the infected person’s skin. It is contagious and may spread with direct or indirect contact. Ringworm is caused by several different fungus organisms that belong to a group called Dermatophytes, derma means skin and phytes means organisms. The duration of the scalp ringworm is 10-14 days and that of skin ringworm is 4-10 days.

Causes of Ringworm

Ringworm is contagious. It can be passed from one person to the other by direct skin-to-skin contact or by contact with contaminated articles such as combs, unwashed clothing, and shower or pool surfaces. Pets like dogs and cats that carry fungus can also cause ringworm. The other causes of ringworm are prolonged wetness of the skin and the minor injuries of the skin, scalp and nails.

Home Remedies for Ringworm

One of the most effective home remedies for ringworm is the use of mustard seeds. A paste made from the seeds can be applied over the affected areas.

The use of raw papaya has also been proved beneficial in the ringworm treatment. A few slices of the unripe fruits can be rubbed on the patches twice a day.

Apply the juice of raw turmeric externally to the parts of the skin affected by ringworm. Simultaneously, one teaspoon of turmeric juice mixed with an equal quantity of honey should be taken orally for ringwworm cure. This is also good home remedy for ringworm.

The use of castor oil is valuable for the scalp ringworm treatment. The oil should be rubbed on the affected areas of the hair. This is one of the best ringworm remedy.

Raw vegetables juices, especially carrot juice in combination with spinach juice has been proved beneficial in the treatment of ringworm. This is also one of the effective home remedies for ringworm.

Grind the seeds of herb butea ground to a paste and mixed with a lime juice. Apply this paste externally over the skin affected by ringworm.

Coconut oil can be applied to the affected areas as it will keep the skin soft and prevent itching. This is one of the best ringworm remedy.

Grind a few seeds of herb butea and make a fine paste, using little limejuice. Thereafter, apply the paste on the ringworm patch. This is simple and one of the effective home remedies for ringworm.

A paste made of dry seeds of papaya can be applied on the ringworm patches. This is a simple and one of the effective natural remedy for ringworm.

Tea, coffee, condiments, highly flavoured dishes, sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals and tinned or bottled foods should be avoided. This is not a good diet for ringworm.

A light mudpack applied over the areas of the ringworm is also helpful. The pack should be applied for half an hour twice a day as this is a very effective home remedy for ringworm.

The leaves of the cassia tree are useful in treating the irritation of the skin. Paste made from them can be applied to ringworm patches with very good results and is also good natural remedy for ringworm.

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Pure tea tree oil totally gets rid of ringworm within a week.:-P
#1 - Jane - 07/16/2007 - 00:06
Phytocillin question
I wanted to know if Phytocillin capsules opened an applyed to skin would help or kill the bacteria that causes ringworm?

I was just recently sick with strep and had to go to hospital, there I recieved a shop from the cillin family that lasted for 3 days. The strep is gone buy my skin has endured a reaction to an insect bite or scratch? I'm doing all the investigating I can on this. The Doctor at the hospital doesn't have as near of a clue as to what I have than I do.

I had some pre-existing bumps on my arms, I mash them sometimes, they are like blocked hair follicles or a dairy allergy I've had forever, but they get really red, and I had some mosquitoe bites on my legs, they became infected and hard, inflamed.

I even began to get cellulitis in a few, not good!

I went back to hospital and was given an antibiotic to kill a bacterial infection called; Doxycycline and slowly it's helping a little but the marks on my arm have colonized it seems.

The severe inflamed spots have turned to patches, looks like the worst case of ringworms I've ever seen but they are mostly on my forearms where I was previously scratched by new puppy. When I wash him, he trys to escape and scratched some pre-existing tiny sores on my arms. I can't get anyone to beleive this is ringworms.

I'm using Teatree Oil. I'm using is 2-3 times a day.

If you could get back with me and let me know your opinion from this observation, that would be wonderful.

Thanks, patti :)
#2 - Patti Lewis - 08/28/2007 - 13:48
Home Remedy for Ringworm
"Remedy for Ringworm"
Using a "household bleach", will get rid of it instantly. The itch should go away immediately. (Possible may sting a little after applying.) Pour a 1/2 cap of bleach into the cap. Take a "unused"cotton swab(Q-tip) and dip gently into the 1/2 cap of bleach. Apply the cotton swab to the ringworm, until ringworm has been completely covered with bleach applied . *DO NOT USE THE SAME SWAB TO RE-APPLY. PLEASE USE "NEW" SWAB.* Repeat the same steps once more, if needed. You should notice the ringworm disappearing in
1-2 days. (* Depending on the size of ringworm, You may want to use a ball of cotton.)
#3 - K. Thomas - 11/05/2007 - 00:42
My Children came down with ringworm worse then i'd ever seen, and it scared me badely, so i tried almost everything and finally used bleach as a last resort, and guess what IT WORKED!!!!!
30%bleach to 70% water, use a cottenball and swab the ringworm twice a day, it was gone in 3 days I WAS AMAZED!!!!
#4 - Danica - 11/22/2007 - 20:32
Go to a dermatologist (skin doctor) and have a culture done. You could have a staph infection or a bacterial infection from the hospital! Don't mess with it... find out what it is ... regular doctor won't do. Go to a dermatologist is my answer.

Ringworm is not is a fungus.
#5 - Gram - 12/12/2007 - 16:26
Thanks ! I tried the bleach remedy I saw here. I had recurring fungus on both feet, I soaked them in a 1/2 bleach 1/2 water foot bath and by the 3rd day my skin was clear again and has stayed clear over 6 months for the first time since it started a year ago..
#6 - Ann - 01/02/2008 - 00:11
;-)My husband contracted ringworm. We were broke at the time and couldn't go buy anything. We always have rubbing alcohol on hand and cotton balls. He applied the alcohol with the cotton balls every 6 hours. In 3 days it was gone. In two it was nearly invisible.
#7 - Angie - 01/06/2008 - 07:24
Thanks for all the input. My son has a ringworm and he is constantly contracting them from his playmates at his preschool. With your comments, I'm glad I can try something at home for once instead of continuously have him take prescribe medicines with bad side effects to rid the problem. I will start the bleach applications tomorrow. Thanks again
#8 - Ranetta - 01/30/2008 - 21:26
i'm a wrestler and i got ringworm. thank god its pretty darn small. im going to rub bleach on it because ii need it gone fast. ii hope it works
#9 - Ross - 02/03/2008 - 21:44
I've got a bad case on my neck.....Sure isn't fun!

I'm trying peroxide plus the Athlete's foot cream, as well as taking a prescription for Clindamycin.

We'll see how it goes!
#10 - B - 02/18/2008 - 12:04
When ever my kids get ringworm I always put toothpaste on it. It really works. You just use it like cream for a few days 3 times aday. The only thing is you cant wash the old toothpaste off before a new application is appled. Wash area once a day.
#11 - Toni - 02/22/2008 - 16:56
will the bleach application leave scar on the treated ringworm area?
#12 - owhen - 03/19/2008 - 09:34
i have 2 ringworms on my thighs, one of them has naturally gone away, just leaving a nonpainful darkish circle, but on my other thigh, a .75 in in diamater ring, doesnt hurt or itch, not sure if it ringworm, looks just like it, cant really feel it. its just an eye sore.. please help

cant go to doctor or anything that, havent tried home remedies or anything else, just thought it would go away like the other one still hasnt, gotten bigger too.
#13 - pain - 03/27/2008 - 19:34
i tried bleach and it scars...but it does get rid of it....
#14 - john - 04/09/2008 - 20:31
For ringworm, use a bottle top a little biger than the worm. Press down over the worm as hard as you can stand it for about a minute. (leave a good inpression) The next day the worm is gone.
#15 - Kenneth - 04/16/2008 - 09:40
I always use toothpaste and hairspray. First I apply toothpaste (must be paste not gel) to area slightly larger than ring. Then after letting it dry slightly for a minute or so I spray it with aresol hairspray. The other kind works to but can be messy with drips. I usually put 3 or 4 coats of spray as they dry. It helps seal the toothpaste onto the skin. Then cover tightly with seran wrap and tape. Reapply later that day without cleaning old paste off. After you shower dry completley and repeat. Within 2 or 3 days it will be gone! And your only using stuff you already have!! I get ringworms fairly often since I work in a preschool and teach fitness classes but this always seems to work!
#16 - Liz - 04/23/2008 - 01:26
For Kenneth and any one else,
Ringworm is not actually caused by a worm despite the misleading name! It's just a fungus and a very contagious one at that.
And even if it was actually caused by a worm, how would you know know big the worm is? You'd be judging it by the size of the fungal infected area of your skin.
#17 - Anonymous - 04/26/2008 - 09:06
This remedy combines all of the suggestions for children. It is time consuming, but well worth it as I did it once and my daughter no longer had ringworm. I will say, from friends, the overall time is 2-3 days.

1) Wipe area with bleach or have boy child soak in bleach water.
2) Shower and clean with regular soap.
3) Lather and apply dandruff shampoo. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
4) Rinse, get out, and dry off.
5) Apply rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
6) Blow dry until child says it is too hot.
7) Cut fresh garlic clove, rub cut side on area, and throw away garlic.
8) Apply antifungal cream.
9) Cover with liquid bandage or moleskin.
10) Put new clothes on and wash old clothes and towel in hot water.

1) Wipe with bleach.
2) Rinse off.
3) Apply rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
4) Blow dry until child says it is too hot.
5) Apply antifungal cream.
6) Cover with liquid bandage or moleskin.

