6 Natural Remedies For Bed Bugs

Natural Cure For Bed Bugs


The problem of bed bugs is quite common and getting rid of the bugs can be rather nerve wracking. However, it is possible to eliminate the bed bugs completely though it requires lot of time and effort on our part. To get rid of the bugs it is important to kill them and destroy their eggs.

The reason bed bugs are hard to get rid of is because of their microscopic size. Their size helps them hide well under layers of clothing; so, you don’t really know where they would be hiding. In order to get rid of the bed bugs completely one has to sanitize each and every item in the house including clothing, upholstery, soft toys and mattresses.
You can try the given below natural cures for eliminating the bed bugs entirely.

Tips To Cure Bed Bugs Naturally

Indian Lilac

Indian Lilac is the scientific name for ‘Neem’. As the name suggests, the plant is commonly found in the northern part of India. The tree is extensively popular for its medicinal properties.

Indian Lilac

Take neem leaves and wash them well. Boil the leaves in sufficient water for 15 minutes. Strain the water to remove the leaves and take bath with this water. Wash all your clothes, bed sheets and soft toys in neem water. Put dried neem leaves under your mattresses to get rid of the bed bugs. You can even pack dried neem leaves in plastic bags and place the bags in your cupboards, trunks as well as drawers.

Hot Iron

Clothing iron is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of the bed bugs completely. Set your clothing iron at maximum temperature and iron out all clothes, bed sheets and other material that can be ironed. In case of mattresses and other things that are difficult to iron, you can spread them out in the hot sun continuously for a week; the longer the better. Bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures hence they can be gotten rid of easily by exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Tea Tree Oil

Another natural way of eliminating bed bugs is by using tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil is available in all leading cosmetic shops as well as shops that keep herbal oils. Purchase pure tea tree oil and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the oil in every nook and corner of your house including on the clothes you wear and the mattresses you sleep on. The oil should be sprayed in all the places infested with the bed bugs.

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Tea Tree Oil

This treatment should be done every day two to three times for a period of 7-10 days. You can even pour 7ml of tea tree essential oil in a bucket of water and bathe with this water twice a day. Do not apply soap after pouring this water on your skin. This way you can avoid being bitten by the bugs if your mattresses too are infested with the pests. Washing clothes in hot water mixed with tea tree oil is also a good way of getting rid of the bugs.

Cold Temperature

Bed bugs can be killed by exposing them to extremely cold temperature. Like mentioned earlier, the bugs cannot survive on exposure to extreme temperature, cold or hot. You can seal the bed bugs infested clothing in sealed bags and place the bags in the freezer. This solution may not work if you have plenty of clothing to sanitize.

In such cases simply soak the clothes in extremely cold water. Fill the bucket with ice or ice water. You can prepare ice at home or buy it from outside in bulk. Soak the clothes in cold water for 15-20 minutes. Spin them in the dryer and then hang them outside in hot sun.

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Lavender Oil 

Like tea tree oil, lavender too is an essential oil and very useful in eliminating bed bugs and their eggs. Pour lavender oil in a spray bottle. Do not mix the oil with any other oil or with water. Use it in its pure form. Spray the oil on your clothes, mattresses, bed sheets, soft toys, curtains and even on clothing that is not in use. The lavender essential oil treatment should be done four times a day for a week. You will not only get rid of the bed bugs but your home will have a pleasant smell since lavender smells sweet. To avoid being bitten by bed bugs mix 3ml lavender oil in 5ml olive oil or coconut oil and apply the mixture all over your body.

Lavender Oil

Do not apply lavender oil directly on the skin without mixing it with a carrier oil first. Lavender oil is an essential oil and its direct application on the skin can be harmful. To get rid of bugs in your clothing, soak the clothes in bucket of hot water to which 20ml of lavender oil has been added. Let the clothes soak for 20-30 minutes or until the water turns to room temperature and then wash.In olden times, people would keep dried leaves and flowers of lavender in their cupboards and under the mattresses to keep away bed bugs and silver fish. If you can lay you hands on lavender plant, you too can try the same treatment.

Black Walnut Leaves

Black walnut leaves are proven to have insecticide-like effect on the bed bugs. You can use keep the dried leaves under your mattresses, in your cupboards and drawers that hold clothes. Boil the leaves of black walnut in water and take bath with this water.

Black Walnut Leaves

The leaves of black walnut have stringent properties and will give relief to your skin if bitten by bugs. Bathe with this water twice a day, once in the morning (as soon as you get up) and once at night, before going to bed. If you have been bitten by the bugs at night the treated water will soothe your skin. Taking bath with the water before sleeping will keep the bed bugs away from you thus giving you a peaceful sleep.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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  • Little o me

    Yeah… good luck with this !!!!!!

  • Karen J

    I had someone bring them into my home. We did not know this until the visitor was long gone. They started in my sofa and found their way to the bedrooms. I tried many of these to no effect. It would knock them back but they would regroup with a vengeance. I then turned to the nasty chemicals, again to no avail other then triggering my asthma. To finally get rid of them totally this is what I did and it worked fairly quickly. I took the wooden headboards off the metal frames of the beds because they will hide in the crevices and stored them in the garage. The bugs have to have a warm blooded host. I bought food grade diatomacious earth from Amazon and a plastic ketchup squeeze bottle from the dollar store. I removed and washed all the bedding and dried it in the dryer to a minimum of forty minutes on high. 120 degrees for twenty minutes will kill them. I then used the squeeze bottle to very LIGHTLY spread the DE over the bed springs, mattress, and all along the baseboards and outlets. Lightly is the key. They will not go through this if it is heavy. I even dusted the pillows. Then I replaced pillow covers and cases, mattress covers and sheets. I checked daily and repeated the entire process the following week. I still checked and repeated it one more time about two weeks later but I only saw one after the first treatment. The DE is totally safe as long as you don’t inhale the dust. It is also used to deworm animals and even humans. It works by drying out the bugs and they die quickly. It is odorless and very inexpensive. I ordered ten pounds of it but one pound would probably be enough. Don’t forget to strip your pillows and toss them in the dryer also.

    • Gray Panther

      DE is also great for killing ants. Just mix some of it up with water & pour over the mound.

  • Kathy Putman

    rubbing Alcohol is anoyther remedy along with washing and/or drying clothes bedding etc. in hot water. alcohol should be in spray bottle. Spray everywhere you see them, the bed, furniture and under bed even if you don’t see them there. wrap mettresses box springs and pillows in plastic for at least two weeks to kill them there. covers or press and seal plastic works well.

    • BJM

      covering with plastic does not work as a bed bug can live without a blood meal for up to 15 months!