How to Get Asthma Relief

Have you ever have the sudden feeling that you cannot catch your breath? Did it feel like your throat was closing and it was more difficult to breathe? Was there a tightness in your chest and pain in your neck muscles? Chances are you were on the verge of an asthma attack. When this happens, the only thing on your mind is getting relief from the asthma.

Asthma relief is vitally important. When an asthma attack forms it can be uncomfortable, painful and extremely dangerous. Knowing what type of asthma relief options are available can help ease the pain and discomfort without putting you in danger. Using a short-acting beta agonist is the most common form of asthma relief. It is a hand-held inhaler that usually contain albuterol. When you feel asthma symptoms start to form, taking a dose of the inhaler will stop the attack instantly. It will reduce the swelling and decrease the pressure. It will give you the relief you want, but will only work for a few hours. If you suffer from frequent asthma attacks, you should try a long-acting beta agonist. It is an inhaler that is taken once or twice daily. The inhaler deposits a small amount of powder into your lungs. The powder prevents the airways from becoming inflamed and also heals any damage that has been done. This form of asthma relief is not always guaranteed though. It has been known to cause asthma attacks instead of preventing them.

Using an inhaled corticosteroid is the most common form of long-term asthma relief available. The corticosteroids reduce swelling, heal irritation and also block allergens from causing problems. This type of asthma relief also prevents mucus from forming on the airways. Corticosteroids are also available in oral and nasal forms however they don’t always give you the same relief.

Having different forms of asthma relief may be beneficial to you. If you suffer from chronic asthma, having a short-term asthma relief option , as well as a long-term one would be the best choice. Speak with your doctor about your options and decide which one is best for you.

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