Other things to try:
1) Iodine
2) Wasabi Paste
3) Absorbine Jr.
4) Apple Cider/BC Powder Paste (not for children)
5) Lysol
6) Eat fruit and garlic cloves

This works for everyone who tries it.
#18 - Michelle - 05/09/2008 - 15:41
payaya is very good for the ringworm.get an unripe papaya and cut into slices.rubthe slices of papaya onto the affected will be itching that kids cANTS HANDLE ...AND THE DISEASES THE OLD BLOOD WILL RUN OUT
#19 - junia - 05/12/2008 - 06:32
am searching in the internet wats d best and easy way and also the fastest remedy for a ringworm.,i was totally upset when i used papaya for 3 days it doesnt change a thing.. it only scars and blood came out,the size doesnt chnge too.

i dont know wat shud i do.,,its getting bigger and bigger now..its almost a month and i dont think it will heal.
#20 - mhei - 05/22/2008 - 03:18
Try Octagon Soap. When I was a child I had ringworm and my mom carried me to the doctor, HE recommended wetting a corner of the bar of soap and rubbing the infected area several times a day. It worked, leave it on to dry, don't wash it off. My mom passed this info on to others, it really did work.
#21 - Sandi - 05/22/2008 - 22:46
I recently discovered that this ugly ring on my fast was the ringworm. So after patching it for a whole week with eucerin, I tried ACV. Ureka! Within one day the ringworm was gone -well it scabbed up. Unfortunately I plucked all the scabbed parts and now have a scar of a ring. BUT the ringworms is GONE!!!:-D
#22 - Lashawne from Washington, DC - 06/15/2008 - 22:32
Thank You all so much, the bleach trick worked! I was coverded with ringworm 3 days ago and today they are all gone. Thank You all again! :-D:-P
#23 - Chris - 07/08/2008 - 14:25
This is an "old wives tale" but apparently blowing cigarette smoke over the area works!!
#24 - happy bunny - 07/13/2008 - 06:43
Break the stalk of milkweed and rub the milky "sap" on the ringworm. Apply three days.
#25 - Dean - 07/24/2008 - 22:37
i have ring worm on my chin, and i want it off (im going to be a freshamn in college in 27 days)!! i've tried putting toothpste on it to dry it out, and it works for a bit, but then the fluid starts to puss out. and makes the toothpaste drip off. im on holiday right now in england (i live in new york) so i dont really have access to my doctor. i want to try the bleach, but i am afraid it is going to scar. it is bad enough having this on my face now, i dont want to have to be reminded of it every time i look in the mirror.
#26 - Emma - 07/26/2008 - 22:36
Tried everything for a month nothing really worked then I got the walmart brand of Athlete foot cream MAKE SURE it's the one with TERBINAFINE HYDROCLORIDE it' about 6$ for almost a 1 oz tube, but believe me the first day I saw results, day three almost gone!!!!!!!!!!
#27 - Laurie - 07/28/2008 - 15:09
Hey everyone, I've have it on my hand for about 3 weeks now and I've been using "Fucidin" an antifungal cream. It cleared it up quite a bit but unfortunatly stopped there. So I've been reading up on home cures, and decided to try vinegar and clear nail polish.

What to do: Rub the vinegar on the affected area and wait to dry. Yeah, it stings. Then, put on a few coats of nail polish to seal it in and suffocate the infection.

What Happens: Well when you put on the vinegar it stings, but it's W
#28 - Katie - 07/29/2008 - 04:33
ok... so i just bathed in half water and half bleach. i started out with a toe fungus when i was 16 years old, i'm 44 now... i've always been haunted by 'this problem' :( seen several doctors, to no avail... tried every otc cream, ointment, spray you can dream of... used apple vinegar... cut my toenails off.. and still here is sit with large patches of this hideous ringworm!

it has gotten so bad, i wont even let my child dlimb up in my lap!

i can't have the oral meds due to hep complications...

so, now i've done the bleach... i gotta say, these 'patches' are burning severely right now, but with burning and/or scars, if it kills it ~ it is soooo worth it...

i'll let you know in a couple of days how things are, but for right now, thanks :)

atleast i know i'm not the only one with this most embarassing condition :)

#29 - haunted - 09/11/2008 - 09:24
I've used clorox bleach and a q-tip and it works just don't rub the hell out of it so you don't leave a scar and if u do leave a scar it does go away after awhile. When I had it on my thighs I use to pee on it when I was in the shower and it also work. I tried that since it cured athletes feet anyway these worked for me. Now my daughter has caught it and I started using tooth paste I will find out if this works for her.
#30 - JJ - 09/23/2008 - 22:36
I've had a spot on my calf for at least 5 years and it has not gotten much larger...about the size of a dime. It has not spread and does not seem, it never itches. I did not think it was a ringworm because it has always stayed the same has some flat, cross-hatching pattern in the middle of the ring.

But it now seems the ring is showing up more. During that time, I even saw a dermatologist and he didn't mention it being a ringworm. I've started a topical cream today & will let you know if it helps I'll report back here.
#31 - Sammy - 09/25/2008 - 17:54
I have had ringworm for 2 1/2 weeks. It started small and has grown a little. Used over the counter creams. I used bleach tonight and have bled a little after the application. Is this common? I hope to be rid of it within 2 days as I have a huge business event at that time.
#32 - Mari - 09/29/2008 - 23:00
:-( I have ringworm on my Right rist on the under side. I tried athletes foot cream..DOSENT least not for me. Anyway i am trying bleach and i have only aplied it once. and i have to say it looks like it has allready started fading but i still have another aplication for today and 2 more days hopefully it will be gone considering its not that big..maybe the size of a dime or a penny some where around there.
#33 - Brittany - 10/02/2008 - 11:15
selsun blue is an anti-fungal shampoo and is great for any fungal condition anywhere on the body (use it as a body wash)

mouthwash is also anti-fungal, use cotton wool and apply over the area as often as needed.
#34 - melanie - 10/11/2008 - 00:29
The clorox bleach works...I put some 100% undiluted on my ringworm on my arm and 10 minutes later the itching and redness is gone...
#35 - MOMof3 - 10/16/2008 - 11:08
Try Trosyd antifungal cream, canesten cream, or any antifungal cream to treat the fungus. Alcohol don't work since it kills only th bacteria. Be on the safe side. Use appropriate measures. Bleach maybe effective but not safe. Take care of it and avoid contacting the bleach with eyes or mucous membranes.

If above doesn't work, go to doctor and be prescribed anti-fungal pills.

Above all, maintaine STRICT GOOD HYGIENE
#36 - rich - 11/13/2008 - 06:32
My son has ringworm in his scalp. He has lost a little of his hair. Please tell me what is good for this.
#37 - Liz - 11/26/2008 - 07:01
My 3 year old came home from pre-school one day and my 15 year old noticed some red bumps on her scalp (where her hair was parted). I brought her right to the doctor and she wasnt sure if it was ring worm or if the scrunges used in her hair was to tight. I knew they wasnt tight at all so so looked at it a little more and gave me a perscription for a cream and a liquid medication to take orally that supose to kill funges anywhere in your body. She told me that I have to give it to her for 6 weeks.
Well, My daughter would not take this oral medication for nothing. She would throw it up and after 3 days I couldn't take it anymore so I called the doctor back. She called in a perscription for the pills and told me to crush them up and put it in frosting, well that didn't work either (she acted like I just gave her poison and threw that up). Then I figured I would try in chocolate pudding. The first night she took it but she noticed something was different with her pudding ( I never let her see me crush up the pills and put them in). She did eat it though with a lot of begging. Well, the next night I came in with the pudding and she started screaming. I was able to get the pills in the pudding and her to eat it for a week but tonight was such a fight and she threw up. I feel so bad for her and I can't go another 5 weeks of doing this. I was talking to my friend and she told me that her neice had it on her scalp about 10 years ago (when she was my daughters age) and the doctor told her to put hydrogen peroxide on it and it went away. I put some on her's tonight (which is about the size of a dime and there is another one about 1/4 of an inch next to the first one which is very small and I have no idea where that one came from). I realy hope this works because there is no way she is going to take this medicine anymore, Im just glad I was able to get it in her for the week. I also saw that someone said that selsom blue shampoo works so Im going to go to CVS tomorrow and get that. I hope it works because my daughter has a lot of beautiful hair and when I started to apply that cream the doctor perscribed and saw her hair come out in that spot I thought I would faint. The area looks very dry now and you can see some hair trying to grow back. I thank god that it was small and she has a lot of hair to hide it by putting her hair in a ponytail. I just hope the hydrogen peroxide and selsum blue works.
#38 - Kira - 12/12/2008 - 22:34
I used bleach on what I think is ringworm on my collar bone. I just saw on a website that it works, but unfortunately I rubbed the crap out of it with a cotton ball and now it's a scab and will likely be a scar :( I plan on trying some Neosporin when it starts healing a little more to try to make it less noticeable. Mine did puss a little bit after I put the bleach on it but then it scabbed over. Hopefully it heals up in a few days, but it definitely doesn't itch and doesn't look like it's still alive anymore!
#39 - Lis - 12/13/2008 - 10:04
i have had ringworm for 2 weeks now. they itch really bad. i have them everywhere really bad! I have them so bad they wont let me return to school. we have tried almost everything and even went to the docters... twice! Well nothing seems to be working so me and my mom are going to get clorox bleach later and see how it works.
#40 - Maddie - 12/13/2008 - 16:40
bleach bleach bleach, only thing i found effective
#41 - justin - 12/19/2008 - 21:29
i had a ringworm and fought with this boy in school for pickin at me i won and is brother in 8 grade beat me up
but i got my 12 grade brother to beat him up badley made him go to the hospital
#42 - john - 12/19/2008 - 21:30
Try tea tree oil and oregano oil (dropper full each)combined with 1/2 oz of olive oil.
There are many essential oils out there people. Read and learn about them at your local heatlth food store before our government "try" to find a way to pull them off the market
#43 - eyewrist - 12/30/2008 - 15:04
what's the best way to get rid of the ringworm scar. I have light brown spots that have not gone away & it's been almost 2months
#44 - mommy24 - 12/30/2008 - 22:35
My daughter (6) showed me a red patch on her wrist that appeared to be a ring worm. I cleanbed it with alcohol and put blue star onitment on it, but tommorow I plan to get some bleach. Thanks for the tips!!! KLG
#45 - Kaprisha - 01/03/2009 - 22:14
well I've had this ringworm all over my body scalp feet and on my jock every sence thanksgiving well its been like two weeks after christmas and i still have it, I've tryed all the ointments that a store has to offer and I've tryed tea tree oil which a pharmacist recommended, it kept the hair from falling out but still itches like crazy. i went to the docs office only for them to tell me its something rosea, which is non treatable. i can't take it any more i have lil sisters to think about im going to see the doc again...>-(
#46 - itchy - 01/15/2009 - 05:57
well i have a ringworm! gosh its on my chin my mother told me because i havent cleaned my bed sheets in a while but whatever, first i started putting cream on it it was almost gone for sure but a friend told me to put vinigar on it so i did and it got darker like redish brown and looks badder i guess i cant tell

