Is There a Cure for Autism?

When a child starts showing signs of autism spectrum disorder it is important to seek medical attention. Diagnosing it at a young age is the best autism treatment your can receive. It will allow the disorder to be treated correctly and the symptoms to be minimal.

There is no real cure for autism however, there are some autism treatments that can reduce the symptoms. Which treatment is the right one depends on the individuals symptoms and needs. Behavioral modification is one of the most commonly used autism treatments. There are three types of behavior modification, each one targets a different portion of the disorder. Applied behavior analysis is very commonly used. It basically focuses on rewarding good behavior. Rewarded behavior is more likely to be repeated than unrewarded behavior. Sensory integration therapy is another behavior modification. It focuses on sensory stimulation and familiarity. Using different textures, sounds and smells the therapy introduces these items and familiarizes the autistic child with them. This will prevent the child from becoming overwhelmed with the sudden onset of a new item. Play therapy and social stories are the other forms of behavioral modification. They both take on the lack of social skills. Play therapy involves an adult-child interaction that the autistic child can control. It gives the child the ability to be in charge of the situation, but interact with others. Social stories involves stories of how interaction should be. When the autistic child hears about playing with other children, the child may be more open to doing it.

Communication therapy is another form of autism treatment. If the autistic child cannot verbally communicate, this is the best treatment. Speech therapy will help teach the child to form words and have the ability to speak. Picture exchange therapy uses pictures and words to help the child identify what the picture is. The child will then know which picture can be used to hold a conversation or make a request.

Dietary modifications and medication are the final autism treatments. These have not been officially proven to work, but have shown improvement in some. Taking vitamins, eliminating allergens and eating high quantities of wheat, oats and rye have been known to help with autism symptoms. Different medications can be used to treat certain symptoms, but there is not one medication that can treat all the symptoms. Depression, behavioral problems and anxiety can be treated using antidepressants. Benzodiazepines can also be used in certain behavioral problems. Medication should be a last resort and must be taken under medical supervision.

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