Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

It is quite difficult to provide permanent relief from toenail fungus with conservative therapies. Anti-fungal medications usually clear the infection for a brief period. Recurrent fungal infections of the nail apart from spoiling the natural appearance of the nail, distort the shape of the toenail.

Toenail Fungus

Laser therapy is a new and effective treatment for toenail fungus. Application of intense light to the infected nails destroys the fungi in the nail that causes recurrent infection. When combined with good hygiene, laser treatment provides long-term relief from recurrent toenail fungal infections.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Benefits Of Laser Treatment

Due to the thickness of the nail, topical antifungal medications cannot reach underneath the nails where the fungi live. Hence, application of antifungal ointments to the infected toenail could terminate only a small number of fungi. The fungi that escape treatment thrive and multiply, causing recurrent infection.

On the other hand, laser beams could easily penetrate through the thick toenail, eradicating the infection causing fungi and providing permanent relief from toenail infection. Hence, laser treatment is considered a superior option to home remedies and antifungal ointments for killing toenail fungus.

laser treatment for toenail fungus

Procedure Of Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Laser beams of varying wavelengths or pulse frequencies are used for treating toenail fungus infection. The pulse frequency appropriate for treatment depends upon the characteristics of the fungal cells associated with the infection and the severity of the infection. Pathogens commonly associated with toenail infections include Candida yeasts, dermatophyte fungi and non-dermatophyte fungi.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the treatment, before applying the laser beam to the infected nail, most doctors prefer filing the surface of the infected nail to improve penetration of the laser beams. The source of the laser beam is then directed to the infected nail. The light penetrates the toenail to reach the toenail matrix underneath the nail. The heat generated by the laser beam helps to vaporize the fungi present in the nail plate and nail bed. To diminish the risk of infections in the future, your doctor may pass laser beam through the uninfected nails as well to ensure maximum destruction of the fungi.

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Effects Of Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

According to clinical trials, treatment with state-of-the-art laser therapy provides long-term relief from toenail fungus in almost 80 percent patients. Nonetheless, people undergoing treatment are required to maintain good foot hygiene to prevent fungal infections in the future. Other than experiencing warmth in the treated nails and mild pinprick-like sensation during treatment, laser therapy is a painless procedure.

A typical laser treatment session usually lasts for about 10 to 30 minutes. Most infections are healed after a single treatment session. Occasionally additional treatment sessions are required for treating severe infections. Laser treatment for toenail fungal infection is a safe side effect free procedure.

laser therapy for toenail fungus

Post Laser Treatment Care

To promote growth of healthy nails, your doctor may ask you to take L-arginine supplement. Continue applying an anti-fungal cream to the treated nails until the new healthy nails develop. Wear clean shoes and socks to protect your toenails from further infection.


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