How To Protect Your Eyes In Five Simple Techniques

Protect Your Eyes

Among all the organs, eyes are superior to a human being. The sensory organs in the brain function by looking at something or someone, thus developing different perceptions to what we see and whom we look at. Imagine the complete dark ness during night when no lights are switched on. Astonishingly our brain stops to work and we become fully puzzled for every thing.

This reference is brought here to make every one understand the relevance of sight through eyes and also their protection for our lives.Many may question,  does the food that we take protect our eyes or are there any exercises for eyesto be healthy or some people even may believe that protection from sun light saves our vision. If these are the questions you have too, then this article is for you.

Check Your Vitamin A Imbalance

Vitamin A

Do you know that majority of the children from developing countries suffer from night blindness. One of the causes for such symptoms can be traced to vitamin A deficiency. Not only this, problems with short sight or long sight can also occur due to vitamin A deficiency at any age.

Hence forth, it is high time to overcome the loop holes with vision and one best method here we should accept is to take vitamin A rich supplements with our diet regularly. Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber and spinach can be eaten raw or semi boiled and also in the form of salads or juices, to show better results for the vision.

Seasonal fruits such as mango and fruits of all seasons like banana, apple, orange, grapes and apricot prove to safe guard our eyes from poor vision. Eggs, milk and fish are too rich sources of vitamin A.

Avoid  Reading Or Writing  In Dim Light

Dim light

The functioning of eyes is vital for a student to read, for a writer to write and for an IT professional to work on computer. If your eyes become easily strained, it is high time to know few important things which many of us ignore by a huge probability.

If you are a book worm, make sure that your room gets abundant sun light during day time. In the absence of sun light, make your room bright with lights switched on. Even those who work on computers should ensure that they are performing their jobs not in dark rooms. Because, the nervous system of your eyes gets affected when you do varied  tasks of reading, writing or even while operating with computers in dark.

Follow Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise

Exercise for eyes may sound a bit strange, but it has real time proven results for those suffering from pain in the eyes. Every body can do this exercise as it is very comfortable, takes less time and can be done anywhere.

Sit straight with your back posture like a standing line. Position your neck centralized, implies neither lifting up nor bending down. Point your eyes straight to a plane wall for fifteen to twenty seconds. Slowly, roll your eyes round from left, down, right and up. Continue the same procedure for at least five times at once. Doing this exercise in your free time makes your eyes light in weight, irrespective of the load of your responsibilities.

Dust Off Your Eyes

Cleaning Eyes

A micron of sand particle if fallen in eyes, puts quintals of weight to delicate eyes. Whenever eyes get irritation or red ness, the first step to follow is to wash them with cold water for multiple number of times to get immediate relief. Similarly, after using eye shade or eye liner, never forget to remove it with a clean cloth or cotton by sprinkling few drops of coconut oil on it. Rubbing of eyes frequently may also cause infections in the eyes.

Sound Sleep And Relaxation


In the fast paced technology, employees are shouldered with not only working days but also by working nights. This is true for every one whose professions require lots of perfection. The urge to work for error free jobs, is the prime cause for  ninety  percent of the employees across the globe to  sacrifice their sleep at nights.

This continuous practice can surely affect the health of their eyes. There fore, allot specific timings at least seven to eight hours for night sleep. However responsible you are to your work, simple breathing exercise, meditation and yoga can make your mind attentive to sleep during nights.

Eyes are not only sensible but sensitive. Let we all take good care for our eyes and lift the essence of life.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.