Know About The Symptoms Of Thyroid

Symptoms Of ThyroidThyroid is nothing but the Endocrinol gland that is located in the neck. The hormone that is secreted by this gland commonly known as the thyroid stimulating hormone has a major impact on the human system. But then, thyroid disorders are a common problem faced by many. This disorder is more predominant among women.The thyroid gland can either be overactive or under-active.

Hyperthyroidism: In this the hormones are produced in excess of what is actually needed. The thyroid is very active and secretes more amounts of hormones than what is actually needed.

Hypothyroidism: This is a condition that arises when the thyroid hormones are under produced.

Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism

Drastic Loss In Weight

One can see a drastic reduction in weight when they suffer from hyperthyroidism. The Weigh Loss can be so drastic that a person can lose up to 7-8 kg a month.  Even if people try to control it, take proper foods, the weight just continues to reduce. so whenever you will see certain symptoms in your body, don’t neglect. Go to the doctor at once.

Rapid Pulse

The blood pressure level also increases a lot. And because of this, the heart beat rate increase to a great extent in comparison to the normal rate. Such symptoms indicate that you might be suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Anxiety And Panic Attack And Insomnia

Anxiety And Panic Attack And Insomnia

A person suffering from hyperthyroidism will suffer from constant panic attacks and bouts of anxiety. Along with this, eh or she will suffer from insomnia. Lack of sleep, sleepless nights are very common for the people who are suffering this condition.

Sensitivity To Heat And Sweating

Heat is something that a person suffering from this medical condition cannot tolerate. If there is a  marginal increase in the temperature, he or she feel extreme hot. Along with this, he or she will be covered with excessive sweating, even if the temperature is not that high. This sensitivity to heat as well as sweating might be the result of hyperthyroidism that you don’t know about. So, it is advisable that if you see such symptoms, you must go to the expert for proper treatment.

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Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism


Digestive Disorders

This is one of the primary symptoms that one can notice when a person suffers from hypothyroidism. The metabolic rate of the suffering person will decrease which will lead to indigestion.

Digestive Disorders

Due to indigestion, the patients of hypothyroid suffer from constipation as well.

Weight Gain And Fatigue

When a person has hypothyroid, his or her weight will be increased a lot. In most of the cases, it is seen that the person suffering from this tend to get obese. even if you try to control the weight or do exercise, your weight will continue to increasing.

If you have such problems, you might be suffering from hypothyroidism. In addition to this, the person will feel very tired all the time, even if he or she does not do a lot of work. The patient will feel like lying or sleeping all the time. If your body shows such symptoms, you should go to the doctor at once.

Change In Skin And Hair

It is seen that the people suffering from hypothyroidism have a very bad, scaly and dry skin. They also lose hair at an alarming rate. Sometimes, baldness also appears. Though these symptoms can be seen in the aged people, but if these are seen at an early age  it is better that you consult with your doctor.


Another major symptom of hypothyroidism is depression and lack of concentration. People suffering from this lose interest in everything; they are neither attentive in their work nor they have the energy to take acre of own selves .


they lose concentration also. As a result, an acute depression just engulfs them and even if they try to come put from it, its not possible without proper medication.

Muscle Pain 

The patients of hypothyroidism suffer from  muscle pains as well as pain in their various joints. So, whenever you have pain like that  instead of taking a pain killer, go to the  doctor so that the proper reason behind it can be found out.

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