Causes & Symptoms Of Lump On Back Of Neck

Lump On Back Of Neck

A lump on the back of neck has been quite common among the people. Patients can own one small lump or two-three adjoining lumps. Lump is a kind of minute swelling or it can be usual projection of the skin.Many times the lump may hurt a lot when touched and feel a sudden prickly shooting pain. Few people do not experience the pain of the pea-sized lumps. A neck lump can also be referred as neck bump, tumor, nodule, growth, cyst and contusion.

The lump can turn into a more serious disease like chronic infection and malignancy; thus it is necessary to refer the doctor the moment you see the lump. Proper evaluation and diagnosis is important so that one can go for the right treatment. Normally the lump does not put much impact on person’s normal activities. Let’s know in detail about the lump on back of the neck.

Symptoms Of Lump On Back Of Neck

A lump on the back of your neck occurs because of the inflammation of the tonsils, congenital and traumatic causes. Other symptoms that happen in and around the lump are discharge, tenderness/pain and redness.

Causes And Proper Treatment

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen Lymph Nodes

The bean-shaped glandular structures referred as swollen lymph nodes are actually the lymphatic tissues which can occur at the back of your neck. What happens is a chain of events; first the collected bacteria present in the lymph nodes are further torn down and thrown out via urine.

If by chance more number of bacteria gets settled in lymph nodes, infection occurs followed by excessive swelling and thus lumps are visible. Treatment – To ward off the pain you have to do thorough check-up from doctor with further medications if required. Besides this, you will need rest and plenty of water to drink.



Tonsillitis patients can have a lump at the back of their necks. They are spotted by the tenderness of the tonsils and severe swelling. Tonsil being a ball shaped mass grows at the back of the throat.

Few persons who are detected with tonsillitis have a lump formation in the front of their neck but when the infection grows the lump expands at the back side and it may swell severely with excessive pain.

Treatment – Generally medicine (antibiotics) is not required unless the infection is caused by bacteria and they turn out to be harsh. You can go with home remedies that can very well handle the throat discomfort, for example gargling with salt water which will lower your pain.

Injury To The Tendon/Muscles

Injury To The Muscles

When you check a swollen mass behind your neck it can be grown from a worn out or damaged tendon. The tissues of the tendons adhere to the muscles along with the bones, thus giving a good posture to the body.Sometimes when the tendons or the muscles are cracked and are displaced from their main place it takes the formation of lump. This shows that the nearby tendons or muscles too are affected inadequately resulting in internal bleeding.

Treatment – You have to take rest and also apply ice within 48 hours so that the pain will ease down. You can also have Epsom salt bath so that the muscle ache will lessen. You shouldn’t carry heavy weights or do hard-core activities. You can take painkillers like anti-inflammatory medicines under your doc’s guidance which will lower down the lump pain gradually.



Being a kind of cancer of lymphatic system, lymphoma is a severe condition where white blood cancer cells expand swiftly and they get collected in one of the lymph nodes shaped as tumor.Then the back of the neck is affected by a bulged out mass linked with lymphoma, you may not feel the pain, but it is dangerous to have it for a longer time at your neck back.

Treatment – Doctors prescribe you for chemotherapy and medications that will kill the cancer cells. Radiation therapy will help the cancerous expansion to stop. Hence by now the patients suffering from a lump on the back of their necks might have gained knowledge about it accurately.

4Causes & Symptoms Of Lump On Back Of Neck

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