has it got worse or what and what should i do?
#47 - ezmy - 01/23/2009 - 16:38
hey wad kind of scars does bleach leave? it sounds rather effective but it would be lovely if any one of you could explain the kind of scars bleach leaves and if the scars caused is temporary?
#48 - zaraniaza - 01/29/2009 - 00:10
CLEAR NAIL POLISH suffocates the fungus. Don't know if this was mentioned but our cats had a bad case of ringworm and this cleared it up very fast. Or try this shampoo called NIZORAL it is prescription only. You lather your whole body with it, you instantly start to see all the ringworm areas drying up. I would say maximum a week or 2 before they are totally GONE! I hope this helps.
#49 - JOEY - 01/29/2009 - 13:00
We were head to toe cause the humane society doesn't screen the animals for ringworm so we were INFESTED! That shampoo cleared them all with ZERO scaring. Test the Clear nail polish on a hidden area of your body, leave for a few days when u peal it off of the ringworm it is gone for good. But if you have insurance get that Nizoral 1 dab of this on just 1 instantly dries it out and kills it.
#50 - JOEY - 01/29/2009 - 13:04
hey folks , seriously, i have had a ringworm before and what they are saying about the bleach is very true. if you dab a little on a ring worm it will definitly kill it! you can waste your time on the creams and doctor visits but im telling you, bleach will do it 100%. ive seen them clear up immediately more than once. it does burn like crap i wont lie, but it will be gone. it will leave a dark mark, THAT WILL FADE AWAY AFTER A WHILE!! but you dont want to risk it spreading so just kill it with bleach and go on about your day!!!!
#51 - sonia - 02/06/2009 - 07:09
Slice garlic and use it as a compress three times a day then apply vinegar after each treatment. Be careful with bleach as some people are allergic to it and it can cause chemical burns. Bleach is NOT a home remedy is is a household cleaning agent that is not meant to be used on the skin. Garlic, on the other hand, is more powerful then pennacilian and has no ill side effects.
#52 - jenn - 02/07/2009 - 10:59
tryed the bleach and it worked real good :-)
#53 - angel k - 02/07/2009 - 16:38
Yo Yo bleach works use it all other stuff just makes everyone else rich but still have ringworm
#54 - jman - 02/09/2009 - 16:30
press Vinegar into the ringworm this really Worked Great for me!!!:-D
#55 - F - 02/24/2009 - 18:31
I have one on my back side and it itches like crazy. I also noticed one on my arm and looks like another one is coming on my other arm. i've washed all bedding and coats and clothes. Tried the bleach today, hopefully this clears it up for me.
#56 - Itchy - 03/17/2009 - 09:13
I have had reoccuring ring worms for a couple of years now. I finally got it under control by showering twice a day with Safeguard Beige soap, then following up with a dab of bleach on areas as needed. To get rid of scars from the bleach or ringworms, I use Emu Oil. The scars usually take about a month to fade. To reduce the fungus in my body, I had stop feeding it, so I had to cut back on sugars, coffee/tea, and high-carb/starchy foods. It took about six months of constant care, but they are gone. I am not sure if they will come back, so I keep up the routine.
#57 - Relieved - 03/20/2009 - 21:22
A month after going to a tanning salon I noticed a red like bruise with a faint center on my lower left leg. I went to the clinic and the doctor said it was ringworm and he prescribed a topical anti-fungal cream. It didn't really help and then it started to spread to my back. I am taking garlic pills every day and it really helps. I also used tea tree oil and it reduced the scars, but I ran out so I have to continue using it. I think those tanning places should be shut down!
#58 - Ann - 03/22/2009 - 16:22
When nothing else worked:
My daughter's immune system is compromised and we have been battling ringworm for almost a year. We have tried over the counter ointments, prescription ointments and foams/shampoos, tee tree oil, and resorted to the awful prescription oral medicine that is so hard on the liver. It seemed to get rid of it for a while but then it returned.
She developed a huge spot of ringworm on the front of her forehead going into her scalp and on her ear so then we tried bleach with a little effect. Our chiropractor suggested taking 2T of colloidal silver orally daily along with a topical treatment of a small amount of colloidal silver mixed with powdered collostrum. We began seeing results the next day, and within the week it is dried up. Evidently colloidal silver has antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. Next we'll attack the wart and let you know about any success with getting rid of it.
#59 - Kim - 03/31/2009 - 08:23
i tryed the cover with liquid bandage and moleskin and it did not itch and guess how many days it took until it went away..... 3 ONLY 3 DAYS O.M.G HOW GREAT!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN THANKS SO,SO,SO, MUCH
#60 - zorreya - 04/03/2009 - 15:20
First time to ever have ringworm. I read that Absorbine Jr works really fast so I bought some yesterday..dabbed it on twice and this morning it was already looking so much lighter! It does sting when applying..a great natural approach! Bleach is toxic to your body..toxins can cause Parkinsons..why risk it!
#61 - ringworm phobia - 04/03/2009 - 20:48
Along with garlic pills and tea tree oil I am using an all natural vegetable soap with Tangerine named Val's - If you use Antibacterial Soap, like Safeguard, it actually causes infections because it kills good bacteria as well as the bad. I make sure to shower daily too! I also use tea tree oil drops in my laundry. I forgot to mention that I took neem leaf caps about a month before I started the garlic pills - 2 in the morning and 2 at dinner, until the bottle ran out (90 pills). I felt a lot better the first week. I felt aches in my back and colon and then it was like a total purge. It a miracle pill because it naturally kills bad bacteria in the body and people have used it for thousands of years. I would never use bleach on my skin! Tea Tree is much better and it's natural.
#62 - Ann - 04/07/2009 - 13:05
Ringworm [@], and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I had, what I think, was a severe case of ringworm. I had two 5-6 inch lesions on each tricep, which quickly spread to my forearms and chest of sizes from dimes to quarters. Doctor's cream didn't work, neither did any other over-the-counter creams. I was so desperate and painfully itchy that I tried bleach. It worked to rid the itch and the redness after one daily dose of three applications. But, be warned: BLEACH IS CAUSTIC AND WILL SCAR YOU FOREVER! Don't use it on children. I finally called my Dad (which I should've done from the start) for his advice. His answer "Nothing can survive UV". I booked a tanning appointment, and snuck in a vessel of bleach so I could clean the bed afterward. Within 2-3 hours of my first 10 min session, the smaller lesions were 98% healed, only discolouration remained. After a second 10 min session the next day, the large lesions were 60% healed, and looked much, much healthier. A trip to the Dominican Republic coincided the next day. After one day in the sun and salt water, everything was 100% clear and healed; you would never have known anything was wrong. After 8 weeks of absolute hell, two 10 minute tanning sessions and one day's worth of UV/Sunlight and a little ocean water healed it completely.
#63 - Ringworm - 04/15/2009 - 15:11
Quick follow up. For those who aren't going on vacation, or don't have access to the ocean, or get it in the winter. They speed of the healing from the 20 min in the tanning bed leads me to believe that a couple of subsequent visits to the tanning salon would have done the trick completely.
#64 - Ringworm - 04/15/2009 - 15:19
One Word: Nailpolish. Apply a clear nail polish on the area, 3 times a day. dont remove the old before putting on the new, use until you see it dissappear. My husband is in the military, and they use it all the time. They also use bleach, highly diluted, considering that it is very possible to get severe chemical burns, especially if it is rubbed on... just keep it in mind, it works, but with consequences..
#65 - Relax :) - 05/03/2009 - 16:12
Bleach did NOT work for me. My pharmacist said that probably aggravated the area more. I purchases a soap w/ tree oil at a nutrition store and am using Desenex on the area.
#66 - JP - 05/16/2009 - 10:30
Stay clean, don't share soaps even though they say it won't spread germs you may get fungus, also wear gloves when cleaning, and most of all don't itch the ringworm it only gets itchier and bigger, refrain from itching. Also if your feet ever itch and you just gotta take off your shoes and itch, wash your hands because there may be fungus under your nails and then when you itch somewhere else on your body you just put fungus somewhere and then it becomes ringworm. Remember when you share a shower with other people, the floor of the bath may have fungus from all those wet feet and when you drop the soap or anything on the floor when showering you introduce fungus onto your skin so frequently keep bathroom clean especially shower and start from most clean to most dirty when cleaning using separate sponges or whatever.
#67 - hh - 06/03/2009 - 13:21
My 2 yr old daughter got the ringworm from a stray cat my girlfriend braught home, and i refuse to use bleach on my child, but i found a bottle of absorbine, jr in the cabinet and it was gone in a day and a half, just apply to the affected area atleast 3 times a day, now it's all i ever use when ringworm pops up and recomend it to friends.
#68 - mikey - 07/08/2009 - 00:08
My son started a new daycare program and got a ringworm on his scalp. We started treating this with an otc antifungal cream, with blue star ointment and absorbine jr. for about a month. When one spot started to clear up, another began to form, and then another and another. One on his neck cleared up 1-2 days after I used vinegar and clear nail polish. The first spot has dried up, but left a huge circular scar on his scalp. Looks like the 2nd spot will also leave a scar. I didn't know if using clear nail polish on his scalp would prevent or affect hair growth. These scars are very visible because his hair won't grow back. So even after drying up the ringworm, does anyone know of a way to get the hair to grow back?
#69 - nay - 07/19/2009 - 21:29
my 4 yr. old son came down with redish spots in 4 different areas of his body, i will not use bleach whatsoever on his skin but i am going to try the toothpaste for today but i might have to result into the clear nail polish. idk i just want it to go away lol :-[]
#70 - bre - 07/20/2009 - 11:23
i have a largish outbreak of ringworm on my chin, which is slowly but surely fading. as i'm pregnant, i didn't want to use any harsh chemicals or medications, since it's well known that anti-fungal medications can affect unborn babies. so instead, i used these:

ginger -- make up a strong ginger tea with teabags or with grated fresh ginger root, steep for 20 mins, soak a cotton wool ball with the tea and then apply. i held the cotton wool in place for about 5 minutes and then dried off with clean cotton wool, and left it to dry out on its own without putting anything on it overnight. if you use a ginger teabag, you may like to put the cooled teabag straight onto the area as well.

thyme -- make up a strong thyme tea with dried or fresh thyme, same deal.

ginger and thyme both have antifungal properties. my ringworm outbreak is definitely more dried out and less aggravated looking than yesterday, so it works. plus, it smells nice (unlike garlic and nail polish!), and won't burn your skin with chemicals (like bleach). also, it's so easy to do, and you really have nothing to lose, since it's all natural!
bicarb is also good for soothing itchy skin. dissolve a few teaspoons in water and soak area, or add a few teaspoons to a warm bath.
#71 - jessica - 07/24/2009 - 06:02
My daughter got ringworm and spread it to the rest of us (STUPID CAT). I used OTC creams on her, prescribed oral medicine and prescribed shampoo. None of that worked. We put tea tree oil (got it from a nautral food store) every spot looks better within one day. My husband and I are tried bleach on our spots. It made my spots go away within hrs. and he was mad b/c it burned. We are going to continue to use the tea tree oil full time on all of us.
#72 - yuck - 07/31/2009 - 17:36
i just found a what i think is a ringworm spot on my leg so far i've only tried alcohol cuse i don't have money right now to get the antifungal stuff. i'll try the nailpolish thing later when i go to buy some sounds like that works as good as bleach. i won't try bleach cause i have sensitive skin. but i'll let you all know how well the alcohol works. since that's all i have.
#73 - faith - 08/04/2009 - 16:25
I have ringworm on my elbow. It is the size of a silverdollar. I am debateing whether or not to pee in a cup or to use bleach on it. I have used nail polish and it has gotten a little smaller, but I am almost out of nail polish... What am I do to? Any suggestions? Please help.
#74 - Lisa In Lake Worth - 08/07/2009 - 16:45
Bleach is toxic. It will chemically burn your skin. Of course it works, because it kills everything .... including your skin. Not to mention that anything you put on your skin is absorbed and in every organ of your body in seconds. Please try other remedies first.
#75 - Sarah - 08/10/2009 - 18:15
my neibor down the road is an herbal remedy guru literally she has a bottle of stuff for just about everything she is going to bring over some and she warned me not to use oral medications because its really hard on the liver and anti fungal creams don't work i was using lotromin on it with no prevail i would wakw up in the middle of the night sobbing from the intence itching but i couldn't risk scratching it for fear of it spreading i have allready had ring worm before on my scalp and i was prescribed some awful pink medicind by my doctor and it worked after a while so i'll let you know how the herbal remedy works promise!!!:-(:-D;-):-)B-):-[] by the way i am 12 years old;-)
#76 - kaila - 08/24/2009 - 03:08
28- I've had ringworm on my feet since I was 13. That's right 15 years. I have been to 5 or six different doctors, Vanderbilt dermatology school and visited with every doctor on staff and I still have it. Please someone tell me what to do. I've done it all, bleach, Absorbine Jr, OTC, prescriptions. I'm afraid to have children because I don't want to pass this on. It's no longer topical but is internal. What do I do?
#77 - Aye wish it was gone - 08/31/2009 - 21:50
I just wanted to mention this to ppl out there who's experiencing bleach burn or nothing can cure your ringworm,,, or is it really ringworm????

