How To Prevent Anemia In Young Children

Being a parent is described as one of the most rewarding and remarkable gifts of life, and many parents have reported how humbled and blessed they feel at the fact that they have been able to sire children and watch them grow. However, like any other great venture in life, for those of us who wish to achieve greatness and great things, must also contend with our fair share of trials, tribulations and hardships. Being a parent is exceptionally challenging and so from the moment they are born, to the moment they die, our children will forever stress us out, and prove to be a major challenge.

The reason that this is significant within an article about anemia is that many young and new parents, find themselves utterly unable to cope with the additional pressure of caring for a new child, and so even the mere idea of diseases such as anemia occurring are often swept aside in a tide of pragmatism and stress.

However, a child will learn how to behave and conduct themselves from its parents, and the child will be utterly unaware (not to mention, incapable) of appreciating the potentially devastating effect anemia may have on their overall health. For this reason, parents must ensure that they take the charge.

What are some of the potential issues with young children and anemia?

Some women, for a plethora of different reasons, will insist on feeding their children with bottles rather than solid foods. The reason that this is an area of potential concern is due to the fact that the consumption of milk will effectively suppress the appetite of the child, meaning that they will be far less likely or compelled to eat iron-rich foods, which will directly protect them from anemia.

Some children will also exhibit challenging behaviour, such as temper tantrums and sulks in order to ensure that they get their own way, and so they may rebel against eating certain types of iron rich foods. Rather than trying to explain to the child in intellectual terms, the risks of anemia, why not try and reward them for actually eating the food?

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