Different Symptoms Of Influenza

InfluenzaInfluenza is an infectious disease that is caused by infecting the respiratory system and the mucous membrane of it. The symptoms of influenza are stronger than the ordinary flu or cold. The sudden onset of symptoms makes it the most severe disease among the rest of the same nature. Usually the influenza virus if enters the person’s body would remain incubated in the body before triggering reactions and symptoms.

This period is usually about 2 to 3 days before symptoms start to surface. This illness is usually associated with fever that last about 8 days and leaves the person feeling very fatigue. The common symptoms of influenza are fever, chills, muscle pain, joint aches, sweats, headache, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, chest pain, sore throat and cough.

Different Symptoms Of Influenza

Cough Along With Chest Pain

The influenza virus has the ability to damage the respiratory tract lining which kindles the bacterial infections. This is common among old age people as they are more prone to this contagious infection. The main symptom of this illness is cough which can also occur as dry cough sometimes. This when irritates the respiratory lining would make the chest to experience extreme pain.

Pain In The Throat

Pain in the throat

The cough would sometimes have a continuous effect which might make the throat sore. This is because constant coughing would cause inflammation in the tissues in the throat area causing the pain. This will also cause the voice to sound differently.

This will cause extreme pain in the chest which would be very tough for the children and the old people who experience it. This cough when accompanies the fever, will have a low profile but as fever reduces, the impact of cold would be higher and might also trigger cough sometimes.

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Fever is the first symptom of influenza which can go up to 100° to 106° F or 41° C which marks the outbreak of this infection. The other symptoms are on a high during such occasion and might cause extreme discomfort to the patient. In children and adults the temperature can be different.

Body Aches And  Joint Pain

Body aches, joint pain

The other usual symptoms associated with fever are body ache, joint pain, shivers or chills, headache and muscle pain. Also the patient would feel very tired and might not be able to move around freely. Usually when the temperature begins to lower, the other symptoms too tend to reduce their impact.

Other Symptoms Of Influenza:Runny Nose, Common Cold

The other symptoms of influenza that you might experience would be runny nose, stuffy nose, congested nasal condition, common cold, nausea, pain in the eyes, severe head ache, bacterial infections and dry cough. Though vomiting and diarrhea are common in kids and infants, it is very uncommon in adults.

This is common in kids who are below 6 years of age. This vomiting lasts in small kids for about a few days for which the maximum is 6 days. If there are siblings in the home, make sure you keep the kids separately as influenza fever is highly contagious in nature.

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