How To Treat Impotence with Vitamins

Impotence is one the common problems related to men’s health. There are many physiological, medical and psychological factors related to impotence. However, all of these factors lead to disorders that decrease the blood flow in your body. Hence, impotence is also regarded as a vascular disease.


Incorporating certain vitamins in your diet can help you regain your potency by increasing the flow of blood in your body. Though deep research in this field is required to delineate the relationship between vitamins and proper sexual functioning in men, but if your impotence is related to the circulatory system then few herbs, vitamins and minerals are definitely going to help you with your erection.

Vitamins And Supplements To Treat Impotence

Core Vitamins

When it comes to sexual functioning, there exist a plethora of core vitamins which are going to help you get rid of your impotency. The sex hormone progesterone is regulated by vitamin A while vitamin B1 or thiamine helps in improving blood circulation, stamina and cellular energy.

Iniositol hexaniacinate is a special form of vitamin B3 that maintains the lower cholesterol and increases the blood flow. However, vitamin B3 dosage is not a safer option for the diabetics. Vitamin C improves fertility by enhancing sperm count and motility, strengthening veins and reducing cholesterol. The production of the sex drive improving hormone, prostaglandin, can be stimulated by inclusion of vitamin E in your diet.

core vitamins

Trace Minerals And Amino Acids

Zinc is stored in concentrated form in the prostate gland and helps in increasing the testosterone level in blood. It also helps in improving the production of sperm cells. Sex drive regulatory neurotransmitters and the two prime sex hormones – oestrogen and androgen, are generated using magnesium.

Almost 50 percent of selenium, present in a man’s body, is concentrated in semen ducts and testicles. Selenium belongs to the mineral family and helps in increasing sperm count. Amino acids like L-arginine stimulate nitric oxide in your system and help in suppressing the impotence symptoms by increasing blood circulation.

Minerals And Amino Acids food


Panax ginseng and ptychopetalum olacoides help to improve libido and maintain prolonged erection. Daminana or Tunera diffusa acts like an aphrodisiac, improving several sexual disorders. The male sexual functions can also be enhanced using ginkgo biloba which potentially increases the blood circulation all over the body, including the penis.

The herbs that enhance the testosterone level in your body include epimedium and saw palmetto. Epimedium is also known as horny goat weed in ancient China. It boosts the testosterone level in blood through increased blood circulation while saw palmetto prevents breakdown of testosterone. Yohimbe is extracted from an African tree bark and is used to treat impotency caused by psychological elements.


Other Supplements

Sexual enhancement activities can be initiated by increasing the blood circulation. Additional supplements like flaxseed oil can supply useful fibre to your body and increase the blood flow. Dilating the blood vessels and capillaries also helps in enriching sexual performance by carrying the sexual hormones instantly to their target places.

Blood vessel dilation can be achieved through consumption of bioflavonoids. Men with lower levels of testosterone can also take dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA to boost the production of sex hormones.

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