How To Prevent Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac ArrestWe all know how Actor James Gandolfini faced an unexpected death – with a cardiac arrest in Italy. Cardiac arrests affect more than 4,00,00 people globally on a yearly basis and is caused by the sudden stopping of the heart.

Cardiovascular conditions, electrical disturbances in the circulatory system, abnormal rhythm of the heart and heart attacks can create the grounds for a cardiac arrest.

Preventions Of Cardiac Arrest

Consult Your Doctor Immediately

The warning signs connected with a cardiac arrest are plenty. However, most people tend to avoid the various signs which signal impending doom and resist from accepting that things may be going wrong within their system. If you find yourself getting out of breath easily or suffer from sudden heartburn or a pressurizing feeling on your chest and heart, then you should consult your cardiologist immediately.

Consult Your Doctor

This is the first and most important step for preventing a cardiac arrest. Avoiding the issue and co-relating the same with obesity, bad digestion system or any other trivial condition can lead to disastrous results in future.

Scans And Tests

Identification of plaques in the patients’ arteries– through scans and tests can provide a peep into the wellness of the circulatory system. CT scans are well equipped to understand and analyze the formation of coronary calcium and other elements which may be leading to hardened arteries.

A mammogram of the heart also provides insights into the normal functioning of the same and reveals the damages caused by cholesterol or other issues. Patients diagnosed for higher levels of cholesterol formation in their blood are recommended fat and cholesterol free diet by their medical experts. This reduces the chances of an impending cardiac arrest.

Stress Test

A Stress Test is highly recommended for patients suffering from prolonged periods of shortness of breath, exceptional fatigue or chest pain. A Stress Test goes a long way in helping doctors find out any abnormal situations of narrowing. If the arteries start becoming narrower, the flow of blood in them gets restricted.

Stress Test

This may lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol or cardiac arrest. Timely diagnosis of hardening of the parts of the circulatory system can lead to proper interventions and prevention of cardiac arrests.

Eating And Living Healthy

One of the most important and essential ways of preventing cardiac arrests and other cardio vascular conditions is by eating right. You have to give up on those sudden food cravings and strive to eat a cholesterol and fat free diet. A reduction in the amount of Trans fats provided by cookies, chips, chocolates and biscuits is a must. You have to indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure that you use olive oil as cooking medium – rather than heavy fatty oils or margarine.

Along with a well planned dietary regimen, you also need to take care of your physical and social activities. Avoid stress – it is an important factor which triggers off all cardiovascular diseases and leads to unwanted tragedies. Regular walking and exercise, meeting friends and indulging in healthy socializing are other key factors which prevent cardiac arrests. The mantra is: Eat and live healthy– to live longer!

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