6 Tips To Gain Muscle Mass Naturally

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Muscle growth happens when the muscle fibers rejuvenate themselves after being worn and torn due to exercising. The only way to maximize muscle rejuvenation is by regular exercising and making surethat your muscles are getting the proper nutrition they require to re-grow. An excessively smart exercise regime along with proper diet will help you gain muscle mass naturally.Do not do heavy weight lifting by yourself in the start as it may damage your muscles and tissues if not done properly. Most importantly, weight training should be done under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass Naturally

Increase Your Calorie Intake


If you want to add substantial amount of muscle mass to your body then you have to increase the number of calories from diet you have during the day. To add muscle mass your body must be in a state of excessive calories.

Have More Proteins


Proteins provide the body with the building blocks of muscle mass. Hence, it is important for those who wish to gain muscle mass to increase their protein intake.The benefits of having more proteins along with proper exercises are many. It helps in increasing protein synthesis, helps in recovery of muscle and induces positive nitrogen balance.However, having more proteins than required is also harmful for the body. According to the UCLA committee your body only needs 0.8 grams of protein for muscle buildup in one day.For proper protein intake you do not have to take supplements you can have more of egg whites, toned milk and lean meat to increase your protein intake.

Have More Healthy Fats


Fats coming from junk food are unhealthy. There are many natural foods that provide the body with good fats such as olive oil, borage oil and linseed (flaxseed) oil. These oils contain essential fats which the human body is unable to produce on its own.

Reduce Your Cardio Workout


Cardio is good for health, no doubt! But when you are trying to gain muscle mass then cardio consumes lot of calories and may come in the way of your growth. If you are trying to gain muscle mass then reduce cardio workout under the supervision of your trainer.

Take Proper Rest


Many people in the heat to gain muscle mass forget the importance of getting proper rest. While you are resting your muscles are working full time to rejuvenate and rebuild themselves. If you indulge in excessive training sessions and do not rest your body then your body will be fatigued out and you may fall sick.

Weight Training

Weight Training

The number of days you do weight training ranges from three to six in a week. It primarily depends upon your experience level.Expert trainers recommend that your weight training session should not exceed more than sixty minutes at a given time. Studies have shown that if you spend excess time weight training then your testosterone levels will be disturbed.

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