How To Enhance Male Libido Naturally

Enhance Male Libido NaturallyLow libido or low sex drive and unsatisfying conjugal life go hand in hand which often endangers the relationship between two loving mates. There are a number of causes behind low libido in males like low testosterone level, prolonged stressful life, performance anxiety, addiction to certain drugs, aging, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and certain medications.

Among the above mentioned factors, low testosterone level is the prime cause for low libido in males. Sexual drive originates from certain chemical messengers present in the brain. Dopamine is one such messenger the low level of which results in low libido in males. Most cases of low libido in males are more of psychological than physiological. It is heartening that many cases of low libido can be treated naturally without the intervention of over-the-counter aphrodisiacs.

Top 5 Ways To Enhance Male Libido

Following are the top five ways which can bring back the spark in your conjugal life.

Stop Worrying

As mentioned earlier, prolonged anxiety and stress can kill your sex life. Worry and mental anxiety release excessive Cortisol hormone which interferes with testosterone levels in males. As a result, your sexual drive drops and your love life suffers.

Physical And Mental Fatigue

Often, anxiety related to satisfy the female partner in bed plays the spoil sport. Manage your work schedule properly so that you can finish them in time. Listen to songs, watch movies or indulge in light entertainment to uplift your mood. You will experience a positive change in your sexual prowess.

Quit Smoking

A number of noxious chemicals released during smoking are enough to lower the levels of male sex hormones affecting the libido. Young men in their 20’s and 30’s can also suffer from low libido due to smoking.

Prolonged smoking gradually damages the smooth penile muscles giving rise to other forms of sexual dysfunctions as well. In a nutshell, this unhealthy habit lowers the appetite for sex. You will enhance your libido appreciably if you can dump those smoking buts.

Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake

Addiction to alcohol can be a dampener to your love life. A wide range of researches has clearly indicated alcoholism as one of the prime causes for low libido in men.

Herbal Remedies For Alcohol Cravings

Libido or sex drive is largely coordinated by the chemical messengers released from the brain, and alcohol consumption destroys the coordination. It is just like spoiling the orchestration of a good musical show. Alcohol also lowers the male testosterone level.

Include Natural Aphrodisiacs In Your Diet

Consuming natural aphrodisiacs through daily diet is a great way to enhance male libido. Since low libido is greatly related to low testosterone levels, some power packed foods can help you get back your sexual vigor. Foods containing zinc, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids are very helpful in this case. Almonds, avocados, banana, oysters, bitter chocolate, pumpkin seeds, water melon and asparagus can be considered as top libido-boosting foods.

Maintain Your Fitness

A fit body is essential to maintain a healthy sex life. If you are overweight or obese, you are bound to suffer from low libido. Maintain your body weight through regular exercises and right dietary habits.

Regular Exercise

Exercises boost the production of male sex hormones that aid in perfect orchestration during love making. Your circulatory system will be perfect with normal levels of blood cholesterol and blood sugar which ultimately will enhance your libido.