In my case this little itchy redish oval shape raised edge sucker on my neck then it stared spreding all over my neck about 3 days later. At first, I thought it was ringworm and I've tried all sort of things like anti-fungal creams (Lamisil, Clotrimazole etc, anti-fungal spray, tea tree oil, venigar, salt, proxide and even bleach(it literally destroy my skin leaving chemical burn). Then I realized that this is something else.

According to my research, even doctores misdiagnose ringworm to Pityriasis rosea (Pit-ih-RYE-ah-sis Ro-ZEA) *see the URL more details here -->
Basically it is a skin rash very similar to ringworm howevr the ovious difference of these two is Pityriasis rosea is not contagious.

My mistak is that I didn't go to see a doctor (I usually skeptical about them) but you difinately need to go see them if you can. Oh well, now i'm using the Hydrocortisone OTC to stop itching and guess what, it's already getting better.

In conclusion, there are many types of skin disorders and YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE FIRST!!!!
Bleach might work for ringworm but not for others.

I hope this comment helps for those ppl who got burn from bleach and noting woked.

#78 - MISTERY DIAGNOSES - 09/02/2009 - 10:39
DO NOT USE BLEACH ON YOUR CHILDREN. THIS IS ABUSE AND YOUR CHILDREN COULD BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU....AND GOOD. Bleach is NOT a medical treatment, it is a poisonous corrosive cleaning agent. If you put this on your children you are no better than someone who burns them with cigarettes and you should be in jail.
#79 - GB - 09/04/2009 - 19:26
:-( Ive had ringworm for months now and I have tried many things ;Garlic cloves,Clear Nailpolish,Lamisil,And My Doctor Recently Gave me a new cream called Versel ,I also use rubbing alchahol,vaseline,baby oil,toothpaste and that crap but all im getting is browner and sometimes dead flaky white skin on my spots in my hands and neck and NOW MY FACE!SHIT!!!Im Screwed Please Help Me Out Here Im Willing TO DO ANY CURE EXCEPT BLEACH!!OR ANYTHING EXPENSIVE OR BOUGHT ONLINE!:-(
#80 - Kevin - 09/08/2009 - 20:17
I've had ringworm for many years and have seen many doctors and have been prescribed ointments. I tried the vinegar and the clear nail polish and it worked good, it didn't go away completely. But it's coming back since I stopped using them. I guess I have to add it to my daily rutine. I'm afraid to use the bleach since its such a strong chemical.....
#81 - Sandra - 09/08/2009 - 20:30
This all started in march of this year, I got pus filled things in my scalp and my back broke out with them too. Had a few bald spots from the ones on my scalp, I did alot of internet searches and thought I had scalp ringworm, went to the docs and he prescribed antifungal meds for 2 weeks, it was clearing up , then it came back with a vengence. I went back to doc and he precribed different meds for 30 days, well it was almost gone and I ran out meds . In a few weeks it came back, this time my legs were swollen and I got a few rings on the bottom of my calves. I tried the bleach, castor oil, nail polish. The bleach worked the best, but you know what , I didnt have ring worm, I went back to a different doc , he sent me to a dermatologist and I had a bacterial infection, I started taking MINOCYLINE and Diprolene for the itching. In 2 days it was almost gone.
#82 - Charlie - 09/09/2009 - 00:10
i girlfriend had ringworm and one of the spots has a scar. i didnt know that it left scars. its a perfect circle right on her stomach. has anyone ever had this happen? and is it permanant? any suggestions on gettin rid of it?
#83 - mike - 09/20/2009 - 12:31
I have been battling ringworm infections ever since going into a contaminated swimming pool (the water was just a little cloudy). I broke out from my neck to my ankles. The itch was so intense and I was coverek with small red bumps and strange pattern marks. I went to a doctor and he told me it was ringworm (without testing for it), he prescribed antifungal tablets. That seemed to make it go wild and spread worse. I went to another doctor and he told me that it was bacterial and I probably had a secondary fungal infection. He put me on a strong antibiotic, but told me I would have to put clotrimazole cream on the spots that were fungal. Crazy.
When you take strong antibiotics you are vulnerable to getting fungal infections. So be very careful and keep yourself clean when you are on an antibiotic.
I have been using clotrimazole cream for the past year and a half (I like Walmart's brand the best).
This summer, the salt water from our beach, and sun seemed to help it a lot. You just can't get hot and sweaty, you have to go into the water to stay cool.
When you are warm and sweat, ringworm loves it.
And yes, do NOT share soap/towels/washcloths!!! My husband caught it from me and has had it for the past 8 months. I am starting to wash my sheets everyday now because I did not think of that.
Even when you skin clears up, keep looking for spots and get them when you see them.
#84 - Patty - 10/12/2009 - 15:31
I am a wrestler and have had ringworm many times but I realized I had it just before the state championship and took steel wool and scraped it till it bled... Then I put pure bleach on it and it went away within 10 hours...... Later that night I won my second state championship!
Lamisil works for people with time and bleach gets rid of it fast too
#85 - 125lbs - 10/19/2009 - 16:39
I had what the doc's called a "skin virius" i itched so bad so i used a bug itch pen...which took care of the itch only thing that would but also the Virius which later i realized was ring worm the main ingreadant in the bug pen was when the virius appeared again a few years later i decided to just use ammonnia and within a day the prob. dissappeared and by the 3rd Virius i was properly diagnosed with ringworm...and again i used ammonnia and it works like a charm...i just spray on to a paper towel and wipe my self down 2 to 3 times a day depending on how sever it can take as little as a day and to me since i always caught it early it stings no worse then the nail polish remedy also if u have a sever case u may only want to use it once in the morning and once in the evening considering its not very healthy..
#86 - kellie - 10/21/2009 - 05:02
Get agreen walnut and cut, rub the juice on the ring worm, it will kill it
#87 - Nancy Hopkins - 10/21/2009 - 22:42
i am a wrestler and i noticed a ring worm on the back of my neck on the hairline, so i decided to try the bleach method so i took pure clorox bleach and a cotton ball and held it on and squeezed some bleach out of it till it burnt as much as i could stand and let it sit for a minute or two, then i got in the shower. i did this 15 minutes ago ive noticed that the itching has stoped and now the skins kinda sore but im hoping that when i wake up i see a noticable difference. i will do it before i go to bed tomorow and the next day till it clears! i think its working but i will let yall know. i decided to use the bleach because if it scars then its not in a noticable spot but if its in a place u dont want scars like on ur face or girls who dont want it on there stomachs then i suggest being safe and using another method or asking a doctors advice. im not sure if it will scar or for how long the scar will last but for me and most other wrestlers its worth it so i will be able to compete. i hope this problem goes away for whoever has it cuz i know IT [@]!!!
#88 - kris - 10/23/2009 - 00:16
my daughter is 9 months old and has ringworm on her scalp and arm i believe her brother brought it home from school since the same week they sent a letter home saying that a kid had it in his class does anyone know of anything safe for her she doesnt take oral medication well and thats what the doc prescribed thanks in advance!!!!;-)
#89 - red - 11/10/2009 - 14:55
I have been using household bleach on my worm infected hand and it seems to be working wonderfully. I have been covering it w/ a band aid once i put the bleach on,has anyone done this and is it ok to cover it with a band aid??
#90 - wormed - 11/13/2009 - 14:23
garlic oil & goldenseal oil is anitfungal & antibacterial used for ear infections caused by water in the ear, but works great on ringworm.
#91 - dewormed - 11/16/2009 - 18:25
A few years ago I had three ringworms om my same arms. Its healed now, but now I have three big patches of white spots on my arm. Almost like there are no pigmentation in that spots. Can any one give me advice how to get rid of the white spots.
#92 - Anne - 11/21/2009 - 20:00
It's humid down South here so ringworm is common during the hot months of the year. Two guaranteed cures and pretty inexpensive are either apple cider
vinegar plus salt or Arm & Hammer "perioxicare" toothpaste which is loaded with antifungal baking soda. For the apple cider vinegar and salt cure
take a small paper cup and fill it one quarter of the way
up with apple cider vinegar. Dump in some common
table salt. Two tea spoons until the apple cider
is briney. Put your finger in and stir it up before
you dab it on your ringworm spot and up to an inch around it. It may slightly sting. Salt and apple cider vinegar kill fungus and when they dry up, they dry the area which helps in healing. Apply this approach 4 to 5 times a day.

More recently a neighbor clued me into "perioxicare" toothpaste. It's high volume of baking soda and easy--stick to the ringworm application make it a winner with ringworm killing. Use it four times a day. It's gentle
and doesn't inflame your skin. Baking soda contains plenty of sodium which ko's fungus.

