How Effective Are Acne Cleansers?

The most common skin condition is acne. Millions of people suffer from it on a regular basis. Since there is no cure, people have to get it under control using different acne treatments. Acne cleansers are one of the best forms of acne treatment you can use.

Over-the-counter acne cleansers typically contain one of five different acne medicines. The most common among acne cleansers is benzoyl peroxide. This medicine is very mild and gives great results. It works by killing the acne-causing bacteria. It also helps unclog pores and reduce the inflammation that is caused by the acne. There are many different acne cleansers that contain this medicine. Some brands that you may find are Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, Stridex and Oxy. These acne cleansers are generally mild and can be used by anyone.

Other over-the-counter acne cleansers may also include salicylic acid. This astringent works by exfoliating the skin and getting rid of the dead skin cells. It also dries the excess sebum that could clog the pores and cause the acne to form. These acne cleansers may be slightly harsh and could come with some side effects. Sulfur based acne cleansers work in the same way that salicylic acid ones do. However, many people have severe sensitivity to sulfur.  If you experience any unusual symptoms stop using the cleanser immediately.

Alcohol and acetone based acne cleansers are also a great product. The acne cleansers usually contain both ingredients because they tend to go hand-in-hand. The combination of the two fight against the causes of acne and get rid of it completely. The acetone gets rid of the excess sebum, while the alcohol kills the bacteria.

Some people have severe acne and needs a stronger acne cleanser to help them get rid of their acne. To get one of these, you would need to speak with your doctor. The doctor will evaluate the severity of the acne and if needed, will prescribe a stronger acne cleanser. Acne cleansers are a great treatment for getting rid of acne. The cleansers will target the problem and stop the acne from forming so you can be acne free.

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