Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be quite unpleasant. There can be itching and pain associated with external hemorrhoids that make sitting for long periods of time difficult. The causes of hemorrhoids can be a result of over-straining while going to the bathroom or even hereditary. Getting rid of them can easily be accomplished with natural treatments.


Oatmeal has natural properties that help with itching, swelling and pain. The easiest way to use oatmeal with hemorrhoids is to add several cups to warm bath water and soak in this mixtures for about half an hour. Rinse off using cool water. Eating oatmeal can also help the digestive track and make bowl movements easier. Just eat a bowl of oatmeal several times a week to help prevent reoccurrences of hemorrhoids.

Epson Salts

Epson salts also help relieve itching and soreness. Add a few cups of Epson salts to warm bath water and soak in it for about thirty minutes. You can even use a mixture of oatmeal and Epson salts in the bathtub. Just mix equal parts of both oatmeal and Epson salts for maximum benefits.

Chamomile and Sandalwood Essential Oils

You can use these essential oils directly on the affected area. Just mix several drops with a litte bit of olive oil and apply. You can also use the extracts of these herbs in your herbal teas to help your body internally. These herbs have properties that help relieve itchiness. Just add a few drops of the extract into the tea and sip on it several times of day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that helps to relieve itching, swelling, and soreness associated with hemorrhoids. You can use the gel of this plant and apply it directly to the affected areas several times of day. The gel works to cool the skin while bringing relief. You can even store Aloe Vera gel in the refrigerator and use the cold gel if your skin can tolerate this for even more relief.

All of these hemorrhoids treatments can be obtained from your local grocery store or health food store. You can use any combination of these treatments that works best. Some treatments may work better for some people than others.

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