Over-the counter anti-fungal skin creams with their
1% fungicide are just not sturdy enough to cure much more than moderate tinea. They take 4 to six weeks
to do that and people often break out in rashes from them. Expensive and little punch. Go with cider vinegar and salt or Perioxicare. You can combine
both cures if you want to carpet bomb the little buggers.
#93 - Emoclear - 11/24/2009 - 13:39
I used clear nail polish on my ringworm and it helped it to go away. it stings when it goes on but it stops the itching and it stifles the growth of the ringworm
Im not sure about the bleach but it could be worth a try.
can colored nail polish be used instead of clear?
#94 - tired of ringworm - 11/24/2009 - 20:01
selenium sulfide, which is in Selsun Blue shampoo, is great for moderate scalp ringworm so long as you catch it early. you can get it in a 2% perscription form from your doctor just used once a day for seven days. but my son has been batteling ringworm for a long time now on his scalp and it did not work. the doctor failed to realize that it is a fungus and tried to perscribe a pennecillin for it, which he is allergic to. i was livid, so i went home and tested a theory i had developed from microbiology and used bleach, and TADAA! ringworm gone :) want something more mild? try cider vinegar, unpasturized honey, or athletes foot cream (generics work fine)
#95 - tonka - 12/02/2009 - 08:00
My mother took me to 3 doctors' offices over a period of 2 months to get rid of a ringworm on the inside of my calf. My grandmother, Ma Bea, told her to put my pee on it. In desperation, I urinated on a washcloth & pressed it to the ringworm each time I used the bathroom. It was gone in 3 days-it stung lightly but left no scar. Thanks Ma Bea (RIP).
#96 - Ma Bea's girl - 12/02/2009 - 20:30
Hey. I got ringworm really bad on my bum cheek! Ahhhh! Its hard to make it go away cause Im always wearing clothing. I was trying tea tree but it wasn't working very well. So today I tried the bleach. I did 1/2 bleach 1/2 water and swabbed it on. I hope it works!!
#97 - Me - 12/31/2009 - 12:35
I had ringworm for something like 6 months, it sucked. Started out on my inner elbow, then quickly spread to both arms and legs. I thought it was heat rash since it came about in summer. I went to the clinic and they gave me some medication that did nothing (waste of time). Due to a lack of money and insaity I started using a bleach-water solution, followed by covering all of the spots with clear nail polish, I did this as much as I could each day. I also used rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover when the polish would start to peel. I learned that all you need to do is dry these patches out and they can't live any longer. All of this should sting meaning it's working. It went away within a week. Some people experienced scaring because of chemical burns caused by bleach, so make sure you dilute it. I also use rubbing alcohol and bleach-water for cold sores
#98 - Misknovi - 01/07/2010 - 12:41
i had a ringworm on the back of my neck a couple of weeks ago, and i tried bleach, clearnail polish and sap from my aloe vera plant to minimize scaring from the bleach, well it did the job, but all of a sudden this tiny itchy bump appeared on the scar and and now i have a ringworm....aaaaaagain in the same spot that it was, WHY DID IT COME BACK? now i have to start my treatment all over again
#99 - mskitty - 01/20/2010 - 11:07
I used to be bothered with ringworms alot as a teen ager who swam alot. I was told about the bleach method and it worked evreytime for me. But then I had a child of my own who got one and I figured the bleach method was too strong for a 3yr old so I looked into other methods. One I came across that worked for me was Terbinafine Hydrochloride. It's an Athlete's foot cream!! It's an antifungal cream(a ringworm is a FUNGUS not an infection). This cream with a drop of bleach on a swab dried my baby's ring worm up quicker than any remedy I know of. Thanks to the lady in the pharmacy I now have my method for dealing with ringworms and it's less scarring on the skin also
#100 - Chyna Doll - 02/05/2010 - 17:15
Hello everyone!
I resently got a rash on my inner elbow.I'm thinking it's more likely a sweat rash of some sort,not ringworm.I've been reading about ringworm all over the internet and trying to figure out if I have it or not.
The rash in about an inch wide and is curcular,but not uninfected on the inside,like ringworm rashes usually are.It hasen't spread at all sence I first noticed it,which ringworm usually does as well.It's a little itchy,dried out,and somewhat red.:/The strange thing is that I've had the rash-thing before in the same spot,but it went away in about 4 days or so.But
I've had this for about 6.I really hope it's not ring worm.:-[]
I've been washing it and puting on vitamin-E every day and that really helps the dryness.I'm going to try puting on rubbing alchohol today,and hopefull that will help too.:)
Does anyone else have a rash that they think might be ringworm but can't be sure?:)
#101 - elyon - 02/23/2010 - 13:06
at first i thought i was just bitten by ants coz its on my thighs and on my belly and it is a small red spot... for about a week, it went into a 2 inch in diameter...thats when i realized that its a ringworm coz its circular and i made my home made remedy. the ingredients are: green papaya leaf (small portion only), 4 garlic cloves, small ginger, pinch of salt and 3 drops of olive oil. Using a mortar & pestle, smashed all the ingredients until it looks like a paste. before applying the paste, take a hot bath and scrab with soap and a clothe where the area is affected until it becomes reddish. Dry up then apply the burns at first but it is tolerable. within 4-5 hrs. the ich is gone. Apply once or twice a day. The only down side of it is the smell of the garlic but its worth it.
#102 - cheri - 03/03/2010 - 08:25
My father had ringworm on his hand and tried a number of things to get rid of it, one of which was fresh garlic applied directly onto the skin. The next day it was twice as big!
He eventually used tea tree oil and it went away in a week.
#103 - Fungicide - 03/09/2010 - 14:32
hello everyone!
at first i dont really think that this is ringworm, cause its just started as small itchy thing in my left arm, and after two days in my right arm, a circular reddish thing, i tried trosyd cream and finished 3tubes but didn't work at all, so i decided to consult a doctor,dr advised me to take Ketoconazole tab 200 mg(nizoral)3* aday for 10 days costing(php 135.00/tablet) ceporex cap for 5 days, then apply quadriderm oint,3x a day, wash with lukewarm h20, after 5days the ringworm is gone but my problem is i had a white scars in my arms it looks like an an-an in my arms....anyone who can help me to solve this white scars pls....thanks
#104 - betheriece-03/11/2010-10:01 - 03/10/2010 - 20:05
I don't think you should put neat bleach on your skin. It might be OK if it is very dilute.
#105 - Frank - 03/14/2010 - 15:52
hi everyone.. i had ring wom and now it getting cured after taking antifungal medicine.. but still i am having scars of it... pls anyone tell me to get rid off those scars...
#106 - sak - 03/15/2010 - 23:58
Hey, can someone help me? I have a bald spot on my scalp my lovely long hair as fallen out, I went to two docs and a tricologist who all say its fungal. I have creams and nizoral pills, will this take it away? I noticed the bald spot is slowly increasing and Im terrified. I dont want to put bleach on my hair obviously. What can I do??
#107 - worried girl - 03/17/2010 - 06:45
B-) I had ringworm and a friend purchased a sulfur soap from St. Lucia. It cleared up my ringworm in days.
#108 - Michelle J - 03/21/2010 - 19:04
I got ring worm on my hand. It has grown over the course of three weeks. I have tried OTC creams and did not work. I tried Coconut oil and it seemed to soothe it. I also tried tea tree oil and it was almost like it pissed it off and it grew. I also tried an antibiotic ointment and did not have success. Today I was reading advice from this website and looked like ACV was my next option. I soaked my hand in ACV for maybe 10 minutes and no joke all the redness went away and it looks way less angry. Seems like different things work for different people. I hope this is going to work!
#109 - Amoon - 03/24/2010 - 22:13
hi already 1 year has been past and i take all the type of medicine & put tube on my effected area but i didnt find any result . so please suggest me agood idea . i am ready to buy any expencive cream or treatment. >-(>-(
#110 - manju - 03/27/2010 - 00:11
My 3 year old now has a white scar the size of a 50 cent piece on his forehead from ring worm. Does anyone know what I can do to cure his mark?
#111 - Cera - 04/08/2010 - 22:51
:-P toothpaste really does work but i always wash off the old toothpaste before reapplying the new, toothpaste also works for pimples to!
#112 - tiffany - 04/11/2010 - 09:56
;-)i got a remedy that might just freak alot of people out.Fry a piece of bacon rub it on the ringworm in a day or two its gone i know it sounds werid but it works.i had 3 a my nine year old cousin told me to rub bacon on it byhell it worked.
#113 - justin - 04/11/2010 - 19:00
Ringworm is really is indeed a incredible disease and if not prevented it is very harmful for the skin. So proper care must be taken to heal from it. This home remedies can be proved very beneficial from getting relief from ringworm.

Fulvic Acid
#114 - Ruselrones - 04/29/2010 - 05:44
I usually don't let my cats outside, but one day I did and they rolled in some dirt. When they came in, one had what I thought were insect bites all over her ear.
I then went outside to lay out to get a tan when I felt this sting under my eye. I thought it was the same bite as my cat had. Then as the days went by it looked like it was going away but it spread out into a ring under my eye. I figured out what it was and put some YOUNG LIVING essential oils on it. I used a carrier oil (almond oil) to dilute the drops a little. The main oils I used were tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and oil of oregano. I want to stress that oil of oregano is a potent antifungal oil and doesn't get the attention it deserves for this issue. I wouldn't dare use bleach under my eye for fear of going blind or something. I am happy to say that it has been 3 days and the ugly thing is fading fast, I highly recommend a combo of these oils or even just the oil of oregano or tea tree. I also washed all the bedding the cats sleep on and I made them an diluted apple cidar vinegar/water dip and I will be spraying everything with the vinegar too. If nothing else works, I highly recommend the essential oils mentioned from a THERAPEUTIC grade company. Young Living is the best by far.
#115 - BPage - 04/29/2010 - 17:20
I read someone's comment asking about scars. YOUNG LIVING has high quality essential oils that are noted for getting rid of or fading unwanted scars. They are:
Rosehip seed oil
You can find recipes online for amounts to put on your skin. Be sure to use a dilution oil, (carrier oil) like hazelnut oil.
#116 - BPage - 04/29/2010 - 17:45
I have had ring worm for almost 7 months now. I have been to the doctor twice. the first prescription seemed to really reduce the worm. i have tow spots on my fore arm one on a finger and one on my hand. after the first prescription didnt work 100 percent i went back. i failed to mention that i tried every kind of tinactin before going to the doctor. the second prescription did not work so now i have been trying every thing else. but nothin is working. i have tried bleach teetree apple cider vinegar monistat. the monistat seemed to work as well as my first prescription but then it came back. dont loose hope im not i will continue to fight the good battle and will triumph .. i hope
#117 - matt - 05/03/2010 - 16:28
I believe my 11 month-old daughter got a ringworm, because based from the pictures I've seen it looks like the same as what's on my baby's skin. But the pedias I consulted it's just a diaper rash. I'm worried because it keeps on spreading. I've tried different expensive creams for her however it didn't work. Please advise an effective remedy for my baby. ^^
#118 - mommy - 05/11/2010 - 07:22
I believe my 11 month-old daughter got a ringworm, because based from the pictures I've seen it looks like the same as what's on my baby's skin. But the pedias I consulted it's just a diaper rash. I'm worried because it keeps on spreading. I've tried different expensive creams for her however it didn't work. Please advise an effective remedy for my baby. :-(
#119 - mommy - 05/11/2010 - 07:23
Our 2 kittens had a terrible case of ringworm. We mixed up Clay Neem made by Earth to Body with fresh squeezed lime juice, until it was like a paste. We coated them with it and within 3 days it was gone and all their fur grew back in perfectly. It is natural and really really works!
#120 - Candice - 05/12/2010 - 17:57
i have a ring worm i tried bleach didnt work just came back and got bigger now im trying clear nail pollish and when i go to bed they are going to take it off i hope it works:-[] im extreamely mad about the pics i saw on internet im worried
#121 - riley - 06/04/2010 - 21:50
at first (few days ago), i had no idea what my ringworm was so i covered it with the same bandaid for 2 days straight. i had to take it off because it was swelling, and heating up. it was also getting bigger... so i left it cool and dry and tried alcohol at first- little to no difference. so i tried tea tree oil- little difference, very slow. and now after much contemplation, i decided i was willing to risk it getting worse and put clear nail polish on it. i hope this works since i have prom this coming thursday -.- ... if anyone knows how to get rid of ringworm FASTTTT, i would be so grateful!! (oh and i can't use bleach because i JUST got an airbrush tan and i don't want a permanent scar) thank you so much! :)
#122 - sophia - 06/06/2010 - 00:12
all i would advise is to go to the doctors and get diagnosed properly. My husband and i thought he has ringworm and tried several home treatments, bleach, tea tree oil, etc and nothing worked. a visit to the doctors and he was diagnosed with discoid eczema. it looks very much like ringworm in the early stages and gets worse the drier the skin becomes, it spreads in the smae area you are likely to get ringworm and is often mistaken for a fungal infection.:-)
#123 - carla - 06/08/2010 - 04:16
Im leaving for kentucky in less then tree days. i have a bad patch of ringworm on my back and it looks terrible. Im trying the clear nailpolish thing. I reallllyyyy hope it works!!!! :oops:
#124 - Hunter - 06/13/2010 - 11:52
hey i got 3 ringworms on my left arm, and one on my neck... i think imma try bleach on my hand. and im not sure what happens if u put bleach on your neck... can anyone tell me what happens?
#125 - skateboarder123 - 06/22/2010 - 06:47
Vicks Vapor Rub. I had a place on my leg that would not respond to any treatment. In less than a week the fungus has cleared up. Don't get it in your eyes. Apply a thin coat of Vicks using a swab. It's greasy, but it will kill the ringworm. I'm plan to treat the area once a day for the next two weeks.
#126 - Charlotte - 07/16/2010 - 19:30
About two weeks before school let out, I noticed my son had some kind of issue. Later I found it was Ring worm. My homeopath gave us a tube of a Oriental cream. I couldn't get my child to hold still for it. (I'm sure it would have worked..)Ended up going swimming at a friends and in one day, the marks were gone with in a day. Now. It is not a chlorine pool it is a salt treated pool. Not sure how it works, but I found it was amazing the ring worm and and other dry skin patches went away in a day.
#127 - VM - 08/13/2010 - 17:05
For all of those people self diagnosing yourself with ringworm, you had better think twice, and go see a doctor/dermatologist.

