How To Low Carb Diet

To reduce weight or for the general wellness of the body, one has to follow the ‘low carb’ diet. Low carb diet means food items having reduced carbohydrate content.

Low carb diet doesn’t mean completely avoiding carbohydrate rich food items. One of the easiest methods to follow low carb diet is to avoid all ‘white foods’ as well as some ‘underground grown vegetables’. That may look complicated for a beginner of ‘low carb diet’ plan. Therefore follow our tips for approaching a low carb diet properly

Difficulty Level

Moderately challenging for a beginner


  • Understand about carbohydrates and their required content for your health. Unless you know what carbohydrate is and how it affects your health, you won’t be able to follow correctly even the best low carb diet plan.
  • To strictly follow a diet you can choose from well known low carb diets such as Atkin’s diet, Hollywood diet, Ketogenic diet, Scarsdale diet etc. Each of these diet plans are based on some approach so decide which approach you are comfortable to follow.
  • Stay informed about the carbohydrate contents of popular food items used by you daily and start making slow changes in your diet. Your health may suffer adversely if one fine morning you jump to a low-carb diet from your normal diet.
  • Start substituting low carb food for your otherwise high carb diet. For example instead of your normal bread, go for low-carb breads from the stores such as crisp bread. Similarly get low carb tortillas, low carb pastas such as shirataki noodles, Dreamfields or whole grain pasta.
  • Select high fiber cereals such as All-bran, flax snax etc.Instead of potatoes include cauliflower or celery roots in your recipe.
    Beans have more carbohydrate in them so substitute with soy beans.
  • Instead of all-purpose flour, use flour made from nuts such as almonds or flax seed. Similarly substitute milk with soy milk or almond milk. Choose the unsweetened version. You can use artificial sweeteners or fruits containing low sugar levels for your desserts.
  • Avoid candies, brownies, jams and jellies; instead try their sugar-free versions. Use flax seeds or chia seeds more as they have very less carbohydrate.
  • Use vegetables & fruits such as broccoli, collard greens, spinach, avocado, cauliflower, blackberries, asparagus, celery, eggplant and Romaine lettuce more as they have low carb and high fiber levels.

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