Lowering High Cholesterol

Lowering high cholesterol can seem rather difficult at first. However, if you stick to some simple lifestyle changes and try not to change too much too fast, you should be successful. If you feel like you are backsliding, do not get frustrated but acknowledge the mistake and keep moving forward in your effort. There are numerous people afflicted with this problem so you could try to find a co-worker, friend or family member that also has high cholesterol. The two of you then can provide support for each other to make sure you make changes and stick with them.

The most difficult change when lowering cholesterol are changes to our diets. It is hard to go from eating fast foods, deep fried foods, and snacks that are all high in saturated and trans fats to healthier foods. Rather than change your entire diet at once, work at it slowly. Start by changing your snacks to fresh fruits and vegetables. Allow yourself several days to adjust to this change. You should avoid dipping the fruits and vegetables into dips or adding anything to them. Just eat them in their natural state.

The next change you should make is to cut out trips to fast food restaurants. Start cooking meals at home and packing lunches for work. If you eat out all the time, then pick either lunches or dinners to start with. Once you are comfortable with the change, and then move onto the other meal until fast food restaurants are eliminated. The foods you prepare should be lean cuts of meat, chicken or turkey. Avoid pork products. Salads can be a good lunch but make sure to check the nutritional label on the back of the dressing to check fat content. Rather than dumping the dressing onto the salad, place the recommended serving size into a side dish and dip you salad into the dressing instead.

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Once you are comfortable with you eating habits, you should move onto to increasing your exercise levels. This does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. Simply walking for about twenty minutes, three times a week can greatly help.

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