Most people here are probably treating one of many fungi or even rashes that may appear to be like ringworm. You really need to get a skin scraping and have it confirmed. At the very least, a doctor visit.

All these idiots using bleach may as well scorch a the end of a spoon and burn it off. Bleach scars, goes into your body, and effects your internal organs. If you apply this method to your children, it is on the same grounds as giving them poison. And is great way to have your child taken away from you, for being an abusive and idiotic parent.

#128 - Watch Out! - 08/14/2010 - 13:12
I have ringworm infection in my Scalp,it's so horrible
someone suggest some home remedies please.
#129 - Vijay Karki - 09/01/2010 - 00:11
One way to tell if it is really ringworm and not eczema or some other skin ailment...

Buy an inexpensive anti-fungal cream, and put it on the spot on the skin.

If the itching goes away, and it just feels slightly sore, it is ringworm.

I've always been amazed at how quickly the fungus shifts from itchy to feeling the soreness of the skin due to the fungus as soon as the cream is applied.

Of course it is best to see a doctor or dermatologist if one can - but not everyone has that option these days.

If it is ringworm, try the less invasive solutions first - tea tree oil which is a powerful antiseptic, or castor oil which is a powerful healer of multiple skin ailments, or the new more powerful antifungal creams that heal in 3 to 7 days - before going the bleach / nailpolish route.
#130 - tc - 09/02/2010 - 23:37
i had it for 6 months, it went away, but i still see dark spots doesnt itch or seem to spread, i guess its gone using tea tree oil!!

anyone else seem to have brown spots/scars????i cant get rid of em
#131 - billehhhh - 09/06/2010 - 23:11
The spores live in humid air and damp places so remember to deal with that. NEXT: rinse entire body with pure vinegar, best is apple cider but any kind will work. DO NOT RINSE, let air dry before getting dressed. You will smell like a salad but the fungus will die die die. NEXT: start drinking 1 tsp apple cider vinegar mixed w/a little honey twice a day on an empty stomach to balance out your system and help fight from the INSIDE OUT. IMPORTANT! you will probably notice many health benefits from drinking the ACV concoction like more energy, little problems disappearing, etc. For more health benefits from ACV check out
#132 - pH balance - 09/13/2010 - 05:00
I think me and my kids got a couple of ringworms for about 2 months now. Didnt know what it was till the one on my neck started to look like a ring. I also have 2 at the back of my head, and my kids have them there as well. Just itchy little pimples. That sux!!! Im gonna try tee tree oil with oregano diluted with some carrier oil like grapeseed or sunflower. Hope it helps. I tried coconut oil earlier today and the itching stopped, that was a releif :)
And people PLEASE DONT USE BLEACH!! The skin is the largest organ in the body and it will absorb the chemical. And BLEACH kills brain cells. Do some research before using it, and also nail polish.
#133 - Natural way - 10/01/2010 - 16:36
I have ring worm on my neck and I have been putting mouth wash and bleach on it and it is almost gone :)
#134 - asherss - 10/06/2010 - 18:02
:-) Don't listen to natural way. USE BLEACH! Especially on your children. Make them drink at least a cup and a half of it. Anyone stupid enough to use a high grade cleaning chemical on their body shouldn't breed anyway.:-) Same with the nail polish, and hair spray. You were sniffing it when you thought of it right? Also, drink paint thinner, 3 glasses a day is guarenteed to stop you getting cancer.

...unless you survive. :-P

Of course if your not one of the brain dead idiots sniffing bleaches, nail polish and hairspray, you'd look for any anti-fungal products which are safe to use on the skin.
Tinia or thrush creams may work, but in the worse case scenario, try using metholated spirits. It's 99% ethanol (which is alcohol for those that dont know). It was widely used to stop infections occuring before Detol came along.

Speaking of Detol, has anyone tried using it?
#135 - MWAHAHA - 10/19/2010 - 11:36
does the toothpaste actually work?
#136 - tonnn - 10/20/2010 - 08:06
Lookup Zymox online. Read the testimonials and scientific studies.

I know it says it's for pets but it worked great on me. Just rub a little bit of the otic on the ringworm once/twice a day.

#137 - emo - 10/24/2010 - 20:49
I have had ringworm on my ankle for close to a year now and decided to try to get rid of it.

I used a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar on it for about a week. I does look to be getting better, it seems to be drying out and less noticable BUT a large amount of tiny red bumps have now erupted around the same area. Im not sure if its the ringworm that is spreading or if its just the skin that has been irritated by the vinegar.

I purchased some canestan (1% clotrimazole) and plan on using it on the whole area and see what happens... hopefully it clears it up!
#138 - Sam - 10/29/2010 - 16:23
I frequently get ringworm on my one arm above my elbow. I never knew what they were, and let them go when I got them. They always went away by themselves after a week or two, but a couple of them eventually left permanent scars, which look more like dried up acne scars, with a different hue in the skin. I'm finally going to try some topical clotrimazole cream, to see if this will prevent future scarring.
#139 - Xavier - 10/30/2010 - 14:47
I contracted ringworm on my neck last April. I went on a mission trip to Haiti. I have tried every ointment available (including prescription). I have had 3 rounds of diflucan. It started out with one ringworm. It would come and go. Now, I have 3! I have resorted to bleach. Last night was my first time. I will let you know how things turn out....
#140 - Tina - 11/09/2010 - 13:12
:-D Ok so I used the bleach and I noticed the spot drying up very quickly and instantly stopped itching. I do not recommend doing it mote than twice daily..I used the bleach in the morning when I got up and at night before bed. It did burn the skin but I stopped applying it and used vitamin E and it scabbed up and healed in 2-3 days. I have a light pink ring where it was but it is fading. And using bleach does not sting as bad as some have said...not to me anyway.
#141 - Dyson - 11/14/2010 - 15:08
Try clear Nail Polish.. just cover the whole ringworm with the nail polish. It don't have to be clear it can be any color Nail Polish but i find it best to use clear so i can see the ringworm going away.
My family has used it for as long as i can remember.
#142 - V - 11/18/2010 - 17:26
wow, its great tofeelwitout ringworm since twodays atlast finaally i got rid of ringworm after applying somany tubes ,docters prescirption of gresufluvintablets, antifungal ointment,, etc, they dint help me any how finally afte r reading from home remedies i got the answer thats is a swab of vineger mixed with soda baking realy works and iam finaally free from this dirty ringworm wich make my life miserable worst.
#143 - farruq - 12/01/2010 - 09:10
Use Monistat [@]l cream or any [@]l cream(it's antifungal), mix with 1 teaspoon colloidal silver and apply 2 to 3 times a day. Take a sit down bath (if and when possible) with 1 to 2 cups of epsom salt and wash with dial (the yellow antibacterial)soap. Should see results in about 3 days but don't stop, continue for at least 7 days or until all clear. Change bed sheets everyday until all clear. PLEASE DO NOT USE BLEACH and for heavens sake DO NOT LET your Children soak in it! Bleach is toxic do yor research.
#144 - It's me - 12/09/2010 - 17:23
I forgot to add above, in the sit down bath also add a cup of apple cider vinegar.
#145 - It's me again - 12/11/2010 - 15:25
External home remedies may fine if you catch it soon enough. However, if you have persistent or reoccuring ringworm, you may want to start taking garlic capsules. An internal cure.

My son had a terrible scalp case and we spent far too much money at doctor's and specialist's offices. When I was at my wits end, I did my own reseach and put him on garlic twice a day. Within 4 weeks you could tell we were finally winning this battle once and for all.

I keep him on it for 4 weeks after that to make sure it would not reoccur.

