How To Know If You Have Cancer?

Cancer, unfortunately, is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases of the modern day. A number of times people ignore its symptoms considering them to be yet another ache! What they don’t know is that even a normally occurring pain, might as well be brewing some fatal cancerous cells within you!

However, it is always better to go in for techniques of self diagnosis and have yourself checked. Most cancers spread primarily owing to the lack of awareness! Had they been found out early- they could have been controlled! Be it a brain cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer or breast cancer, there exist certain general characteristics to identify and recognize them. Here is a list of signs you should look out for!

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of this task is Moderate. It requires patience, effort and a non-panicky attitude.


  • Measure your weight. Has there been a sudden rise or drop in it? A body does not normally shed weight on itself. Nonetheless, if you have lost or gained an excessive amount of it recently, the explanation might lie in the first stage of Cancer! This is generally accompanied by an abrupt loss of appetite.
  • Are there any unexplained pains in your body? A headache which consistently repeats itself or a joint ache which happens after regular intervals but is persistent in its occurrence? These pains are very unbearable in one instant and they subside themselves in another. If you do, there is every chance that Cancer has begun to spread its roots.
  • Observe the development of lumps at certain places in your body. They may not be painful but when you feel them they are there. These may be a cancerous outgrowth that is showing itself on the outside.
  • Blood in urine is another common sign. There might not be a regular blood flow but your urine would be stark red in colour. More so, you excretion would prove painful to you.
  • Check if you have had a family history of Cancer. There is every chance of the disease being passed down through genes. It may have remained unsettled till now but there is every possibility that it will emerge later.
  • If and when you detect that you have any of these signs, consult your doctor immediately. If these are not prevalent, count yourself lucky and keep checking for them off and on. Cancer, after all, can prove to be a major risk for your health and you definitely don’t want to take it, do you?

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