Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major problem being encountered by millions of people. Medication is not the only way to treat hair loss. It can be prevented naturally and that is the best way out.

homemade shampoo

Taking proper care of your diet (full of proteins and minerals) and being easy on hair while combing helps a lot. Never comb your hair when they are wet and never do back combing. Avoid using strong chemicals on hair for colouring and straightening. Keep your braids and pony tails loose they should not be very tight so as to hurt.

Black Gram

Instead of using synthetic base shampoos you can go natural by preparing homemade shampoo which might be a bit tedious but very useful . The ripened fruits of Soap nut (botanical name Sapindus emarginatus) are doused in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Then it is mashed with hands in the same water, this concoction is very useful for washing hair every day.

Another home grown shampoo is by making a glutinous paste concocted with thoroughly grounded paste of Black Gram. It is useful for the whole body skin too. Bothe these natural shampoos should be used for washing your hair after massaging or applying a paste of sour curd mixed with mashed fenugreek seeds for 10-15 minutes. This will make your hair scalp dandruff free and hair healthy and shiny.

lime juice

A mixture of fresh amla juice and lime juice in equal quantities help in preventing hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Essential oils are also very efficient in controlling hair loss. A combination of thyme , rosemary , lavender and cedar wood oil essential oils with carrier oils like jojoba and grape seed in a particular manner was experimented on a study group and positive results were seen by massaging this combination of essential and carrier oils on the scalp.

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onion juice

According to a study published in Journal of dermatology onion juice is also very effective in controlling hair loss. People who massaged onion juice twice daily for two months started showing hair regrowth after two weeks. The regrowth was higher in males than in females.



Hypnotherapy has also proved beneficial in treating alopecia . However the study group was small so the results were higher. But treating patients with hypnosis triggered hair growth in 9 out of 12 people. They were relieved from stress and anxiety and that is why they showed positive signs of total regrowth and some showed significant relapse.

Yoga and ayurveda

Yoga and ayurveda also help in preventing hair loss. Yoga has been the oldest form of curing from hair loss and fall from breakage and damage. Pranayama and daily meditation helps in releasing the stress and thus reduce hair loss and fall in proportionate manner. Yogasanas beneficial for controlling hair loss are Vajrasana and pawanmuktasana .

Massage your hair

Besides all these measures keeping the scalp clean by washing hair every alternate day and using conditioner once a week also helps. Massage your hair with lavender oil it will do wonders as it promotes hair growth significantly. A combination of neem oil with coconut oil used for massaging is a brilliant remedial measure to treat your hair.

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