How To Use Garlic And Garlic Tablets To Overcome Health Disorders

Nature has given many boons to us to keep our selves healthy and one of those is garlic. “Garlic is as good as 10 mothers and garlic a day keep the sick ness at bay” is a wonderful saying by our elders about garlic. In the middle age period, monks used to take garlic in order to protect themselves against plague, a life threatening disease.A medicinal food that has been used since times immemorial is garlic.

Most of the herbalists and naturopaths treat garlic as a miraculous medicine of nature. The mouth watering taste of garlic when mixed with ginger in various dishes occupies the top delicacy in restaurants very often.At times when there were no doctors and in the times where we have plenty of doctors, surgeons etc, the natural remedies with garlic are always appreciable by every body. Garlic vapors were used to treat cervical cancer by hippocrates. Garlic is also a good anti septic and during world wars I and II, garlic poultices were applied on the wounds of soldiers, as it is cheaper in cost.

Effectiveness Of Garlic Found Through Researchers:

Many scientific researchers have reported that garlic can cure various health problems like suppressing the cancerous tumors in the body, improving cardiovascular health and  also as  an effective anti oxidant. Not to for get, garlic does an amazing job of reducing bad cholesterol or LDL and is a good catalyst for avoiding blood clots which may lead to heart stroke.Allicin is the key medicinal ingredient of garlic which has got anti-viral, anti bacterial, anti oxidant and anti fungal characteristics. The cloves of garlic contain rich water soluble nutrients that include enzymes, natural sugar, vitamins and amino acids.

Which Form Of Garlic Is Good For Health :

However most of the times, it is not advisable to take raw garlic, because, the enzyme alliin which is an amino acid required to produce allicin may be destroyed in the stomach when taken in the raw form, thus leaving no positive results on the body. So, eat garlic either cooked with vegetables, or fried in oil or even after it becomes softer by putting it in hot rice for few seconds.

Regulates Blood Pressure And Controls Cholesterol:

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Garlic does a superior task of raising the levels of lipoproteins which have high density and also can lower bad cholesterol in the blood there by can keep the health of arteries and heart in a proper condition.Garlic capsules are available nowadays in the market and these are proven to reduce the levels of blood pressure, in the same manner as necessary drugs do prescribed by your doctors. It is advisable to take garlic capsules of 600 to 900 mg once in a day to reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol and also to alleviate a person from arterial plaque.

Protects From Cancer:

Researchers in China have proven in their studies that, certain chemicals present in garlic can prevent an individual from being attacked by cancer. Hence, according to their suggestions, garlic should be eaten regularly which has no side effects.

Cough And Allergies:

Garlic plays a vital role of nasal decongestant and also as an expectorant. The anti bacterial properties of garlic can treat cough, throat infection and respiratory track infection perfectly. The anti viral properties of garlic, aids the body to fight against allergic symptoms. There fore, as a matter of precaution, take one garlic tablet every day for approximately 2 to 3 weeks before you sense any allergies seasonally.

Saves From A Lot Of Other Diseases:

Garlic is a great reliever for those having chronic bronchitis, hysteria, asthma, scurvy and dropsy. Take garlic continuously to reduce your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, respiratory problems, colon cancer and to treat parasites, indigestion in the stomach, vampires and becoming weak.The basic nature of stimulating immune system in the body to fight against diseases, urges the need to take garlic either in the form of cloves or tablets by every body.

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