3 Best Mayonnaise Treatments For Lustrous Hair

Mayonnaise Treatment

Mayonnaise Treatment

Mayonnaise, the very popular kitchen staple, can be put into some great uses other than making yummy burgers and salad dressing. Mayonnaise is a great hair conditioner and hair growth stimulator! I hope this is good news for all those who crave for lustrous, thick and long hair.By Mayonnaise here, I mean the full fat real mayonnaise, not the low-fat range.If you are looking for an easy home remedy for well-conditioned hair, mayonnaise treatment is worth a trial.  Hair care need not be expensive if you try such proven home remedies.

What Makes Mayonnaise Good For Hair?


When you come to know the ingredients in mayonnaise, or lovingly called as mayo, you will be convinced about its ability to condition and nurture hair. Mayo sauce is a unique blend of olive oil and egg yolk added with vinegar or lemon juice. Sounds amazing right? You might have tried at least one of these ingredients on your hair in the past, and here is a product that contains all those vital elements necessary for promoting hair growth.

Mayo hair treatment is an inexpensive and safe alternative added with natural benefits. It is packed with the benefits of L-cysteine, a non-essential amino acid and potent antioxidant present in eggs. Egg also contains B vitamins, milk protein, amino acids and other proteins, which are really helpful in repairing the hair tissues and in strengthening hair follicles. Olive oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It helps in moisturizing and nourishing scalp and hair and enhances the elasticity of hair strands making it stronger enough to withstand brittles. Vinegar and lemon juice help in giving the needed shine to the hair. Rinsing hair with vinegar makes the hair look voluminous and bouncy. Lemon juice is great in treating dandruff.

Mayo offers a good combination of all these essential ingredients that can be applied to attain shiny and well-conditioned hair.A range of mayonnaise-based products for the hair are available in the market, if you don’t feel like using your salad dresser on hair. These specially formulated hair mayonnaises will be optimally packed with organic essential oil ingredients and amino acids that provide hair with strength and vivacity.Nettle and soybeans will be some of the additional ingredients in readymade mayo hair conditioners.Mayo with greater amount of fat works better on hair as it contains more essential fats and proteins that are crucial for hair growth.

Mayonnaise As Hair Conditioner

Mayonnaise As Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioners are mainly intended to make hair more manageable by improving its overall texture and look.  Applying mayonnaise on hair makes the hair strands more manageable and soft. It is a good treatment for brittle ends and dry hair and scalp. Dry and damaged hair will get new life by using mayonnaise pack once a week. Mayo also helps in reducing split ends and enhances moisture and shine.You can prepare mayonnaise conditioner at home.

Blend 2 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 egg and ¼ cup olive oil. Warm the mixture using double boiling method. Take care of the consistency and the egg should not get cooked. When it reaches creamy consistency, let it cool.  Now add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the concoction. You can use it as a great hair conditioner. This blend should not be refrigerated.If you feel that there are too many ingredients, there is another simple way of making mayo with just two ingredients. Take the yolk of one egg and 1/3 cup of olive oil. Beat it lightly till it turns light and foamy.Apply this mixture on hair to nourish your hair with egg proteins and to moisture it with olive oil.Mayo conditioner is especially recommended for dry and excessively damaged hair. Adding a few drops of olive oil to mayo is beneficial for overtly dry hair. It can even be used as a brilliant facial hair conditioner for men with coarse beard or facial hair.

How To Use Mayonnaise On Hair

Apply The Paste For Lustrous Hair

While using on hair, mayonnaise should be warm. Therefore keep mayo out of the refrigerator 1 hour before application.First, wash your hair without shampoo and towel dry. Then heat mayo slightly using double boiling method, to bring its temperature equal to that of the room temperature. When it is warm, it is easier for the fats and oils in mayo to move into the hair follicles.Take a cup of warm mayo and start applying it on hair starting from scalp and massaging it to the roots.Gently work your fingers all through the hair and ensure that all hair strands are completely coated with mayonnaise. If you have long hair, pile them on top and cover with plastic wrap. Put a warm towel over the cap. You can change towel to keep the warmness intact.

Let the mayo sit on your head for at least one hour. If you have extra dry hair, don’t mind sitting for an additional one hour for best results. Gently wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Baby shampoo is a good option. To get the funny smell completely out from your hair, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. Comb hair and let it dry to discover a luscious and sparkling hair without going to expensive parlours. Regular use is required to get the desired results.Most of the cholesterol hair conditioners available in market will cause negative impacts on your hair, if used for longer period. Most of the cosmetic conditioners do wonders only by coating your hair strands. Whereas mayonnaise revitalizes hair strands by nurturing it with essential micronutrients. Use this conditioner regularly to give your hair a natural bounce.Mayo is a really natural and inexpensive hair conditioning product that can be safely applied. Though it is not a miracle solution, by making mayo your hair staple you can expect a more manageable and lustrous hair. But don’t forget the other vital ingredients that your body requires for hair growth. Take sufficient intake of proteins, fat, minerals, Vitamin B, A, E and C in the form of balanced diet.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.