Make Your Digestive System Strong With Home Remedies

Digestive System plays vital part in keeping us fit and healthy and it is the commonly affected system of our body. Infections and problems rely quite oftenated to digestion keep on attacking our body. But these are not mush serious problems that you need to rush to the doctor every time. These digestive problems affect or daily routine a lot and we feel very uneasy if we suffer from any of these problems.

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On top of that if you are suffering from some digestive system related problem and you need to work out the whole day then it becomes very uncomfortable for you to concentrate and work.So why not make our Digestive system strong enough with the help of some home remedies so that in near future we can face them or prevent them easily.Common Digestive problems like constipation, bloating of stomach, Heart Burn, indigestion and diarrhoea occur due to some problem in the digestive system only.

As these are very common problems which affect our digestive system people usually ignore them casually, but it is very easy to control these problems and cure them. So let us check out few simple ways to get rid of these common digestive problems and prevent them from disturbing our daily routine.

Some Common Digestive Problems

Bloating Of Stomach

Eating cabbage, cauliflower, fried beans, excess of salt and carbonated drinks result in the formation of gas in the stomach which causes bloating of stomach. Bloating causes swelling or bulging of the stomach and suddenly you will feel as if gas is filled in the stomach to the extent of bursting the stomach.

In order to avoid this digestive problem you should take a small walk for five to ten minutes after eating and do not go off to sleep just after eating food. Let the food get digested and let all the gases formed after digestion pass out from the body to avoid bloating.


Gas Formation In The Stomach

There are bacteria present in the intestines which cause the formation of gas in the stomach. Over consumption of fibrous products and eating dairy products also causes formation of gas in our stomach. This is a very common problem related to digestive tract.

The gas gets trapped in the colon while either consuming food or when the food breaks in the stomach with the help of bacteria gases are formed , which might remain trapped in the colon and cause gastric problem. Walking or doing a Pawanmukta Asana will help in releasing gas. Dietary changes or reducing the swallowing of air can reduce the formation of gas in our stomach.

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Heart Burn Due To Digestive Problem

Eating too much of caffeine , chocolate, excess of tomato , too much spicy food or junk food causes dehydration in our body. The body starts producing acids which when we sleep just after consuming these spicy and oily foods start reverting back into the food pipe and cause heart burns.

The sensation of these heart burns is very bad and makes us feel like vomiting and irritation in the food pipe. The person suffering from heart burns feels burning sensation in the chest area ad this is also known as Acid Reflex. It is also called the Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease which causes problem in the digestive tract.


Remedies For Heart Burn

You can take care of heart burns by bringing few changes in your lifestyle, like reduce the consumption of alcohol. Quit smoking as tobacco has nicotine which causes acidity and heart burn.  Eat small portions of meals and do not lie down or sleep just after eating meals.

If needed raise the level of the head of your bed by 6 inches, it will also help as the food will not return back to the food pipe even if you lie down. You can also take antacid if needed and avoid eating fried and very spicy foods especially in the night.

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Indigestion Or Dyspepsia

The main reasons for indigestion and smelly burps is consuming food in haste or eating in speed. Food needs time to be chewed in the mouth and to be worked upon by the enzymes produced in mouth. So give it sometime do not just gulp the food as it will result in bad burps.

While eating a chewing gum or candies also some air gets trapped in them and reaches our digestive tract  and in the same way if we drink lot or carbonated drinks , then too the air might get trapped and can cause excessive burping. The best way to avoid them is to avoid eating chewing gums and drinking carbonated drinks. Try to slow down the speed of consuming the food let each and every part of the digestive system work on the food properly so that it gets digested nicely and does not cause indigestion.



This is another common problem which affects our digestive system and causes constipation. This is also known as Bowel Syndrome, where the stomach does not get cleaned up nicely and the person does not go for bowel for days together. This mainly happens due to lack of fibre content and liquid drinks in our diet.


Remedies For Curing Digestive Problems

Except for water try to consume as many liquid drinks as you can, but that does not mean that you can consume carbonated drinks. Healthy drinks and liquids like soups, fruit or vegetable juices are good for making the digestive system stronger. This not only helps in strengthening the digestive system but also helps in avoiding constipation.

Instead of sitting after eating food immediately take a walk for 5-10 minutes, this will help in digestion of food easily and heart burn, indigestion and bloating of stomach can be prevented by doing so.Consume Probiotic foods like curd, idli and yoghurt, this will prevent diarrhoea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) in our body.Stress has a very disastrous effect on our digestive system and can cause mouth sores and IBS so avoid stress and try to remain relaxed most of the time.

Quit smoking and shun taking alcohol if you want to make your digestive system stronger.Avoid eating too much of salt, sugar and refined flour chapattis, it causes indigestion, constipation and bloating of stomach. Avoid eating food products made up of refined flour. Before cooking vegetables clean them thoroughly especially the leafy vegetables.This way you can keep your digestive system stronger and avoid common diseases associated with it.

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Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.