How to Deal With The Dangerous Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa

When it comes to eating disorders, anorexia nervosa is one of the most common. It is also one of the most dangerous even though there are many different forms of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by severely limiting the amount of food intake. A person that suffers from the disorder may also become overly obsessed with exercising and may even abuse diet pills. Anything that will help them lose weight will become very important to them. Not only it is one of the different types of eating disorders, anorexia nervosa is also a mental illness.

Anorexia can be caused by many different things. One common cause of the disorder is peer pressure. This cause is more common among teenagers. There is a lot of pressure to be thin and when it becomes overwhelming, any of the eating disorders, anorexia nervosa included, can feel like the only choice. However, this choice is the worst option and will only make matters worse. It can also be caused by depression, anxiety, family history or low self-esteem. Anything that alters the brain and self-image cause cause anorexia nervosa.

Knowing what the signs and symptoms of all eating disorders, anorexia nervosa especially, can help stop them before other health conditions occur. One of the first symptoms you will notice is a sudden weight loss. This will of course be caused by the lack of eating and over-exercising. Another common physical symptom is hair loss which is caused by malnutrition. Brittle nail and dry skin may also be caused by malnutrition. Purplish tint to the skin could also be a symptom. This will be caused by poor circulation which is also a symptom of anorexia nervosa. Some things that occur internally can be symptoms of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa can cause a decreased heart rate and also low blood pressure. Decreased body temperature may also occur which is due to the poor circulation.

Other psychological symptoms are common among all eating disorders, anorexia nervosa has many different mental symptoms. These include depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. All of these symptoms can also be the cause of the disorder. Since eating disorders can lead to other health conditions it is important to get treatment at the first sign. Speaking with a doctor and psychologist will help give you the options that will be most beneficial to your individual symptoms.

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