Tips To Prevent Yawning

There are certain situations when it becomes difficult to stop yawning, thus resulting in embarrassment. Preventing yawning can be the most difficult situation.This specially holds true in those circumstances where yawning can be considered as you are getting bored, such as in an official meeting, during a presentation, an interview or while attending any funeral.  Sometimes, you yawn when you least expect it.


Yawning does not only indicate stress, tiredness, boredom, lack of simulation, sleepiness or fatigue, it can be the body’s natural method of fighting sleepiness or tiredness. You often discover yourself yawning unmanageably when the surroundings are not interesting.

Several chemicals inside the brain are responsible for yawning. It is also said that yawning is contagious. Thus, yawning can be triggered seeing a person yawn.

Why We Yawn

We know least about why we yawn. Yawning is a semi-automatic reflex. Broadly speaking, yawning is initiated in the sensory receptor of respiration in brain which senses that there is excess of carbon dioxide in the blood and less oxygen. It usually happens when a person’s breathing has slowed down and he needs more oxygen.

When you inhale deeply while yawning, Type II alveolar pneumocytes are stretched which releases DPPC (Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine) into the fluid layer on the alveolar surface.

Yawning displays apathy and caused due to tiredness. It helps balance the pressure in the middle ear.Yawning cools the brain and also signifies mental decompression after a severe alert state.

Thus, now when you know why yawning occurs, read about some important ways to prevent yawning from striking at wrong place and time.

Ways to Prevent Yawning

Medical practitioners believe that yawning occurs due to disorders and vasovagal reactions related to sleeping habits and stress. Some ways to suppress or prevent yawning to prevent sending the wrong message are –

Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths will help prevent yawning. This is because, when you breathe in a slow and shallow manner, it decreases the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood stream. Thus to prevent yawning, ensure you breathe in plenty of oxygen and expel all of the air from the lungs.

deep breath

Plenty of Sleep

Take proper sleep of at least eight hours as fatigue and tiredness can be the causes of yawning. This will help you rejuvenate and you will perform your best.


Drink Water

Gulp plenty of water when you feel yawning. This will help subside the feeling. It also helps you keep hydrated as reduction of water in the body is the main cause of fatigue.

When you sense a yawn coming on, just lick your lips. This practice helps avoid a yawn.

The throat above the Adam’s apple should be pushed firmly to exhale out the air in throat. This helps suppress a yawn. This should be done discreetly so as not to let others see that you are yawning.

To minimize yawning, cover your mouth with hands. Sometimes, this also helps avoid a full blown yawn.

Avoid looking at the person yawning, so as to prevent yawning.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.