How to Treat a Brain Aneursym

Brain Aneursym

A brain aneurysm is a localized, blood filled, balloon-like bulge that occurs on the wall of a weakened blood vessel. The blood vessel is located on the artery that is responsible for supplying the brain with blood. As the aneurysm grows, it causes the blood vessel to become weaker. When it becomes engorged with blood, it could rupture. The rupture will cause bleeding in the brain and can lead to stroke, coma or even death. Using brain aneurysm treatments is the best way to prevent these problems from occurring.

There are a few different types of brain aneurysm treatments. However, an unruptured aneurysm has no proven treatment. There are ways to prevent them from forming, or to prevent it from rupturing. One brain aneurysm treatment is to stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk of aneurysms by 50%. It also increases the risk of an existing aneurysm rupturing. The best brain aneurysm treatment you could use is to stop smoking. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, then the risk of getting a brain aneurysm is increased as well. One brain aneurysm treatment that you could use is to take medication to reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

surgical clipping

There are two different brain aneurysm treatments for ruptured aneurysms. They are both surgeries and highly effective. One is surgical clipping. This brain aneurysm treatment requires a metal clip to be attached to the aneurysm. This will stop the blood flow into the aneurysm and will also relieve the pressure. The other surgery is called endovascular coiling. A small plastic tube is inserted into an artery in the body. The tube is then sent through the body to the aneurysm. Next, a metal wire is inserted into the tube and sent through the aneurysm. The wire will coil in the aneurysm stopping the blood flow and clotting the blood. This will stop the aneurysm from growing and prevents any other problems.

There are only a few types of brain aneurysm treatments that are proven to work. However, you can take precautions to help prevent aneurysm from forming and existing ones from rupturing. Knowing the treatment options and precautions to take will help you maintain a healthy life.

How to Treat a Brain Aneursym

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