3 Ways To Stop Eye Twitches

Eye Twitches

Eye Twitches

You must have often suffered from irritating eye twitches that continued for days and could have wondered how to stop eye twitches that have been twitching for days. To find solutions to this problem you have to first understand the symptoms and its causes. Here are few useful tips on how to stop eye twitches that have been twitching for days.

Eye Twitches And Its Causes


The primary cause of eye twitches is the impulsive and uncontrolled contraction of the eyelid muscles. This can be triggered by a number of factors, the most common being fatigue and tension. While these twitches do not need treatment as they get cured by themselves, when continuing for a longer period of time, an ophthalmologist should be referred to.

Treatment For Eye Twitches

Keep The Eyelids Clean

One of the main causes of eye twitches is dirt that gets deposited on the lids. Remnants of make-up, cream etc builds up on the lids causing it to twitch. Wash the eyes regularly. It is advisable that you splash water into your eyes every time you comeback from work. This will remove any kind of dirt that might have entered the eyes causing it to twitch. A number of products are available in the markets that have been especially prepared for cleaning the delicate areas of the eyes such as Eyelid scrubs.

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Like the scrubs, eye washes are also available that can be helpful in reducing eye twitching. Tilt the head to one side and apply the eyewash from the side corner of the eye. Move the eyeballs around so that the wash gets evenly distributed over the eyes. Once you are sure that the eyes have been rinsed, use cotton balls to dab away the excess eye wash from the corners.

eye wash

Quit Use Of Stimulant Products


Caffeine has been found to trigger eye twitches for long periods of time. Refrain from taking coffee till the twitching reduces. In many cases eye twitching is caused in response to certain allergens that may trigger the spasm of the muscles. Alcohol and even medicine can cause eye twitching. Smoke from cigarettes or scented candles also trigger spasm of the eye muscles. Recognize the substances and refrain using them.

Try To Reduce Stress


One of the main cases of twitching, stress triggers off spasms of the eye. Some healthy lifestyle changes will help you to cope with the stress. Biofeedback techniques can also be used to reduce stress. Provide ample rest to your eyes by sleeping a sufficient amount of time. Check the power of your eyes and be aware of when you need eyeglasses for reading. Wear sunglasses when going out. Use UV and X-ray protected glasses when working before the screen.Maintain a proper distance from the eye when you read or write. Periodic compression exercises of the eyes will reduce the strain. How to stop eye twitches that have been twitching for days, is not a frightening task as in most of the cases the twitches have been attributed to some environmental or habitual factors that when corrected, reduces the symptom.


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