Joint replacement for knee arthritis

In an attempt to overcome the significant pain and restriction on the quality of life by those people who suffer from knee arthritis, the medical community has invested a lot of time, money and manpower to the studying of joint replacement as a potentially viable treatment option for the alleviation of the symptoms of knee arthritis. Whilst the medical community is to be commended for the significant amount of progress that they have managed to achieve thus far, the sad truth of the matter is that they are nowhere near a “magic bullet” for knee arthritis and so as remarkable as it is as a treatment option, it is not a perfect one.

There has been a great deal of excitement generated recently about a new innovation in the usage of total knee replacement technology, and specifically, this is “partial knee replacement.”

What is it?

Specifically, partial knee replacement is the means by which the damaged segments and parts of the knee joint are surgically excised and removed from the body, and in their place a prosthetic is placed. Only the most severely and extensively damaged parts of the knee joint, and the cartilage within it will be removed.

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What makes it  different from total knee replacement?

As alluded to earlier, with partial knee replacement, the surgeon will only remove cartilage that has been severely eroded, whilst ensuring that the remaining cartilage is left intact. This in turn, will mean that the destructive nature of the procedure is minimised, allowing for a smaller incision to be used which will significantly reduce the chances and risks of infection of the wound from arising.

Who is a suitable/viable candidate for this procedure?

People who have knee arthritis which is not too extensive and prolific, who do not have AVN (Avascular Necrosis) of the joint, and where the knee arthritis is limited to only a small and confined part of the knee joint. Unfortunately, if the degree of severity of the disease is rather extensive then this means that the patient will be ineligible for the procedure as a whole.

People who have excess weight will be denied.

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