How to Determine If Someone Has an Eating Disorder

Anorexia nervosa is one of the most common eating disorders in the world. It effects millions of people on a daily basis and can become very severe if not treated. Most people will suffer in silence, so it is important for everyone to know the anorexia nervosa symptoms to help those that suffer get the treatment they need.

One of the most common anorexia nervosa symptoms is sudden, rapid weight loss. Since anorexia nervosa is characterized by limited eating, obsessive exercising and overuse of diet pills, if a person suffers from it they will lose weight quickly. These characteristics are also symptoms. If you notice the person eating very little, or nothing at all, then chances are they are suffering from the disorder. Also, if the person is exercising a lot or abusing diet pills it is also a sign. Another way to distinguish if the person is suffering is their mental state. If they seem depressed and obsessed with dieting and exercise, they may be suffering. Another common anorexia nervosa symptom is thinning hair. This, along with brittle nails and dry skin, is caused by malnutrition. Since a person that suffers from the disorder is not eating they will not get the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Their hair will start to fall out, skin will become dry and patchy and nails will start to break and peel. Another anorexia nervosa symptom that you may notice is a yellow or orange tint to the skin. Some also have a purplish tint to the skin which is caused by poor circulation.

There are many different anorexia nervosa symptoms that will not be visible to other people. However, the person that suffers from the disorder will notice them. One common symptom is decreased body temperature. The person will begin to feel cold all the time. Swollen feet and hands is another common anorexia nervosa symptoms. Another symptom that can lead to serious health problems is severely decreased heart rate.

Anorexia nervosa is a serious condition. It effects both the body and mind and can lead to serious health conditions. Knowing the anorexia nervosa symptoms is an important step to helping those that suffer from the disorder. If you notice anyone with these symptoms, get them help right away.

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