How To Conquer Depression With Pranayama

Depression With Pranayama

Do you often feel sad and cry a lot? Are you of the opinion that you are good for nothing? Have you ever thought of committing suicide? Well, these symptoms of depression are often due to lack of proper perspective or understanding of the causal events or conditions, according to the experts. Therefore, just chill down, as these problems will no longer stick to you from now onwards.

Are you eager to know how? If this is what you are feeling by reading only these starting statements of this article, know that you have already started to beat this ailment.

So, why take a step back? Therefore, continue to read this article and you will win the battle naturally.Did you know that over 14 million adults in the United States of America become the victims of depression each year? Considering this statistics of the ailment, it is obvious that each year, millions of people look for an effective treatment to get rid of this disorder. Due to the fact that pharmaceuticals carry several side effects and high recovery time, more and more people now prefer to try the natural ways to conquer depression. One of these natural treatments is pranayama that is nothing but mindful breathing.

What Experts Say About Pranayamas

Pranayama, in Sanskrit dialect, refers to the lengthening of breath (prana). It is an age-old technique that treats depression by raising the inner energy level, calming your mind, soothing the senses, and changing your perception of life. According to Dr. Nandini Vallath from the Bangalore Institute of Oncology, pranayama aids in producing positive mental changes such as boosted self-acceptance and an improved viewpoint regarding the pain, which consequently alleviate the symptoms of depression. The two most effective pranayamas to conquer depression are bhastrika and bhramari. Let us explore each of the two in detail. However, before that, it is vital to know the golden vow or rule of performing a pranayama to conquer depression.

Breathing Exercise

What Is the Golden Rule Of Pranayamas

Get rid of all tensions, worries, and worldly thoughts while performing any pranayama. If, at all, thoughts come and bother you, just ignore them and concentrate on the breathing pattern. In this way, a pranayama is able to make a positive impact on your entire being.However, as a rule, it is necessary to do pranayamas by contemplating that your consciousness is getting one with that of the divine cosmos.

You must think that the divine bliss is coming towards you and is blessing your mind and body. Lastly, keep chanting ‘OM’ in your mind once you start the pranayama.Doing so removes all negative thoughts, a major symptom of depression.

How To Do Bhastrika Pranayama

According to yoga, any disorder in our body is due to the imbalance of three main entities namely, bile, phlegm, and wind. Therefore, the Bhastrika pranayama aims at regaining the balance. Regarded as the blend of Ujjayee and Kapalbhati pranayamas, the Bhastrika (bellows) pranayama features a quick series of forcible expulsions. To conquer depression, this pranayama takes up a different form.In this pranayama, sit in relaxing state with straight back and closed eyes. Start taking some forcefully deep breaths (both inhale and exhale) of same length via the nostrils.

Now, push the breath from the diaphragm, expand it as you inhale, and exhale while you contract the diaphragm towards the spine. The next step is to breathe forcefully using the diaphragm via one nostril at a time. Ensure that your chest and shoulders do not move. Closing the right nostril with the respective hand’s thumb, start by inhaling deeply and slowly via the left nostril expanding the chest, retaining the breath inside, and then closing both the nostrils. Hold the breath for some seconds before you pump out via the left nostril. This is one round and you need to do so 10 times. Now repeat the same using the right nostril.

The next step is to inhale and exhale forcefully with both nostrils. Begin to inhale deeply and slowly via both the nostrils, retain for some seconds with the nostrils closed, and finally exhale via both the nostrils. This makes up for one turn. Take five turns in the beginning with slow breaths. However, do not pressurize at any point.

Swami Ramdev, the famous Yoga Guru of India, suggests doing this pranayama for 10-15 times initially and then increasing it slowly up to 30-40 times. This pranayama benefits a depressed person by purifying the mind, detoxifying the body, improving the nervous system, and triggering the peaceful state of mind. As a precaution, avoid this pranayama to conquer depression during pregnancy. Further, patients who are the victims of high blood pressure as well as migraine must avoid this practice. Lastly, practice it only for 10-15 times, if the temperature is high, especially in summers.

Bhramari Pranayama

How To Do Bhramari Pranayama

This is the most effective pranayama to conquer depression. In this pranayama, you need to sit in padmasana. Now, placing the thumbs of both the hands on the ears, close your eyes using the four fingers. Next, begin to inhale and exhale powerfully from the nostrils by making a humming sound of hmmmm without opening your mouth. While doing so, you need to ensure that inhaling and exhaling is from lungs as well as with minimal abdominal movements.

Swami Ramdev suggests doing this pranayama only for 10-12 times initially. You can then slowly increase it up to 25-30 times. Avoid initiating the pranayama in a hurried manner, as chances are high for you to experience a tingling sensation.The main benefit of this pranayama is elevated mood that is necessary to conquer depression. Apart from this, the Bhramari pranayama tends to let go the heat from the body via sweat, which results in a great experience of pleasure, a relief factor necessary to conquer depression. As a precaution, never stop breathing in any situation.

However, if you feel dizzy, just stop the pranayama and continue to breathe normally, but never ever stop breathing.Now, we shall go through some tips. You can perform the Bhramari pranayama when you experience fatigue or stress or even before going to bed so that you can sleep nicely. Mostly, in depression, people do suffer from inadequate sleep that is treated by this pranayama. In addition, unlike the Bhastrika pranayama, this pranayama is recommended even during the pregnancy.


Always learn the pranayamas from an expert rather than attempting alone as a beginner and never strain at any point of time. If you experience discomfort or any such kind of negative feeling, kindly stop the process and start breathing normally.

How To Conquer Depression With Pranayama

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