How Are Acne Creams Useful?

Since acne is the most common skin disorder, there are many different treatment options available. Some target mild acne, others target severe acne. Some kills the acne-causing bacteria, while others get rid of dead skin cells. Each treatment comes in different forms depending on your preference, but all work the same.

Acne creams are the the most common form of treatment available. People prefer their treatment in cream form over cleansers, gels and cleansing pads. The reason is unknown, but it could be because acne creams are a thicker product and stay on for a longer period of time.

Acne creams are available containing many different medicines. Over-the-counter creams alone have about five different medicines. Benzoyl peroxide is the most common over-the-counter treatment that is available in cream form. The benzoyl peroxide acne cream targets the acne-causing bacteria. It kills the bacteria before it can spread and acne can form. This type of acne cream also helps keep pores unclogged and reduces the inflammation caused by acne. It is a mild treatment and is perfect for all skin types. If you have mild acne, this type of acne cream is a great choice.

Other over-the-counter creams contain sulfur, salicylic acid, alcohol or acetone. All of these medicines help treat the acne and prevent it from forming. Each one targets the acne in a different way. The sulfur and salicylic acid both rid the skin of dead skin cells. They also dry up any excess sebum to prevent more acne from forming. Alcohol and acetone tend to work together and if an acne cream contains one it usually contains the other. The alcohol kills the bacteria and the acetone stops the sebum from over-producing. Although you can find acne creams that contain alcohol and acetone, it is the least common and there are only a few of these products available.

For severe acne, doctors are likely to prescribe a topical retinoid cream. This acne cream is very strong and also very effective. It works by rapidly exfoliating the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. It also dries up any excess sebum. You are likely to see benzoyl peroxide listed as an ingredient in this type of acne cream. The two medicines work well together and give you the best results.

Acne creams are very common and usually very effective. Whether your stick with a basic benzoyl peroxide cream, or you need the strength of a topical retinoid cream, you should get the acne relief you are looking for.

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