How to Straighten Hair

Straight hair has become a modern fashion trend and many people prefer to straighten their hair as it is more comfortable to handle and is more stylish as well.

But permanent hair straightening provides a unique appearance and makes it impossible to try out different hair styles and hence most of the people prefer occasional hair straightening. Flat ironing is an ideal means to keep the hair straight.

Difficulty Level

Hair straightening can be achieved with moderate difficulty.


  • Wash the hair with a shampoo and use deep hair conditioner or else keep the normal conditioner on hair for more time in order to protect the hair from drying while flat ironing. Remove as much moisture as possible with a dry towel.
  • Spray the conditioner on the hair and then part and comb the hair with a wide tooth comb and dry the hair with a blow dryer. Brush the dry hair to remove all the knots and if require spray a little more conditioner and brush. Knot the top half of the hair in to a bun and divide the bottom half in to small sections of one to two inches width and half inch thickness.
  • Take one section and spray hair protective spray over that section and comb it to ensure that there are no knots in between. Now use one hand to hold the section of the hair and clench the flat iron with the other hand. Place the flat iron very close to the root of the hair and grasp the hair with the flat iron and pull the iron over the hair section in a single fluid movement. Care should be taken not to jerk the flat iron while moving over the hair as it may create horizontal lines on the hair.
  • If there is excess moisture in the hair then steam may come out of the flat iron but it won’t damage the hair unless a sizzling sound is heard. Continue the straightening process to cover the entire bottom section of the hair and then move to the top portion of the hair. Once completed then check the hairs in front of a mirror and identify any missed spots to straighten.
  • Try to avoid spraying water over the straightened hairs as water content may curl back the hair or make it frizzy. Alternatively one can apply a few drops of silicone based hair shine solution and apply it over the hair to smoothen it. However too much of this solution may leads to nasty looking hair.
  • Try different hair styles with this hair and wash the hair to return to the normal.

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