Natural Facial Hair Removal For Women

Hair Removal for Women

Female excess or unwanted hair growth can be irritating or just a plain embarrassing problem for women. Many women spend countless hours and tons of money for torturous facial hair removal techniques, only to watch hair reappear. In some cases unwanted hair is not just a cosmetic concern but a sign of an underlying hormonal imbalance that needs attention. Whether the situation is a few random chin hairs, widespread body hair or a female mustache it is important to be aware of changes in the growth of your hair. If the unwanted hair is hormonal, a natural approach can help restore balance in your body and keep those excessive hairs away.

sleep well

With hormones in balance, you feel great, have lots of energy, sleep well and excessive unwanted hair will disappear. There are three parts to follow to put the hormones in balance and stop the growth of unwanted hair. First you need to study what nutritional supplements your body needs to balance the hormones. Secondly, dietary changes to your meals and snacks should be made by adding foods that are good for you and removing foods that are not doing any good.

lemon juice

Finally, there will be lifestyle changes. Natural facial hair removal only makes sense. Make this natural remedy to remove unwanted hair and boost your self-confidence. Mix together one-half cup water, two cups sugar and one-quarter cup lemon juice in a pan over medium heat. Stir mixture until bubbles become a smooth consistency. Remove from heat. Cool until mixture is warm to the touch.

sugaring solution

Dust facial hair lightly with flour or cornstarch which helps absorb the body oils. Using the tips of your fingers spread sugaring solution over the dusted facial hair in a thin, even layer in the direction the hair grows. Next, lay cotton strips onto the solution. As the solution cools it dries. The cotton strips will harden. Grab the end of the cotton strip and  pull it off going the opposite direction that the hair grows.You can store any unused portion of this sugaring solution in an air-tight container. To use, put container into pot of warming water until solution liquefies.

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