Major Symptoms Of Encephalitis

EncephalitisEncephalitis is a disease which mainly affects a person’s brain and spinal cord. It causes a slight inflammation of the brain due to viral infection. The inflammation causes swelling up of the brain which ultimately results in a change in the person’s neurological and mental condition.

Very Young and very old people are more likely to get infected from the disease. The symptoms of the disease start to show within 2 to 5 days incubation period. If the disease is kept untreated then it may lead to serious complications like permanent brain damage. This article will tell you about a few symptoms of this disease that you should know.

Major Symptoms Of Encephalitis

Flu Like Symptoms Of Encephalitis

Generally during the initial stage of Encephalitis, you will notice flu like symptoms including mild fever, vomiting, headache, body pain, and weakness.


The initial flu like symptoms generally appears within 2 weeks of viral exposure. This is the first stage of the disease. If the disease is treated at this stage, the chance of a successful treatment is more.

Unusual Behavior

The mental state of a person suffering from Encephalitis changes suddenly. This ultimately leads to confusion and the affected person starts behaving unusually and in a strange manner. The affected person even sometimes complains of memory loss problems.

Other Symptoms Of Encephalitis

The other symptoms of the disease include behavioral changes, confusion, headache, loss of sensation in some of the body parts, sensitivity to light, reduced consciousness, memory loss, partial paralysis, seizures, drowsiness, stiff neck, joint pain, problem while speaking, vision and hearing problems, hallucination, uncontrollable eye and physical movements, disorientation, fatigue, weakness, foul smell perception, poor appetite, loss of energy and skin rashes.

Pain In The Muscle Joint

Pain In The Muscle Joint

People suffering from encephalitis feel a lot of pain in their body muscle joints and this pain badly hampers the movement of the body parts. The pain gets worse if you do any kind of strenuous activity, whereas it lessens as the affected person takes a rest.

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Symptoms Of Encephalitis In Infants

You will notice that small infants suffering from encephalitis tends to show symptoms like vomiting, poor feeding, body stiffness, bulging of fontanel which is the soft part of the brain, body stiffness, lethargy, mild fever, irritation, seizures and the constant crying problem.

Symptoms Of Encephalitis In Infants

Infants suffering from herpes encephalitis may tend to develop lesions in the mouth or on the skin within 1-45 days of birth.

Emergency Symptoms Of Encephalitis

If a person suffering from encephalitis develops a problem of paralysis, severe muscle weakness, loss of consciousness, coma, poor responsiveness, seizure, stupor, severe headache, memory loss, flat mood, takes less interest in day to day activities, double vision problem, self-centeredness and if you notice that there is a sudden and strange change in the person’s mental state, it will be advisable to visit the doctor immediately before it’s too late.

Emergency Symptoms Of Encephalitis


The situation should be treated as a medical emergency. If immediate medical treatment is not provided to the patient suffering from encephalitis then this can result in severe brain damage leading to death of the person.

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