Natural Heat Rash Treatments

Heat Rash

There are three different classifications that heat rash is broken down into. Classifications are miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra and miliaria profunda. Heat rash happens when the sweat ducts become blocked and trap perspiration. The blocked ducts explode into tiny red blisters on the top layer of skin.

Heat rash, prickly heat or miliaria are all names of a rash to the skin that is caused by heat.  Adults, toddlers and Infants can get a form of this rash caused by hot, humid conditions.  By dressing too warm in the colder months you can create the same situation.


The best heat rash treatments for any form of these rashes are to reduce sweating. You can do this by staying in air conditioning or using fans to circulate the air around you. Wear lightweight clothing made from fabrics that breathe. When you go outside you should try to stay in the shade. Limit physical activity. Once skin is cooled the rash will stop feeling so itchy and prickly.

Calamine Lotion

Heat rash treatments for more severe cases include applying calamine lotion to the infected area. This will help soothe itching. Anhydrous lanolin applied to infected area will help prevent duct blockage and stop new lesions from forming.

Lightweight Cloths

In very hot humid weather follow these tips. Make sure that the lightweight clothing you have dressed in will keep moisture away from the skin. After bathing, let your skin air dry instead of towel drying.

Cold Compress

Use cool compresses to calm itchy irritated skin. Avoid using creams or ointments which block pores. If you keep your skin cool and dry, the heat rash will clear up in seven to ten days.

In hot humid weather wear your clothes loose fitting. If your clothes are too tight you will start sweating and irritating the skin. A caution for cold months, do not over dress. Over dressing will cause you to sweat and you can get heat rash even in cold weather. Do not under dress or over dress children. Their skin is tender and a child can get a heat rash very quickly.

Darken Room

Keep your sleeping area cool and well ventilated. Room darkening shades are excellent for keeping weather outside.

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