How to Treat An Aortic Aneurysm

Aortic aneurysms occur in the aorta, the largest artery in the human body. The aorta is responsible for supplying most of the body with blood and oxygen. The aorta runs from the heart, through the chest and diaphragm and ends in the abdomen. It then splits into two smaller arteries known as the iliac arteries. When there is a weakened area on the wall of the artery or blood vessel and aneurysm can form.

Aortic Aneurysm

The aneurysm is a blood-filled, balloon like bulge. The aneurysm will continue to fill with blood and cause the blood vessel to become weaker unless it is treated. In many cases, untreated aneurysms will rupture and lead to other serious health conditions including stroke, coma or death. The best way to avoid other health problems is to know the available aortic aneurysm treatments.

There really is no known aortic aneurysm treatment for an unruptured aneurysm. There are ways to prevent the aneurysms from forming, or prevent existing ones from rupturing. Smokers are 50% for likely to develop aneurysms than non-smokers. So one way to prevent aneurysms is to not smoke. Or, if you are currently a smoker, stop smoking. The risk is greater the more you smoke, so quitting now could reduce the risk greatly.


Another thing that increases the risk of aneurysms is high blood pressure. Keeping your blood pressure under control will help you prevent aneurysms from forming, or existing ones from rupturing. Keeping your cholesterol low is another aortic aneurysm treatment. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol you could speak with your doctor about taking medication to get it under control.


If it has ruptured, there are a two different aortic aneurysm treatments. They are both different types of surgery and highly effective. The first one is surgical clipping. A small metal clip is attached to the end of the aneurysm. This stops the blood flow to the aneurysm and also helps relieve the pressure. The other surgical aortic aneurysm treatment is endovascular coiling. A thin, plastic tube is inserted into some artery in the body. In most cases, it will be the artery in the pelvic area.

The tube is fed through the body to the aneurysm. Next, a metal wire is sent through the tube and inserted into the aneurysm. The wire will form a coil inside the aneurysm. This will stop the blood flow and clot the existing blood. The clot will close up the aneurysm and relieve pressure. Since getting aortic aneurysm treatment is essential for healthy living it is important to know your options. If you think you have an aneurysm you should speak with your doctor right away.

endovascular coiling

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