My husband was impressed enough by the internal garlic cure that he took it to see if it would help with yellow toe nails (also fungal). And within 6-8 weeks, this cleared as well even though it took longer than that for the old discolored nail to grow out.
#146 - Mom of Four - 12/13/2010 - 14:02
my daughter is 5 and had spots come up alll over her face so i took her to the doc where they said it was just eczama and gave her some cream to cover it with hmmm nice call doc a couple of weeks later they were hugh and all over her face worse 11 in total so i took her to a diff doc where they scraped it and told me it was ringworms the sterroids in the other meds made it go outta control now we are on week 5 of lamisil pills plus cream and no better now my 3 mnth old has 3 on her face what the heck am i suppose to do this is getting out of control im not puttin bleach or nail polish on my babies me if i got one maybe but them no way in heck
#147 - xoxoxo - 12/13/2010 - 21:22
K bleach seems to work on ringworms but leaves ugly scars I was wondering what can I buy @ wallgreens or something to get rid of them best without the scaring someone please help ! And yeah I read all the other comments but seems like no one really knows and has their own way but something out there really HAS TO WORK in a sence that these (curs word) r gone for good !
#148 - ugghh - 12/18/2010 - 13:06
Hey Everyone!! Came back from Thailand with something. Took a kitten to shelter that had bad skin condition. I was warned when i brought kitten in. Trying to do research of the different types of funges. i would like to try something myself the natural way before going for western meds. No Bleach for me, thanks Maybe the nail polish would be my last resort... think i am going to try out the ginger root first along with salt water bath. :-)
#149 - BaFsTeR - 12/20/2010 - 03:39
I started getting these circles in my skin not knowing what it was and y I was getting them, until my sis-in law told me what i had I was so freaked out after seeing images luckily my case wasn't severe I tried everything I could and nothing work until one day I visited my brother and decided to go for a swim and just like that my ringworm was gone!!! :-D
#150 - Mirna - 12/20/2010 - 20:36
my husband a big ringworm on his scalp and it is spreading I have been putting apple cider vinegar, and antifungal cream but it doesn't look any better
can you please suggest something.
thank you
#151 - Nancy - 12/21/2010 - 15:52
I have had ring worms for years now they go away then pop right back up n their all over the place ima try everything on here til I find something that works and also something for the scars I can't believe in this age of knowledge our doctors can't even find a permanent way to get rid of this:(
#152 - amanda - 12/27/2010 - 09:32
my wife had one one her arm. this sure ain't pretty to look at. we tried house hold bleach, but it keeps on coming back. then we tried turmeric extract. we just applied the extract over the affected area twice a day (morning and evening) and its gone in 3 days.
#153 - Ronald - 01/03/2011 - 00:17
I rescue cats and one of them had ringworm. Long long long story short, my daughter got a spot, I put a q-tip with a little bleach on it and followed that up with treating it with neem leaf extract, clotrimozole, and coconut oil. It went away pretty quickly.

I just saw that I had a spot and figured I would do the same, only I was not so careful with the bleach and I now have a disgusting looking chemical burn on top of the disgusting ringworm.

Also, when you put peroxide on it, I can see the rings "hiding" as they turn reddish with a lighter "halo"... not really noticable until I do that, there is more of a generalized rash, VERY ITCHY!

Just made an appt for tomorrow.

#154 - cat lady - 01/18/2011 - 12:42
My goats have it - on their noses - so I am trying the bacon - actually the bacon grease - also trying it on myself as I have a few small circles on my legs. It could be the sodium nitrIte in it that may work. Will keep you posted! I also think that balsam gum will work. Mix it with olive oil to keep it from being sticky.
#155 - llaama lady - 01/27/2011 - 17:12
All the kooks that say not to use bleach need to rethink their harsh comments. Many folks these days do not have money for a doctors visit much less the prescription so they have to seek home remedies. I too have ringworm and they itch like everything! I have been prescribed Lamasil, Difulkin (sp) the meds got reid of them nut in a few months alas, they were back. I'm trying bleach, my mother used to put iodine on them when I was a kid and it worked but the iodine today is not as strong so Bleach may be the answer...
#156 - John Civick - 02/12/2011 - 18:58
Use Epsom Salt or Sea Salt. Had it on the back of my neck so I took a wash cloth ground up the sea salt into it put hot water on it then placed on neck. It burned so I dried the area and applied gold bond powder and it cooled it off. Within 1 hr you could tell it was going away. But remember to remove sheets and pillows wash them or it will come back.
P.S. Got it in a salon, so make sure when they wash your hair you either ask them to use something antifungal to clean where your neck rests or request a towel. I reported this salon ---thats just nasty!>-(
#157 - itchycure - 02/12/2011 - 21:44
ive had a ringworm on my stomach for about a week. ive only had a few in my life and so i tried to get rid of the way i did before. first i tried a band aid because it worked the last time i had one, i was in a dorm and didnt have nail polish so i covered it with a band aid until i went home for the weekend. i put a new band aid on after i took a shower each night for about 3 days and when i got home that weekend it was gone. but, the band aid didnt work this time so i used some of my moms nail polish (she didnt have clear polish but the one she did have barely worked), so my mom got some liquid antifungal stuff at walgreens and i put some on and it burned a lot, after about ten minutes of burning i washed it off. the next morning it looked a little better but i didnt want to go through the burning again so i got an antifungal cream and it has only made it worse. i dont know what to try next, i might try rubbing alcohol or toothpaste. i might even try the peeing idea, even though it grosses me out. if all else fails i will try bleach and water.
#158 - mirari069 - 02/13/2011 - 10:56
I got it at the gym...the gym that we have to wipe down machines...they tell me that it's very typical...ouch!!! HATE IT!!! >-(

I will try anything...:-[]
#159 - Trish - 02/15/2011 - 16:32
BLEACH husband burst the blisters with a q-tip then applied a different q-tip soaked with bleach to the area hold it there for about 15 seconds and within a day or two it was completely gone
#160 - TOT - 02/16/2011 - 21:20
#161 - MRS WILLIAMS_1 - 02/16/2011 - 21:25
:-)I've used over the counter products, and they never work. The last three times I got ringworm (always on the top portion of my right arm) use a product called Dermatin, an antifungal cream from Melaleuca. IT WORKS!!!
#162 - Charles - 02/21/2011 - 06:41
:-o?? how can i remove the dark mark after the ringworm is gone???please help my brother....
#163 - jonna - 02/24/2011 - 10:13
I have ringworm all over my body.I went to doctor and they said to use tinactin on it.IT hasnt gonnen any better only worse and im using it like i was told to. What should I do?
#164 - Kayla - 03/03/2011 - 23:45
Vitamin E is good for fading scar tissue. Works great on stretch-marks post-pregnancy too. ;-)
#165 - Jeh-C - 03/06/2011 - 12:15
I have state championships for wrestling in 4 days need something effective fast....I've been using tinactin antifungal cream but I have only seen slight results....HELP!!!!
#166 - JP - 03/07/2011 - 18:49
my son got ring worm in his head after swimming in a pool. I put honey on it and sent him to school. After school the ring worm was gone. It also clears up other skin rashes.
#167 - Christine - Nassau Bah - 03/26/2011 - 12:30
Clearing ringworm is simpler than I have been reading here. It has to be treated internally as well as externally. First don't allow yourself to become irrational about it, Yes it is unpleasant, but that is about it. First strave it. No sugars, chocolate, fried foods, salty foods, white foods (bread, pasta, rice etc). Drink mainly water or herbal teas and drinks, i.e. ginger teas, garlic teas, lemon water etc. To get of ringworm infestation, (becasue that is what has happened) eat 3 cloves of garlic (yes 3) each night before going to bed. The garlic does not have to be chewed, in fact I recommend you do not chew it, as it is potent and can be overpowering. Chop it up finely, then leave it for a few minutes so it can allicinase can be released. Then scoop it up with a tablespoon, get a glass of water ready. put the spoon in your mouth, and take a big gulp of water and swallow. Done! If you have Apple cider vineger (ACV)(which I recommend you to buy if you do not), put 1 - 2 teaspoons in the water also. Do this for 5 days and see what happens. Also treat the ringworm externally with ACV and water (1:1) by dabbing it with a cotton ball. Throw the ball away once finished cleaning the area, gently rub a piece of cut garlic over the area and leave it for up to 5 minutes (if it burns, leave it for just a couple of minutes) wipe clean with water wet cotton ball, and either apply antifungal cream, or a natural tea tree oil. The comination of the two is 100% effective. It is an overwhemling assault and elimination of the fungus. Make sure to change your clothes and towels and wash them daily until the fungus is clear. Once it is clear do not get back into bad habits, keep a clean diet, and continue with the taking garlic internally. But 1 glove a day or every other day is good. If will keep you clean and protected.
#168 - Cured - 04/09/2011 - 16:49
i'll try those thing you had suggested..tnx anyway..
#169 - charmaine - 04/14/2011 - 23:32
#170 - MAGGIE - 05/16/2011 - 10:44
My son has had ringworm since he was two years old. He was born with skin problems and then had the ringworm until two years ago. I finally took him in to a specialist that work on allergies and the immune system when I stumbled on a report of how the ringworm effects those with weak immune systems and weak intestinal walls due to small food allergies. I found out he was allergic to milk proteins and was not absorbing many types of vitamins. Had accupuncture done to rid him of these allergies and the ringworm he had been plagued with all his life disappeared within 25 hours with no help of any remedies. Every now and then a spot will reoccur and I will have him checked for small food allergies and the accupuncture done again and go it will, but this has only happened twice in two years, and when he gets ringworm it is a small spot and goes quickly. Hope this helps anyone.
#171 - momma - 05/25/2011 - 22:05
Trust me , don't wast your time buying expensive creams ! And don't harm yourself using bleach ! Just use Hydrogen Peroxide ! DUH -.- ! It'll sting ; but it'll kill that pesky fungus in at least 15 minutes ! ;D Heres what you do ; Just take a cotton ball and put some Peroxide on that sucker and keep where ever you have ringworm. :3 For about 15 minutes. It'll sting and burn like hell ; but trust me ; it works. :D Oh ; and btw ; if you hear some fizzing and popping when you have it on your worm ; it's the sound of
V I C T O R Y ~ ! ;DDD
#172 - :p - 06/07/2011 - 15:17
i had this f*@# ringworm on my antecubital for 2 months now, for my 2nd week it's gone after using TROSYD (TIOCONAZOLE), but it came back after i swam in a swimming pool, i usually get this worm on summer because i usually sweat a lot, i got this worm on 2008 and its gone within 3 weeks...this is my 2nd time but but this one now it take 2 months and im really bothered on its appearance because even i don't touch it, its getting bigger and bigger so i buy another anti fungal cream CANESTEN (CLOTRIMAZOLE) and i use it for 1 month but it doesn't work, then another cream NIZORAL (KETOCONAZOLE), its kinda working with the help of my home remedy.....i don't have time to go to derma because of my schedule at my work so i use home remedy and otc meds.... to ease the itchiness you need salt, zinc oxide and sulfur soap, blower or iron, hydrogen peroxide, calamine lotion or ointment and alcohol..... wash the worm with zinc + sulfur soap then dry, apply salt for 5 mins. or peroxide,,, then blow dry it or iron (put a hangky) to kill the worm and relive from itching,,,, then apply alcohol then wait to dry... and apply anti fungal cream or calamine
#173 - lady katrina - 06/12/2011 - 10:51
Couple things I've noticed recurring on every page I check.
1) Keep applying treatment for a few days after it looks gone. There could still be microscopic spores present, which is why it would keep coming back.
2) UV rays. Sunshine. Not so good for fungus, which usually grows in moist, UV devoid places. (usually)

