Meningitis – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Meningitis is a condition which causes inflammation of the membranes which surround the brain and spinal cord which usually happens due to the spread of an infection. The swelling related to Meningitis usually triggers the hallmark signs. In most of the cases Meningitis is caused because of a viral infection however a fungal or bacterial infection can also lead to Meningitis.


Causes of Meningitis

As stated Meningitis can be caused because of viral infection but it can also be caused because of bacterial infection. Meningitis can occur because of fungal infection but such cases are rare. Since the Meningitis caused by bacterial infections are more severe and can be life threatening thus it is utmost important to identify the cause of Meningitis in order to do effective treatment.

Viral Meningitis – Viral Meningitis are usually mild and often disappear of its own within one or two weeks. Enteroviruses are responsible for viral Meningitis. The most common symptoms of viral Meningitis are diarrhoea, joint ache, sore throat and rash.La Crossevirus, westNilevirus, herpes and simplex virus can lead to viral Meningitis.

Bacterial MeningitisBacterial Meningitis commonly occurs when bacteria after entering in blood stream reaches brain and spinal cord. However Bacterial Meningitis also occurs when bacteria directly invade the meanings due to skull fracture, sinus or ear infection.

Fungal Meningitis – This type of Meningitis is relatively rare and it can lead to chronic meningitis. People with immune deficiency are affected by cryptococcal Meningitis.

The other factors which can lead to Meningitis are drug allergies, cancer and inflammatory diseases like lupus.

Viral Meningitis

Symptoms of Meningitis

The initial symptoms of Meningitis are usually mistaken for flu however the symptoms of Meningitis develop in several hours or one or two days in children above age of 2. The symptoms shown by the infected body are:

Stiff neck
High fever
Sensitivity to light
Severe headache
Loss of appetite
Vomiting and nausea
Difficulty in confusion or state of confusion
Skin rash
Rapid breath
Unusual body posture


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The symptoms shown by the body of an infant can be different. The symptoms displayed by infants are:

Poor feeding
High fever
Constant crying
Bulge in soft spot of brain
Excessive sleepiness



The doctors can check medical history of the person and can also go for a physical examination and certain tests. The symptoms of Meningitis are diagnosed by performing the following tests:

Blood cultures
Spinal tap

glass test

Treatment for Meningitis

The treatment of Meningitis depends upon the type of Meningitis a patient is suffering from. In case the patient is suffering from bacterial Meningitis than the patient can be given intravenous antibiotics and cortisone like medication in order to ensure recovery and reduction in the risk of complications. In case the patient is suffering from Viral Meningitis the person can be recommended complete bed rest, pain killers and intake of plenty of fluids.


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