4 Tips To Treat Bleeding Gums

Tips To Treat Bleeding Gums

Now-a-days, cases of bleeding gums are on a rise largely due to unhealthy dental practices adopted by people. Bleeding in gums occurs primarily due to swelling which is caused by the presence of bacteria.When swelling in gums occurs, they turn softer like mop and blood begins to come out as soon as any sought of weight or strain is applied onto the gums.If gums are not restored back to health then it can even lead to loss of teeth.

Problem Of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can also be an indication of some severe dental or gum related disorders. Bleeding of gums while brushing is an open invitation to heart related diseases. Bleeding gums can also be caused due to the presence of ulcers in mouth. There are times when bleeding in gums is not noticed. Some of the symptoms of bleeding gums are pain and swelling in gums, bad breath, alteration in natural fitting of teeth or retreating gums.


One of the main reasons behind bleeding gums is that plaque that forms on the borderline between gums and teeth is not adequately removed. Ultimately it results in swelling in gums. Harsh brushing of teeth can also cause gums to bleed. Otherwise if bleeding in gums becomes a regular feature than appointment with a good dentist is of utmost importance.

Home Remedies For Treating Bleeding Gums

Aloe Vera

Bleeding gums can be treated by applying some of the home remedies that can be easily prepared using ingredients from your kitchen.Extract natural aloe vera gel from its plant and apply it uniformly on the affected gum area. Massage it gently. Let it remain on the gums for that night and wash it in the morning. Problem will subsidize gradually. Always apply aloe vera gel in the night and repeat the process till you get comfort.


Take a small piece of ginger and cut it into thin strips. After that, massage your gums with one strip of ginger. Ginger is very effective in treating any gum related disorder for the reason that it possesses medicinal properties to treat swelling and bacterial infection.Take handful of basil leaves and mash them so as to make a thick paste. Apply that paste on gums and rub it gently. Wash it in the morning and observe how your bleeding gums are treated naturally.

Lemon Juice

Take a dash of salt and spoonful of raw lemon juice. Put both the items in lukewarm water and mix them well. Rinse your mouth with this solution at least two times in a day. It is very effective in stopping bleeding from gums.


Flossing can be helpful in preventing bleeding in gums. But do not floss severely as it might aggravate the problem. Make it a point to brush at least two times in a day or as per your needs so as to keep your teeth clean.After eating food, rinse your mouth with normal water so that any leftover food is flushed out. A special antiseptic mouthwash can be used to avoid any sought of accumulation of bacteria.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.