Natural Treatments For Edema

While there is not direct cure for edema there are several things you can do to help alleviate this condition. The only way to cure this condition is through the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of the underlying illness that has brought on the edema. This condition can occur just about anywhere on the body at any time. What occurs is fluid begins to build up in an area on the body and slowly swells outward, stretching the skin as more fluid builds up. Common areas on the body where this can occur are the feet, legs, hands, arms, neck, and face and even around the eyes.


If you have edema on your legs or feet you should try to sit so that the leg is raised to at least your heart level. This prevents additional liquid from building up in the area. You can try wearing special support stockings available at most pharmacies. These stockings work to help increase circulation to the area while preventing additional fluid buildup. You should avoid sitting or standing prone for an extended period of time. You should prop your legs up when sitting. In either case you should make a point of moving around and stretching your legs at least once every thirty minutes.

If you have edema on your hands or arms, you should try to keep the affected area elevated as much as possible. Your infected arm or hand should be moved quite frequently to keep circulation flowing to the area and prevent additional fluid from settling.


Hot and cold compresses can be used on any affected area with edema. The heat from the hot compress relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. The cold compress helps to tighten the skin and increase circulation to the affected area. You can use these as much as you want to help relieve pain and pressure on the affected area. Start with a hot compress and leave it on the affected area for at least fifteen minutes but not longer than thirty minutes. Then after removing the hot compress, apply the cold compress. The cold compress should not be left on longer than fifteen minutes.

cold compress

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