As for the dark colored scars that some people have mentioned getting, this is what I use for any discolored scars I get, even stretch marks. It won't take away the scar, but it will take away the off color. Toothpaste, (not gel) with bleach. Rub it on a couple of times a day, and wash off. The light dose of bleach on the scar skin, along with the light exfoliating to promote new skin growth should help take away the off color. Hope it helps.
#174 - Crow - 07/21/2011 - 04:07
And that was toothpaste with bleach already in it. Don't put your own bleach in with regular toothpaste, lol. Just thought I'd clarify...
#175 - Crow - 07/21/2011 - 04:09
#176 - SOLO YO - 07/25/2011 - 06:02
#177 - SOLO YO - 07/25/2011 - 06:14
dear mam/ sir i have khujli on my foot that is 18 years old mam please tel me solution
#178 - SHILPI PORWAL - 07/29/2011 - 04:46
#179 - SOLO YO - 08/04/2011 - 15:39
dont ever think im alicia keys...using econizine cream will dry up and will turn into dy skin......suitable for kids.....
#180 - alicia - 08/13/2011 - 23:57
GET RID OF THE SCARS IN TWO WEEKS OR LESS: USE NIZORAL AND MEDERMA. I found this on another forum and I swore if it worked I would try to share it in as many places as possible. I had three ringworm scars, one on my shoulder, and two on my tummy (all a half dollar size or bigger). After I used my prescription cream for two months, my doc told me it will take up to a year for the scars to go away. I wanted to cry. But in less than two weeks the scars gone/light shade. This is how I did it: At night put Nizoral shampoo on the spots and go to sleep (let it dry), in the morning take a shower and scrub the area using an exfoliating glove (I did it hard). Pat dry and use the cream the doc gave you for the rest of the day. Repeat this for seven days. On the seventh night instead of Nizoral cream use Mederma (both are available over the counter) in the morning take a shower and you will see the dead skin and scar wash down the drain. Just to be sure dry off and rub the rest of it using a towel. Please note at times it might burn or be irratated and you might question yourself, but I promise you, you will see it dry up and on the seventh day its 100 times better looking. The following week I kept using the cream during the day and Mederma at night. Just make sure your fungus is healed before doing this. Good luck! And please share with others!
#181 - ByeBye Scars! - 08/26/2011 - 18:14
Correction: I used Nizoral Shampoo
#182 - ByeBye Scars - 08/26/2011 - 18:21
I will try this bleach remedy...I have this ringworm for like months and it's annoying!

#183 - janpaul manching - 10/21/2011 - 13:59
I have had this ringworm for about 2 months. atfirst in my right arm then to my left arm. I used Trosyd, Nizoral and take Kentocid Tablet but it's all getting worse and bigger.. it is so embarrassing as I cant wear shortsleeve..after reading all the comments, I'm gonna try vinegar and nail polish..hope it will work...
#184 - Jaan - 10/25/2011 - 23:36
i am 28 years old now ,12 years ago i had ringworm and i couldn't treat because of some reason ,but later on it became worse ,then i tried to treat but in vain .now after 12 years still i have it but in other way in more areas can u help me,please
#185 - varghease - 10/29/2011 - 02:33
HI I'm back! Im back to testify and give some advice to others who suffer ringworm like me..well, after reading all those comments, I tried vinegar and nail polish... vinegar really sting when u put/wash it on to affected skin like u gonna jump and when it dries up on my skin I followed it with nail polish and yeah the itchiness was gone for about 30 minutes...I did it for 2 days morning and evening and yeah, my ringworm was cured but it left scars on my both arms, and after 4 days it was back then one of my friend told me to try the chinese product/cream.... to be honest I dont understand anything what was written on the leaflet aside from "ketoconazole cream" and on the box the only thing that can be read is "BL" thats all which for I know it is not the name of the cream, it may be a company name or something.... I applied the cream morning and night before going to sleep for 2 days and it was amazingly gone without any sting and messy like nail polish...til now, that severe ringworm didnt came back...hope for try to buy on the pharmacy "BL" it is really best medicine for ringworm, it will not leave any scar, I was just too late to discover such chinese cream...
#186 - Jaan - 11/13/2011 - 11:20
I think I have ring worm. I'm on treatment for Chronic Lyme disease, been on Doxy for 3 weeks and didn't follow doctors orders of taking probiotics.. ok ok lesson learned and for 2 weeks I was eating stuff I don't normally eat.. I was having a sugar, bread ect party! Well it feed the fungus and had a party on my skin! so now I'm reaping the consequences! Here's what I've done to no avail!
wash daily
tea tree oil 2x's per day dotted on each circle (I have alot of them mostly under my arm pits)
I take
3 vitiman c's daily
6,000 ius of vit d3 daily
oil of oregano internally 3x's per day
stopped the doxy for a week now
I've run out of tea tree oil so now I'm using Oil of Oregano and man that stuff burns!
Well for one week all I've gotten is more spots! They are starting to move into area's that are noticeable and I can't wear long sleeves or turtle necks forever without drawing attention to myself!
I seriously don't know what to do next... I've prayed, prayed, cried and prayed some more!
I can't take the prescription meds as it is a contradiction with my seizure meds, I can't take GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) same reason. All I have left it sounds like is the Athletes foot cream or the bleach. Bleach is so toxic but... if it clears up in 3 days... hmmm tempting that's for sure! Does anyone know how many times a day to apply bleach?
#187 - ME - 04/03/2012 - 01:15
Please don't use bleach, it will scar for a long time. Get a fresh clove of garlic and mash it up, then put it on the ringworm three times a day for two weeks. Wash the ringworm with Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo two times a day, but leave it on for five minutes. Keep the area very dry.
#188 - Victoria - 06/21/2012 - 01:02
!!SUPER EASY!! get clay masks then put on area with ringworm. Leave on overnight, WORKS WONDERS.
#189 - Mariah - 08/06/2012 - 22:29
Bleach works better then anything on here... No scares !!!
#190 - Bonnie - 10/02/2012 - 02:24
I live on a farm with my two kids and last year the barn cats got ringworm from the calves...which led to my kids getting it. They had it on their bodies and in their hair. My 9 yr old daughter was mortified, she is still trying to grow her hair back in the quarter size bald spots on the crown of her head. We went to the doctor several times, and I found myself trying all sorts of stuff to get rid of this all around the farm and my home. They sell this stuff called Blukote at farm sounds awful but I used it on myself and it worked faster than anything the dr perscribed for the kids (that is what they treat the cattle with) I researched the ingredients and didn't find anything really too awful, and I felt better about that than the bleach. Along with internal pills, Blukote, antifungal creams, Sulfer soap seemed to help. We also still use Selsun Blue (any anti-dandruf containing sulf a)once a week. I never leave dirty laundry about or re-use towels. Anything that came in contact with the spots either got bleached or washed in Borax. I also Lysol (not the off name brand...diffrent active ingrediants and effectiveness on soft surfaces) everything I can't wash. I went to the extent of shampooing my carpets and furnature and even the kids beds. It was a rough summer. I almost dread spring....I think I am going to have to either spray the yard with a rose antifungal spray or baking soda. Ringworn lives in the grass and soil for years. I had to wash the ferral cats or dip them in a special spray to try to cure them too, but it's in the hay in the barn I'm sure. Talk about fun. If you are to the point of using bleach you may try the blukot if it is in a non-visable will turn you blue for a few days to a week...but it dries those spots right up. Please read up on what you do to treat your kids, bleach is bad for them obviously, but some herbal remidies aren't save for all ages eithr. Be careful and good luck everyone.
#191 - Amy - 01/18/2013 - 00:08
As an athlete, I have used a great product called Defense Soap to fight off ringworm, staph, and other skin diseases.
#192 - Brian - 04/16/2013 - 10:31
Good ole Lysol is great for just about any fungal infections and cures fast. Dont waste money on costly creams and sprays.
#193 - Dave - 05/25/2013 - 19:34
Hi everyone... BL Cream (Chinese BL antifungal cream) is very effective in ringworm use it 3x a day and believe me in 2-3 days the ringworm will be scars left!!!!
#194 - janice - 03/26/2014 - 23:39
I got ringworm for almost 1 remedy I used fucidin cream and sulfur ointment but it does not cure...until one day one of my workmates noticed it and told me that she also suffered from ringworm and their friend, medrep, advice her to use BL cream on which she followed and it was cured..upon hearing her story, I look for that cream in the nearest drug store and bought 1...I apply the cream to the affected area 3x a day and amazing in just 2 days my ringworm disappeared...

Last month, my daughter also got ringworm in the back portion of her both thighs, it was terrible when I discovered, we have tried several types of ointments and other home remedies but it does not work...until i remember the BL we applied it to my daughter's ringworm 3x a day and again it was amazing for 3 days the ringworm disappeared not leaving any scar on my daughter's thigh...thanks to my officemate for telling me her experience...
#195 - janice - 03/27/2014 - 00:00
ive been applying apple cider vinegar, baking soda and resting slice of lemon on it for a few minutes each day,,every 8 hours I rub raw coconut oil over it, day 3 now its almost gone.... :) WHY WOULD YOU PUT PLEACH ON IT ??? IDIOTS.....
#196 - Dan - 11/18/2015 - 14:25
NO BLEACH ON CHILDREN! I agree with the person who said \"using bleach on your children\'s skin is ABUSE!\" I hope parents thoroughly read these comments before using bleach, when I first skimmed through the comments that simply said \"bleach worked great\". I thought hmmm maybe I should try it on small patch on myself. (Luckily my kids don\'t have it, but it made me cringe to think of people using bleach their own children, especially the one google image of the young child with ringworm ALL over his body)... :( BLEACH is CAUSTIC, it burns like HELL and leaves SCARRING!!!

#197 - Tina - 04/04/2016 - 06:36
I tried almost all creams but of all, only the BL cream (Chinese Product) which I never believed at first killed my ringworm fungus.. I am not sure though if it is solely the reason it was killed but it's by far the last cream I was using... I first used Nizoral cream (Ketoconazole 20mg) but nothing happened.I extracted garlic and left it on my skin for hours and it burned my skin causing it to swell with water inside and now it scarred badly.. Then Katialis (sulfur+zinc oxide+salicylic acid+resorcinol) and there were minimal changes...I used bleach for 4 days but i didn't see any brilliant effect but i guess it helped a little bit... Next was a 10% Salicylic Acid then it helped dry out the fungus... continually, it hardened (sign of total dryness which is good) then with frustration, I ate my pride and bought BL cream, which is very cheap which is why I never believed at first, and it worked perfectly effective... Chinese products are really considerable but with minimal and weighed use... do not overuse as it may contain mercury or lead...
#198 - Ode - 10/12/2016 - 20:08
I use my urine in a small tub and stand in it in the shower for a few minutes every morning and my athletes foot ( ringworm) has vanished so I now use it everyday after I shower and leave it on my hair until dry. Then comb it and it is great. Use only urine when you are hydrated and urine is almost clear or pale yellow and leave it in your hair until next time. You will be smiling when you look in a mirror in a few weeks !
#199 - johnny boy - 10/07/2017 - 17:28
The word ringworm may lead you to believe it is a worm infestation, but it is the \'ring\' in \'ringworm\' that is key. The infection triggers round, scaly patches with a darker border in the condition of a ring.Ringworm, is a fungal disease on the skin that is fairly common and transmittable. It is caused by fungi that live on top layer of the pores and skin, prey on the keratin in skin, and thrive in warm, moist areas. You can certainly and quickly get rid of ringworm from your skin.
#200 - Anna Levis - 11/30/2017 - 11:57
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