How To Use Therabands For Arthritis Grip Improvement

Arthritis always tends to take a toll of its victims via inflammation that hinders physical activity. However, sometimes, it can be so serious to make one almost disable to perform even the basic chores. As time passes by, such a level of inactivity can induce joint weakness and muscle tone loss, which eliminates even the hope of restoring the ability to perform the daily tasks. However, with more and more discoveries in the world of remedies, luckily no arthritis patient will repent to see these paralyzed days if she or he remains alert and tries out some naturally effective ways of treating the condition. In this article, we will discuss about one such treatment. Therefore, kindly continue reading…

One of the shocks for an arthritis patient is to lose the grip of fingers and hands. Although there are over 100 types of arthritis, most of them majorly influence the palms, fingers, and wrists by causing inflammation, stiffness, ache, and damage to the tendons and joints. This is quite debilitating especially for the patients who earn their livelihood mostly by using hands such as typists, computer professionals, and musicians.

Because arthritis related inactivity could weaken your hand muscles that are required to support your finger and wrist joints, it is inevitable for you to pay attention not only to the symptoms but also to its influence on your muscle tone if you do not want to lose your grip strength any further. To improve the strength of your grip as well as the tone of your hand and wrist muscles, Therabands as the exercise bands are now in much use and demand. Let us explore how to use these bands by knowing about them in detail.

What Are Therabands

Therabands refer to the resistance bands or exercise bands that aim at strengthening the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the upper body. They act as a low-impact option to overcome the grip as well as muscle tone loss due to hand, wrist, and finger arthritis by bracing the musculoskeletal functions that are necessary to carry out the daily chores. By the way, Therabands are sole resistant therapy approved by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

To be very specific, Therabands is a brand that offers physical therapy via the colossal stretchy bands of synthetic rubber or rubber latex. It also offers tubes and balls that work well on muscles or tendons. These products are available in a variety of strengths as well as colors, which symbolize the special levels of resistance. The lighter ones are advisable for the beginners, while the darkest ones ensuring extreme levels of resistance are for the advanced users.

How Do Therabands Work

Therabands work by contracting the muscles against the resistance of the band’s elasticity. By doing so, these bands focus on the stamina, cooperation, and range of motion of the muscle groups. Overall, it works on the principle of more the resistance; the quicker is the strength gain. You can use these bands anywhere and at anytime for a versatile workout.

How Do I Choose Therabands

The most important aspect that you should take care of while selecting Therabands is getting the right resistance level for boosting the grip power and muscle strength. Experts recommend you to start with the low amount of resistance and then going to the next level when your muscles become sturdier.

How Do I Start Using Therabands For Hands

For improving the grip of hands, Therabands offers special balls to improve the strength of grip via squeezing. These balls are known as hand exercisers and are available in order of increasing resistance with yellow depicting the least resistance, while black, red, and blue symbolizing high resistance. Before you start, you need to ask your health care professional about the most suitable ball for your hands.

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To perform this exercise, place a ball of low resistance in the palm and enclose it with your fingers. Next, squeeze the ball to almost 50% of its size by tightly closing the fingers. You now need to perform this exercise several times. Once the above exercise is over, knead the ball just like the clay by pinching and pulling with fingers for 60 seconds. If at all you experience pain, avoid doing this step. Next, try to roll the ball on a flat surface by using only your palm of one hand for 60 seconds. This would stretch your joints and muscles to release the stiffness. Now, perform the step using another palm for the same amount of time.

You can even use stretching bands for exercising your arms and hands. However, since there are lot of exercises such as Bicep Curls and Tricep Press Down, you need to determine the most comfortable and effective one for yourself by asking your health care professional. No all arthritis patients will be comfortable in doing them. However, Bicep Curls is easy to do. In this exercise, you need to stand straight with the feet shoulder width spaced out. Now, take a low resistant band, place one of its ends under your right foot, and use your right hand to grip the other end for leaving no band slack. Now, let the palm look upward and take the elbow near the body. Next, curl the forearm upwards slowly in the direction of your shoulder, take a halt, and gradually come back to the actual position. Repeat all the steps 10 times on each side.

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What Is The Frequency Of Performing These Exercises

At least once a day is advisable, but believes to do them several times a day.

Are There Any Precautions

While pulling the band, ensure that the muscles do most work instead of arms. Always breathe well and be in a proper posture. Always warm-up first before starting the exercises, use the bands within their natural width limits, and avoid applying any kind of oils while using the Theraband products. Lastly, in case you are allergic to latex, go for latex-free band or ball. Once you are able to perform twice of thrice sets of 10 repetitions, think of going to the next resistant level.

What Are The Benefits

First, the Therabands are inexpensive that are available in the range of $4 to $6. Second, you can carry them anywhere and anytime. Third, they offer additional resistance for more strengthening of muscles. In short, these lightweight and portable Therabands act as a fitness gear that you can easily afford.

From Where Can I Buy Therabands

You can get Theraband products from medical stores, physical therapy centers, and online stores.


You will come across some Theraband balls that you can heat or freeze safely for performing the heat or cold therapy on the swollen joints. To use them, you need to read the instructions on the product carefully.

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