Knee arthritis, partial knee replacement and you

One of the worst issues with trying to safely and confidently resolve the problems of knee arthritis is that the patient has a very limited range of options available to them. Knee arthritis is not a static disease and it will actively and aggressively cause damage to the inner lining of the knee joint thereby causing additional pain and misery to the victim. As the cartilage, the slippery,  pearl white liquid that holds the bones together and prevents them from rubbing against one another is destroyed and ruptured, this means that the shape of the knee will begin to shift. Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact that walk upright, this means that all of our weight is pushed through a small part of the body and so this means that even with the latest prosthetic technology, knee replacements are far from an ideal solution. That said, partial knee replacement has provided people who suffer from knee arthritis with a number of different benefits and advantages in comparison to its counterpart, total knee replacement. The benefits, and limitations of this remedy is as follows.

What are the benefits of partial knee replacement?

One of the major problems with total knee replacement is just how destructive it is of the actual joint itself and so the a major amount of bone will have to be removed, and a lot of blood will be lost in the process. This in turn causes major risks of infection setting in, and will require the patient to stay in hospital for a longer period of time so that they can be kept under observation to safeguard against any major infections from setting in. The fact that the average length of the incision needed for total knee replacement is 8 inches should give some idea as to how drastic a remedy it is!

Partial knee replacement on the other hand has a much smaller incision, which is less than 3 inches. In addition, the patient will be able to be released from the hospital in one day. However, partial knee replacement surgery is not suitable for everyone, and so only people who have knee arthritis that is small scale and localized will be able to use this approach.

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