Is anemia really a disease to worry about?

They say that ignorance is bliss, however, it is important to note that an important qualifying caveat to that statement is that whilst ignorance of a problem maybe a blessing in the short term, when it comes to an illness such as anemia then a a health complaint which could have been potentially resolved in a fairly quick and painless manner will then escalate into a much more serious and dangerous issue indeed. Therefore, if you do suspect that you are suffering from anemia it is crucial that you consult your physician immediately, so that together, you can work to stopping the disease and overcoming it.

What is anemia?

The term anemia is actually a compound word which has its roots in Greek, which roughly translates into English as: “lack of blood” which is actually a little bit of a misleading moniker for the condition. Specifically, anemia does not mean that the victim does not have enough blood in their body, rather, it means that the volume of oxygen that their blood is able to transport and distribute around the body has been significantly and severely impaired and compromised in some manner.

Is it a serious illness?

Potentially yes. In the beginning, the actual extent of danger that the disease poses to the patient is more of an uncomfortable nature, and a inconvenience rather than actually life-threatening and so the patient will need to contend with dizziness, fatigue, loss of concentration, vertigo, shortness of breath and a bluish tinge to their hands and feet. If treated early enough,  the symptoms will not extend beyond this, and so the patient will suffer no further harm or ill effect due to the disease.

However, if the illness is NOT treated properly, then the patient will face the very real risk of enduring what is known as “hypoxia”. Hypoxia is the medical term used to refer to whenever the oxygen supply to the internal organs is reduced. This is very dangerous indeed because it will directly increase the chances of the victim suffering from cardiovascular problems, specifically, heart failure, in the future. That is why vigilance is paramount.

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