Natural Treatments for Adults with Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Treating ear infections in adults is different from treatments for children. The following treatments should not be used on children, unless a health care provider has recommended a specific treatment. Ear infections can cause ear pain when fluid becomes trapped in the ear tubes as a result of a bacterial or viral infection.

Other symptoms could include headache, low grade fever, dizziness, sinus pressure, and even a fluid discharge from the ears. If you experience dizziness with ear infections, you should not drive an automobile or operate dangerous machinery. You may also experience hearing loss in the infected ear. The hearing loss should go away once the infection clears up.

There are several different tinctures available to help fight ear infections. Tinctures are extracts of natural occurring herbs that are diluted down in liquid for safe use. Pure extracts of certain herbs used without being diluted can cause serious side effects and should never be consumed internally. Tinctures are safe to use since they have already been diluted for internal consumption.


Echinacea tincture can be used to help reduce infection time and helps with drainage of fluid from the ears. You can apply a few drops of the tincture to your favorite herbal tea and sip on it several times a day. You may also place several drops of Echinacea tincture onto a cotton ball and place in your infected ear. You should leave the cotton ball in for about fifteen minutes.

Olive leaf

Olive leaf tincture can be used to help fight off infections such as the cold, flu, shingles and ear infections. Olive leaf tincture is made from the leaves of the olive plant. The liquid can be added to hot water and made into a tea. You may also add several drops to another herbal tea if you do not like the taste of the olive tea. You can also apply to a cotton ball and place in the infected ear for about fifteen minutes.

You may also combine Echinacea and olive leaf tinctures together to help boost the healing properties of both herbs. The teas help to fight the infection from inside your body, while applying the tinctures to cotton balls helps to fight the infection externally.

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